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Give A Personalized Wreath

December 21, 2011

Inspired by the ancient tradition of featuring a different floral arrangement in front of a home to identify the family and profession of the resident, I created these one of a kind designs. These are the kind of arrangements that I really like to create as gifts. They are so personal and take more thought then anything else. Give a personalized wreath to someone special, they are gifts from the heart.

Personalized Wreath Examples

If your special person enjoys sewing, gather a few sewing supplies, some small roses, and a sewing kit basket with a long handle to hang in front of a door.  Arrange all your materials in the basket and surround it with flowers.  This is a lovely arrangement to hang on any door.

Yarn & Pink Rose Wreath
Pink Flower and Camera Wreath
Gardening Themed Wreath
Pink Roses in Pots Wreath
Yarn & Needle Wreath

If your special somoeone enjoys photography, check out this creative wreath.  This personalized wreath  has nicely decorated flowers sitting ontop of an antique camera.

For the crafty person in you life, simply stuff a tool holder with flowers and ornaments.

For a sweet, spring looking wreath, decorate your wreath with pink roses and small pots.
If your special person enjoys knitting, simply find some yarn and a needle and fashion it into a bow on your wreath.

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