This week I will be focusing on the Red Carpet Mom. To quote a song by Tom Jones, “She’s got style, She’s got grace, She’s a winner”. The Red Carpet Mom not only knows how to work it, but she knows the importance of having “it”. And the “it” I am talking about is what’s inside – she knows her own worth and her own style. The Red Carpet Mom always has that perfect accessory whether it’s a dress, a vintage bag, or a pair of red high heels.

This brings me to a great blog, A Mom in Red High Heels. Tammy: You’ve Been Spotted! A Mom in Red High Heels is a blog by and for any fabulous and stylish mom. It has great posts and terrific links – check it out! Tammy’s blog inspired my floral tribute to the Red Carpet Mom!!

I had this idea for a while, but never got around to actually trying it. As soon as I visited A Mom in Red High Heels I knew now was the time! I picked up a pair of high heels (you can use any color) on sale for $10 and covered the shoe with red rose petals, wrapped the heel with Galax leaves, lined the inside with lamb’s ear, and finished it off with a vine inspired ribbon. I absolutely love the finished look and can’t wait to give it to my favorite Red Carpet Mom!

Don’t forget to check out the Spot A Mom website!


Julie started her career in the floral industry over 30 years ago in a small, family-owned flower shop. From floral designer to author and lifestyle expert, her insight has been instrumental in developing the brand. Representing the company’s floral lifestyle vision, Julie has shared her talent and passion in numerous television appearances and national magazine features. She is an active fundraiser and longtime friend of IGHL, a group dedicated to facilitating a more independent life for developmentally challenged adults.

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