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DIY Vase – Bring on the Bling!

January 9, 2009

Here’s a pretty project for a cold winter’s day. Add a little sparkle to someone’s day and create a dazzling arrangement using a glass, some beads, and fresh flowers. Take this initial idea and make it your own. These vases can be customized to any size, shape, and color. These vases make fantastic centerpieces for weddings, showers, and other celebratory occasions. Or just make one for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

Jeweled Vase

Measure and cut elastic thread to a length that will encircle glass, plus several inches to tie off. Thread first group of beads on elastic thread, test for fit and tie off. Now you can pre-cut a number of pieces of thread and continue threading until vase is completely covered.

Jeweled Vase

Fill vase two-thirds full with water and floral preservative. Cut stems of flowers (here I used lisianthus) to correct length so that the flowers sit just at the top of the rim of the glass. Continue until the vase is full.

Jeweled Vase

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