I’m so happy to be spotting Stefany from the blog To.Be.Thode.  She is a Traditional Mom.

My inspiration for Stefany’s bouquet, came from this framed photo that I have with the saying “Home is Where Your Story Begins”.   The bouquet complements the flowers and colors in the window box and I added sprigs of fresh lavender, because the scent is so relaxing.  The rosary beads were originally my grandmother’s and I have carried them everyday since she passed many years ago.  My grandmother took time every single day to be alone and sit quietly and say her novena.  I learned about living your faith from her. I often think about how important it was for her to make that time to be completely in her faith and one with her God, no matter how busy her day may have been.

I am sure that Stefany is teaching her children everyday, by example, from the little ways that she incorporates her faith into the fabric of her life.

Q&A with Stefany from To.Be.Thode

What is the greatest lesson your mom has taught you?

I really have struggled with answering this question.  My mom has taught me so much that the “greatest” lesson is one that I had to really think on.  My mom taught me everything I know about being a mother.  With children aged one to sixteen, her experiences have been invaluable to me as a mom going through things for the first time.  I would say the greatest lesson my mom taught me is to follow my instincts.  She was right about so many things that I disagreed with as a teenager and now I know that she was just following her instincts, instincts that were correct.  Now, as a mom, she has encouraged me to do the same with my own kids and it has helped so much.

What’s one lesson you hope to pass on to your children?

I hope to teach my children to believe in themselves and what they stand for.  As a mother, there are so many times that you have to stand up for what you believe in, with your children and others alike.  I want my kids to always have enough confidence within themselves to speak out when they are treated unjustly, to stand up for themselves and others that are needing it, and to feel the strength behind their voices to know they can make a difference if they try.  I never want my children to feel they can’t change a situation because they aren’t smart or strong enough to do so.  I want them to know that they can do anything they set their minds to.

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

I can’t say that I have a favorite Mother’s Day memory from being a mother myself.  Last year, my girls made me breakfast of cinnamon rolls and juice.  It was nice to just be recognized that I am a mom and that they care.  I am not sure there has been any other year that I can even remember the day being about Mother’s Day.  Although, I think my favorite Mother’s Day memory isn’t even mine.  In 1983, my little sister was born on Mother’s Day.  I remember seeing all the flowers that the hospital gave the new moms and thinking how special it was to have a baby on that day.  Even at seven years old, I knew that being a mom was a special blessing and should be recognized.
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Stefany, To.Be.Thode – Traditional Mom


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