The holidays offer a chance to reconnect with friends and family, and give us an excuse to have a little fun around the office with our co-workers, and one of the most common ways we do this is by giving gifts. But we, as humans, also like playing games, so it only makes sense that we would combine these two passions into one this time of year in the form of holiday gift exchanges. And the two most popular kinds of gift exchanges are White Elephant and Secret Santa. But where did these traditions get started, and what kinds of gifts are appropriate for each?

Here’s a closer look at these holiday classics as well as some inspiration to ensure your gift exchange is a success.

White Elephant gift exchanges

Legend has it that this party gets its name from the passive-aggressive, gift-giving habits of an ancient king of Thailand. Whenever someone left him displeased, he’d “honor” them with the gift of a white elephant. These animals may have been beautiful, but they were useless and expensive to keep. Today’s white elephant parties are a little less mean spirited, but the tradition of gifting something a little “funky” remains.

Make sure you get something that your gift getter will actually like. You might think that a ‘gag gift’ will be really funny, but it might not be.

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There are many variations on how the game is played, but the general rules remain the same. Each player brings one present, and everyone participates in a game that determines the order in which the gifts are received. This could be as simple as drawing names from a hat or as elaborate as playing bingo or another party game.

When someone’s turn is up, they get to choose a present from the community pile OR decide to steal one from someone else. (It’s up to the game host whether you unwrap presents as you receive them or wait until the end.) Sometimes there’s a limit on how many times a gift can be stolen, while others prefer to facilitate a free-for-all.

White elephant exchanges work best when gifts range from quirky to quality. Ideally, you want multiple people fighting over a few items and lots of laughs over the weirdest presents. But, above all, no one should take the gift exchange too seriously — it’s an opportunity for some lighthearted fun and mischief.

Secret Santa gift exchanges

Secret Santa is the more traditional of the two types of gift exchanges and has been around longer — but in case you haven’t heard of it, we went straight to an authority to explain more about it.

“Secret Santa is a way of anonymously giving gifts,” says James Cooper, Christmas expert and manager of More specifically, it involves a group of people writing each of their names on a slip of paper and putting them all into a hat (perhaps, even a Santa hat), and then each participant pulling out a name at random. Then, they buy a present for the person whose name they picked without letting the recipient know who it is from.

white elephant gift ideas with secret santa gift

Sometimes, small gifts are distributed in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with the grand finale taking place at a Christmas party. The goal is to be sneaky; you don’t want anyone identifying you as their gift giver until the big reveal.

But despite how common Secret Santa parties are today, no one really knows how the tradition started.

“It might have begun in Sweden with a custom called ‘Julklapp’ (‘Christmas knock’),” Cooper explains. “Several hundred years ago, there was a tradition where you would knock on the door of a friend or neighbor and then leave a small gift (often made from straw or wood) behind on the doorstep. The gift would include a little motto or riddle to help people work out who had left the gift.

“There’s also the legend of Saint Nicholas (the original Santa) giving money anonymously to a poor family by dropping coins into a shoe or stocking,” Cooper continues. “This means that he was literally the first ‘Secret Santa’!”

For those putting on a Secret Santa party, Cooper has some advice.

“Make sure you get something that your gift getter will actually like. You might think that a gag gift will be really funny, but it might not be,” he says. “I also recommend setting a monetary limit, so all the presents are of relatively equal value.”

Now, let’s explore some popular White Elephant and Secret Santa gift ideas.

White Elephant gift ideas under $30

Fun and whimsical, these white elephant gifts will be the highlight of your party.

white elephant gift ideas classic traditional fruitcake

Classic Fruitcake

Dive into a Christmas tradition with a fruitcake served in a decorative tin. This timeless treat is chock full of candied fruits, nuts, and warming spices for a delicious take on a holiday classic.

white elephant gift ideas with Christmas Tree Seed Grow Kit

Christmas Tree Seed Grow Kit

The plant lovers at your party will be fighting over this clever kit that’s designed to grow a balsam fir from seed. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness every winter as they watch it grow.

white elephant gift ideas with Simply Chocolate Holiday Malted Milk Balls Jar

Holiday Malted Milk Balls Jar

These premium chocolate candies come packaged in a holiday-themed resealable quart jar. If you’re unsure what to get, this simple treat should appeal to almost everyone.

white elephant gift ideas with DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

Liven up a boring winter night with this DIY gift for making a classic macrame plant hanger. All necessary crafting supplies, as well as a step-by-step booklet and video tutorial, are included.

white elephant gift ideas with Apple Cider Donut Baking Mix

Apple Cider Doughnut Baking Mix

Bring the taste of the cider mill home with this kit for 12 crumbly cinnamon-spiced doughnuts. It’s perfect for beginners and expert bakers alike.

white elephant gift ideas Gnome Salt Pepper Shakers

Gnome Salt-Pepper Shakers

These lovable little guys make a great addition to anyone’s home decor. They’re not only useful but they bring a touch of whimsy to the holiday table.

