From the life of a new mom…

First things first, today I’ve spotted Candace and Debbie from Mamanista! Candace and Debbie are trendy moms, dedicated to sharing their budget-friendly ideas with other hip moms. Mamanista offers helpful product comparisons and parenting news. All moms should take a look at their great blog!

I enjoyed speaking with my niece Erin about her New Mom life and I’m so happy she let me share some of our conversation. Below are some excerpts from our little Q&A session.

Q: How has it changed your relationship with your mother?

A: From the day I brought Abigail home from the hospital I began to appreciate my mother more. I began to realize all the things she did for me, and gave up for me! I have never needed her advice or support more, and she is always there with guidance and unconditional love. We talk every day, sometimes multiple times a day now and she never gets bored listening to me talk about poop or spit up. I never realized how much I needed my mom….and how I hope I can be half as good a mom to Abigail as she has been (and still is) to me.

Q: How did you relax pre-baby?

A: Read, watch movies, have a glass of wine

Q: How do you relax now?

A: Sleep!

Q: Did you blog or use blogs before the baby – do you now?

A: I didn’t really use blogs before I had the baby. Now however, I spend a lot of time online doing searches about topics related to the baby. I have so many questions and I often find great answers on blogs.

Q: If you do now is it primarily for baby info, sharing, and community?

A: Yes. I use them to get information on the baby and it is always helpful to find out that others are in the same boat that I am in and that other moms have had the same worries that I do. It’s like an online version of a good friend saying “me too”.

When choosing a gift for a New Mom you should definitely take into consideration the changes she has been through and the types of things she enjoyed before baby and the things she enjoys now (i.e. sleep!). Combining both into a day of relaxation may turn out to be a Mother’s Day to remember! Tomorrow I will be sharing some flower suggestions that will add to her day of relaxation 🙂

For all Moms out there: What do you want this Mother’s Day???


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