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Birthday Card Message Ideas

January 4, 2018

Picking out a birthday card for someone is the easy part – the messages are already in there, so you just have to find one that you like. It’s when it comes time to write your own message inside that people often struggle!

Although birthdays come once each year, giving us many opportunities to write something special to our friends, family members and loved ones, we know that most people want their message for this year to be better than the last – that’s where it gets tricky. Lucky for you, today we’re here to help. Below are some of our favorite birthday messages that you can reference as you write your next card – enjoy!

happy birthday card message

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Floral Events & News

Now Blooming: Alabaster Garden Rose

January 1, 2018

Coming all the way from Europe, the alabaster garden rose sports a cream colored, ruffled bloom and fresh fragrance that has been described by many as “a pleasant dream.” Needless to say, the decision to make it the newest addition to our Now Blooming collection was an easy one!

Alabaster Garden Rose in White

The Difference Between English Garden and Hybrid Tea Roses

You probably know that roses come in a variety of colors, but did you know that they also come in hundreds of species and far more cultivars? Your traditional Valentine’s Day roses and the ones we see in movies are most often of the hybrid tea variety. Known for their signature pointed buds, hybrid tea roses open slowly and typically bloom several times throughout their growing season.

With many saying they resemble a cross between a carnation and a rose, English garden roses are a delightful twist on the classic roses we’ve grown to love. Typically, it has a small cluster of wavy petals at its center with larger, more rounded petals on its outer ring. Continue Reading…

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How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

December 23, 2017

Your house is probably already overflowing with the sights (i.e. decorations) and sounds (a la Jingle Bells on loop) of Christmas, but what about the smells? Surprisingly enough, scent is the sense most closely related to memory, far more than sight, touch, or sound. So don’t deny your nose the simple joys of Christmas this season and prepare to make memories your family will remember for years to come.

Christmas Cookies, Candy Canes & Greenery

Add real greenery to your decor.

Especially if you don’t have a real tree in your home, you’re probably in need of some serious earthly scents. A traditional Christmas centerpiece will do a lot more than just look beautiful on your dinner table, it will fill the room with the sweet smells of fir and cedar.

More times than not, you’ll find a wreath hanging on someone’s front door during the holidays. While we’ll never deny the beauty of a wreath at your entryway, there are a surprising number of places homeowners have yet to take advantage of when it comes to decorating with wreaths. From your bedroom window to a lamp skirt, wreaths can be incorporated into virtually every room of your house. And when your wreath is made with real fir and pine, you get to enjoy its scent just as much as its visual appeal! Continue Reading…

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Popular Light Shows and Displays Around the Country

December 22, 2017

It was in 1882 that Edward H. Johnson, a friend and business partner of Thomas Edison, hung the first ever string of lights on his Christmas tree. With only a handful of homeowners having access to electricity, people traveled far and wide to see this 80 bulb string of red, white, and blue lights.

Fast forward to today and we’re all still just as captivated by Christmas lights — though we think it’s safe to say that light displays have become a bit grander than they were in the late 1800s. From California to New York (even going so far north as Alaska), holiday light shows have taken the country by storm.

christmas light shows display

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How to Flock a Christmas Tree

December 20, 2017
flocked christmas tree

If ornaments and twinkle lights just aren’t enough to give your Christmas tree that “wow factor,” it may be time to try something new, like flocking. Flocking your tree will give it that snow-kissed look that only real trees in the forest have been able to attain, until now. So throw on some Christmas music, make hot chocolate, and get your crafting clothes on because it’s time to transform your home into a true winter wonderland.

flock a christmas tree

What is Flocking?

If you want to get technical, flocking is the process of creating texture by attaching tiny fibers to a material. But when talking about Christmas trees, flocking means to give it that natural, snow-covered look by applying a white, powdery mixture to the branches. We love flocking a Christmas tree because it gives it more dimension and mimics the look of a tree sitting in the forest. Continue Reading…

Flower & Plant Care

Christmas Cactus Care and Facts

December 17, 2017
christmas cactus

When you think of Christmas flowers, you probably think of poinsettias. And while we love a good poinsettia here at 1800flowers, there’s another popular plant during the holiday season called the Christmas cactus.

When you see how unique and festive these flowers are, you’ll be crossing your fingers that Santa leaves one under your tree. And if he does, it’s important that you know how to care for it.

group of christmas cactus

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The Topsy Turvey Origins of Upside Down Christmas Trees

December 15, 2017

With it rumored that the first Christmas was celebrated nearly 2,000 years ago in 336 A.D., it’s no surprise that Christmas traditions have changed quite a bit throughout the years. But if there’s one thing that’s stood the test of time, it’s the Christmas tree. Sure, the way we decorate them has changed a bit and there were those few years when everyone had a metallic tree (which I think we’re all still trying to forget about), but Christmas trees have, for the most part, always remained the same — until now.

upside down christmas trees

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Floral Occasions & Holidays

Different Uses for Christmas Wreaths

December 14, 2017

Lush evergreen wreaths are one of the most versatile decorations you can use to bring some traditional warmth into your home at Christmastime. And when you opt for a beautiful faux arrangement—like our Plaid Holiday Wreath, which is decorated with festive pine cones and vibrant red berries—you have a truly original ornament that you can use in countless ways for many years to come. Here are just a few of the many different uses for a Christmas wreath!

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Flower & Plant Care

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

December 7, 2017

Holiday Flower TreeThe holidays are an awesome time of year for a number of reasons, but one of our favorites (and maybe yours too) is putting up a Christmas tree. Whether you take an annual family trip to cut down your own or pick one off your local tree lot (you may even have a smaller Christmas tree as a holiday decoration within your home), the fun doesn’t end after you’ve found the perfect one – you get to decorate it, and, most of all, enjoy it all season long!

However, a common debate that many families have is when they’ll pick out their tree. Why? Often, many people fear that getting one too early will result in a Christmas morning where presents are left under a sulking and sagging tree filled with brown needles. The good news? You can keep your Christmas tree alive & fresh all season long with some Christmas tree care tips from our flower & plant experts:

Trim The Trunk

Before you secure your tree in its stand, make sure that the trunk undergoes a good trimming. If you aren’t sure how much to cut off, about ½ inch should suffice. And remember, cut straight across the trunk, you don’t want to start cutting on any angles! Continue Reading…