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Foodie Gifts

May 5, 2009

SPOTTED! Vanessa Druckman is a French Foodie living in New Jersey with her husband and three kids. Chef Druck Musings is her space to talk about all her passions: parenting, cooking, books, TV, movies, and anything else that catches her fancy. Any mom looking for fun food ideas take a look at Chef Druck Musings!


Almost every memory I have of my friend’s grandmother is of her either making her sauce, or what she called “gravy”, or of us sitting down at her kitchen table eating big bowls of pasta covered in her delicious red sauce. I was making my own sauce recently and thinking about those times and I looked at the can and had one of those AH HA moments. I used the can as a vessel to hold a bouquet of vibrant garden flowers and left it on my friend’s porch as a surprise. As soon as she got home she called me laughing like crazy and we had a nice little walk together down memory lane!


Isn’t this a great look! And it’s so easy to do. Simply choose a container that is about the height of a typical spear of asparagus. You can use an everyday beverage glass or if you want the arrangement to be wider then you can use a cylinder vase in the width of your choice. You could even use a tin can, because the asparagus will hide the container. To create the arrangement, simply put a rubber band around the center of your container and slip the asparagus, one spear at a time, between the rubber band and the container continuing until you have gone all the way around the container. Fill the container with water and create your arrangement. Finish it off with raffia or a piece of pretty ribbon tied around the container to hide the rubber band.

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