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Orchid and Candle Centerpiece

April 17, 2009

As we end our On-the-Go Mom stay-cation, I have one more On-the-Go Mom I’d like to recognize. Emily from Busy-Mommy.com: You’ve Been Spotted! Busy-Mommy.com provides helpful hints and tricks aimed at making Mom’s life a little easier. Emily posts everything from quick and easy recipes to the best sites for online shopping. If you are an On-the-Go Mom, make sure you visit her blog!

To top off your stay-cation tablescape – here is a VERY easy centerpiece you can create. Teak is a great wood to use when trying to create a tropical feeling to a tabletop. For the orchid and candle centerpiece, I used the salad bowls from a teak bowl set that I picked up in a vintage store near my home in Florida. I also found a great piece of vintage tropical fabric that you see in the shot in the same store (it was a good day!).

How to:

  • Cut a piece of floral foam, so that it fills the bowl, but does not go over the top. Then cut a hole it in the middle of the floral foam that is the size of your candle.
  • Add water to the bowl until the foam is totally saturated.
  • Remove the single cymbidium orchids from the main stem. You can just “snap” the single bloom off of the main stem.
  • Insert the single bloom stems into the wet floral foam until you have gone all the way around the candle.

Done! Now you have a great centerpiece to share with your friends and family.

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