Coastal Chic Color Palette

July 7, 2017

Coastal Inspiration- Summer Entertaining

Beach Inspired Decor for a Summer Soiree

Keep your floral varieties classic, such as roses and orchids, and use just one variety per arrangement and mass it out for maximum impact.

Coastal Flowers- Roses in a Conch Shell

To design in a large shell simply place a piece of saturated floral foam in the opening of the shell, cut the floral stems short and insert into the floral foam until the entire opening is filled with flowers. Continue Reading…

Floral Occasions & Holidays

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in 50 Different Languages

July 6, 2017
Birthday party

The words may be different, but the love you feel when someone wishes you a happy birthday is universally known. Birthdays aren’t just about streamers, balloons, and cake (though those certainly don’t hurt!), they’re about coming together to celebrate your loved one’s past, present, and future.

Friends Celebrating at a birthday party

The next time it’s your friend or family member’s birthday, surprise them by wishing them a happy birthday in one of these 50 different languages. Continue Reading…


How to Wow Her on Your Anniversary

July 3, 2017
Young man surprising woman with flowers

When it comes to planning the perfect anniversary, I think we can all agree that women tend to take the lead. So before your special day even arrives, surprise your wife by letting her know that you’ll be taking care of all the anniversary festivities this year. Not only will she be impressed that you really want to take charge, but it will give her the chance to be surprised by you. So now that you’re calling the shots, what are you going to do? If you’re stuck on finding fun and original ideas, we’ve compiled a list of five surefire ways to wow her throughout the day!Young man surprising woman with flowers

Step 1: Start with Breakfast in Bed

Instead of your usual morning routine of jumping out of bed, chugging coffee, and heading for the door, take time to make this morning special. Set your alarm for a bit earlier, sneak out of bed, and prepare breakfast for her. Then, wake her up with the sweet smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Continue Reading…

Floral Occasions & Holidays

The Ultimate Summer Birthday Theme: Birthday Luau

July 1, 2017
Aloha written in sand

No matter how old you are, there are some birthday party themes that will always be classics. Case in point — a Hawaiian luau! So if you can’t take the party to Hawaii this summer, bring Hawaii to the party! With these tips on everything from traditional food dishes to creative decor, here’s everything you’ll need to to create an extravagant luau birthday party.

Aloha written in sand

The Menu

Give your guests a taste of what life is like on the islands by updating traditional Hawaiian dishes.

Make Your Own Kabobs

Kabobs are a staple on the main lands of Hawaii and there are hundreds of ways to make them. The day of your party, cut marinated meat into cubes and let everyone create their own appetizer. For guests who prefer more vegetarian options, you can throw a few pieces of fruit on the grill and make tasty fruit kabobs. Continue Reading…



June 30, 2017

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the “Summer of Love,” I have been bringing “Flowers to the People”! It has been so much fun sharing the joy that flowers and plants bring into people’s life. Here are a few images of a couple of the events that I was a part of!

Nurse’s Appreciation Week

Every year for the last few years, 1-800-Flowers.com has participated in Nurse’s Appreciation activities at Winthrop Hospital. It’s a chance to say thank you for all the hard work that these professionals do every day to take care of those in need. It takes a special person to give so much of themselves. And it takes so little to say thank you!

Two Young Women Wearing Flower Crowns

This year, in honor of the Summer of Love, we created a DIY Flower Crown bar. We demonstrated the various techniques used to make floral crowns from the very simple to the more complicated. Flower crowns are so popular now that everyone was thrilled to learn a little something to be able to make their own or just to get ideas and inspiration for upcoming showers, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Continue Reading…

Holiday Decorations

DIY Red, White & Blue Floral
4th of July Crafts

June 28, 2017

Fourth of July celebrations (and decorations) are the best! Whether you’re celebrating America’s birthday with friends and family on the beach or in your backyard, here are some easy ways to add little patriotic touches of red, white and blue with these fun DIY floral 4th of July decoration ideas!

DIY Mason Jar American Flag Vase

Seriously, is there anything you can’t do with a few mason jars? I took three small, clear mason jars and painted them in a stars and stripes tribute to Old Glory. One stem of blue hydrangea in each and you have a beautiful, fun, inexpensive centerpiece. You could paint a couple more while you’re at it and use them to hold cutlery or straws, or even tea lights, creating a festive look for evening festivities.

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Housewarming Gifts That People Actually Want

June 26, 2017

Few moments are more exciting than moving into a new home. Every empty room marks a fresh start and promise of new adventures. So it’s only natural that everyone christens their first night in a new house with a housewarming party! Whether you were the friend helping out on move-in day, are the new, next-door neighbor, or a long-time family member, these are a few gifts that will land you the title of ‘best guest ever.’

Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

9 Reasons to Buy Someone Carnations

June 23, 2017

Looking for something delicate, durable, and delightful to decorate your home with this season? Don’t be too quick to overlook carnations — one of the oldest and historically rich flowers around today. If you’re in the market for flowers, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose carnations.

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Most Popular Anniversary Dates & Ideas

June 7, 2017

Remember your first wedding anniversary? Odds are, it was celebrated with flowers, champagne, a nice dinner, and countless other romantic gestures. But as the years passed and your family grew, there’s no shame in admitting that your anniversary is one of the things that started to get pushed aside. But that’s why we’re here — to put a spark back into your anniversary! Whether it’s your 5th anniversary or your 50th, every year that you and your significant other spend together is worth celebrating. So here is a list of unusual (and actually fun) date ideas that won’t leave you and your partner sitting through dinner and a movie for your sixth anniversary in a row.

Wedding rings presented in a bouquet of white roses
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Perennial Flowers That Bloom all Summer Long

June 5, 2017

For those of you who garden, you’re well aware that an annual flower bed (though very beautiful) can be a lot of work. You have to fertilize the soil, plant the seeds, nurture the flowers, only to pull them out once Old Man Winter comes knocking on your door. Then, you start the process all over again when the temperature begins to rise. That’s why even avid gardeners and plant enthusiasts have found a fondness for perennials.

What are Perennials and Why do we Love Them?

Contrary to popular belief, a perennial isn’t the name of a flower, but rather a term used to describe a broad range of flowers and plants that live for more than two years. Every homeowner wants a beautiful garden in front of their home, but busy schedules prevent most people from having the time to care for one. Perennials’ low maintenance and annual blooms have made them a popular choice for homes across the country.

Some of our Favorites

Black-Eyed Susan

With a black-eyed susan, you get the best of both worlds. This plant has become incredibly popular over the years because while it closely resembles a sunflower, it requires almost none of the maintenance.

Black Eyed Susans Continue Reading…