White Elephant gift ideas under $50

Don’t let the White Elephant theme prevent you from sharing one of these gifts. They’re memorable for all the right reasons.

white elephant gift ideas with Bad Christmas Movie Bingo

Bad Christmas Movie Bingo

The family holiday gathering will never be the same after you introduce this bingo game that’s meant to be played while you’re watching made-for-TV holiday movies. Fifteen unique bingo cards mean the whole crew can play.

white elephant gift ideas with Cinnaberry Gingerbread Kringle

Cinnaberry and Gingerbread Kringle

Danish kringle wreaths are a unique holiday favorite, and these versions provide a one-two punch of the traditional flavors of the season.

white elephant gift ideas Comfort and Joy Incredible Gift Box

Comfort and Joy Incredible Gift Box

This collection of festively flavored goodies will instantly put whoever gets it in the holiday spirit. The lucky someone will get three flavors of popcorn (including cinnamon sugar and cookies & crème!), dark chocolate wafer rolls, and yogurt-covered pretzels. The name says it all — this gift is incredible!

white elephant gift ideas with Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Let the lucky recipient tap into their inner child with this unique kit that comes with supplies and instructions for making a dozen of these colorful treats.

white elephant gift ideas with The Couples Bucket List

The Couple’s Bucket List

Inspire your friends to make the most of their time this year with this fun date night activity. It provides 100 cards with prompts for serious, silly —and spicy! — activities to help their relationships grow. An excellent gift for an adults-only party!

white elephant gift ideas with Holiday Sweet Treats

Holiday Sweet Treats

Cookie and candy lovers will appreciate this gift of premium popcorn, shortbread cookies, chocolate-covered cherries, and chocolate truffles.

Secret Santa gift ideas under $30

These cute and thoughtful gifts will ensure your Secret Santa partner feels cared about.

white elephant gift ideas Wisconsin Draper Cocktail Infusion Kits

Wisconsin Draper Cocktail Infusion Kit

Give the mixologist in your life some libation inspiration this holiday season with a cocktail infusion kit. This blend of orange, cherries, and bitters kicks up the flavor and adds a warming effect to whiskey, brandy, or bourbon (sold separately).

white elephant gift ideas with personalized chili bowl

Personalized Chili Bowl

Warm up your gift partner this holiday with their own custom chili bowl. It can be personalized with any first or last name within the design.

white elephant gift ideas with choice of two teas

Choice of Two Tea Cannisters

Nothing is more warming on a chilly winter day than a hot cup of tea. Or, your Secret Santa can save these for when the temperature warms up and make themselves a pitcher of iced tea. Either way, for a person who loves tea, this is a no-brainer.

white elephant gift ideas with Personalized Wine Glass Collection

Christmas Plaid Wine Glass Collection

Spice up those holiday drinks with a customized wineglass printed with the name of your secret Santa partner.

white elephant gift ideas Heritage Chocolate Assortment

Heritage Chocolate Assortment

Chocolate truffles may very well be the world’s most perfect candy. So won’t your Secret Santa be delighted when he or she receives this bundle containing three different flavors of these decadent treats — chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate — along with a half dozen dulce de leche-filled chocolates?! The answer is yes, most definitely.

white elephant gift ideas Personalized Christmas Metal Mailbox

Personalized Christmas Mailbox

This cute and customizable gift tin comes shaped as a mailbox and can be filled with holiday treats. Choose any name to be inscribed on the side to add a personal touch.

Secret Santa gift ideas under $50

Amp up the party with these specialty gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive.

white elephant gift ideas Bakery Sampler Box

Bakery Sampler Box

Make mornings a little easier for your gift recipient with this box bursting with scrumptious bakery staples. They’ll enjoy ground coffee, sourdough English muffins, a chocolatey scone and loaf cake, and a cinnamon roll covered in icing.

white elephant gift ideas Spa Sampler Aromatherapy Gift

Spa Sampler Aromatherapy Gift

Help them settle into a state of deep relaxation with this soothing aromatherapy kit. It includes a rose-topped candle bath bomb, and vial of bath salt, two face masks, shea butter lotion, and more.

white elephant gift ideas Choice of Four cookie boxes

This sweet gift — or gifts, rather — has something to satisfy every taste. Choose from eight different cookie varieties, including pumpkin pecan biscotti, lemon tea cookies, and vanilla shortbread cookies.

white elephant gift ideas with Holiday Hot Chocolate Tin Collection

Holiday Hot Chocolate Tin Collection

Give the warming gift of cocoa, and not just any cocoa — the finest and most popular varieties Harry & David makes. Each of the four holiday-themed canisters is filled with a different flavor: Belgian white chocolate, peppermint, milk chocolate, and caramel. Just add water or milk for an even more decadent drink.

white elephant gift ideas with May Your Days Be Merry And Bright Candle

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright Candle

Add a cheerful glow to the home with this terra cotta tea light candleholder. The replaceable candles light up the words carved on the exterior.

white elephant gift ideas with Merry Baking Mixes

Merry Baking Mixes

Delight that person who loves spending time in the kitchen with a trio of baking mixes, including sugar cookie, mint brownie, and monkey bread. These make it easy for them to fill their home with the aromas and tastes of the holiday season.


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