When it comes to celebrating a pregnancy, friends and family members often focus on the baby. You can’t blame them — shopping for baby gifts is fun. Expecting moms, though, deserve to be pampered during this special but often trying time.

That’s why giving the mother-to-be gifts that encourage self-care is a great idea. Self-care — actively doing things that help your mental, emotional, and physical well-being — is beneficial to everyone but especially pregnant women, because it contributes to the health of both mother and baby.

Examples of self-care can include exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and managing stress levels.

gifts for pregnant woman woman reading book and drinking tea

“Growing a human is rough on the body,” says June Doran, who shares advice and personal experiences about pregnancy and mothering at Growing Serendipity. “New moms know this. But I think they would tell you that prioritizing self-care during pregnancy is more about making self-care a habit before the baby arrives.

“Because once baby arrives, and you’re responsible for a completely-dependent-on-you tiny human, self-care becomes so much harder to make time for.”

Doran offers these general suggestions for pregnancy self-care:

  • Make time for rest, exercise, and nutrition.
  • Listen to podcasts or music on walks.
  • Sleep instead of scrolling social media.
  • Stock your pantry and fridge with easy-to-grab snacks, such as baby carrots, string cheese, wheat crackers, and fruit.
  • Decide who are the parenting “experts” that resonate with you — and ignore everyone else.

How friends and family can help

If you are close with a mother-to-be, offering to take some tasks off her plate is a great way to encourage her to make time for herself, Doran says. Partners, she shares, also can help by becoming as involved as possible in the pregnancy: going to doctor appointments, helping set up the nursery, reading up on what life is like with a newborn, etc.

“Friends can give gift cards for things like cravings (hello, ice cream after a long day at work!), new comfy clothes, or a pedicure, for when you can’t reach your feet anymore,” Doran suggests.

Another good choice for moms-to-be, Doran shares, is the gift of laughter. “Give her a funny pregnancy book,” she suggests. “Because sometimes, when you’re experiencing the not-so-fun parts of pregnancy, the best thing you can do is laugh.”

She also says that as long as the mom-to-be is getting a balanced diet, she shouldn’t be afraid to indulge her cravings. “There have to be some perks to being pregnant, after all!” Doran exclaims.

10 self-care gifts for pregnant women

Need more ideas? If someone you care about is expecting, you can help her care for herself by choosing one of these gifts for pregnant women.

gifts for pregnant women hydrangea with night light and frame

Plant + night light & picture frame

Celebrate the mother-to-be with this lovely blue hydrangea plant…but that’s not all! It also comes with a star-shaped nightlight and a cute picture frame adorned with a moon and stars. Once the plant’s time passes, she’ll have three lovely keepsakes — don’t forget the planter! — to hold dear.

gifts for pregnant women Bamboo Oversized Blanket

Bamboo oversized blanket

This blanket offers snuggly comfort when the mom-to-be needs to rest. She can layer the 90-inch-by-96-inch blanket, which is made of 100% natural bamboo muslin, on her bed or keep it handy near the couch for napping.

gifts for pregnant women Aromatherapy Gift Set Lavender Meadows

Aromatherapy gift set

This four-piece aromatherapy gift set includes a soy candle, a hand-painted vase, and two kinds of wax melts in various scents to help the pregnant mom relax and unwind.

gifts for pregnant women with Soups On Basket with Soup Mug

Soup basket with soup mug

Soup is such a comforting food, and moms-to-be need all the comfort they can get. Treat her to this basket filled with gourmet soup, crackers, and Cheryl’s yummy snickerdoodle cookies. She can keep the stoneware mug as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

gifts for pregnant women Bee Spa Gift Box

Succulent & spa gift box

This charming gift touches all the bases for expectant mom self-care. The box includes an artificial succulent plant, a beeswax candle, a cute felt bumble bee, oatmeal and honey bath salts, and much more.

gifts for pregnant women with Ultrasound Photo Magnet

Ultrasound photo magnet

Self-care can include focusing on the miracle happening within the expectant mother’s body. She can display (and marvel over) her ultrasound photo in this customized photo magnet.

gifts for pregnant women Spa Gift Set For Her

Luxurious spa gift set

Encourage the mom-to-be in your life to take some time to relax in a warm bath with this handmade gift set. It includes a lavender soy candle and lavender bath bomb.

gifts for pregnant women Pregnancy Countdown Personalized Dry Erase Sign

Pregnancy countdown personalized dry erase sign

She’ll love counting down the days until her due date with this cute sign. You can personalize it with the baby’s name (or the nickname the expecting parents are using while they wait) and a line of customization.

gifts for pregnant women Cup of Cheer

Cup of Cheer™

Any mom-to-be will enjoy this cheerful and tasty gift. She’ll find a colorful arrangement of fresh fruit, including a pineapple daisy with a grape center, strawberries, orange wedges, and melon ball skewers, all arranged in a reusable red mug.

gifts for pregnant women Relaxing Self Care Gift Box

Relaxing self-care gift box

A pregnant woman needs her sleep, and she’ll look forward to getting her shut-eye thanks to this thoughtful self-care gift box. It includes mineral bath salts, hand cream, a scented candle, pink pom-pom socks, and a soft “Five More Minutes…” sleep mask.


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