Gratitude for Administrative Professionals Week

April 21, 2020
How to show admin professionals gratitude

A Note From Our Founder, Jim McCann

The week ahead is an important one – Administrative Professionals Week. Believe me, it’s one we feel very strongly about here, and I want to tell you why.

To me, this week is an opportunity to celebrate the people in our professional lives who make things happen. As many of us transition to working remotely, some of these folks may be more out of sight than usual. But they should never be far from our minds. If anything, I suspect many of them are working harder than ever – setting up remote offices; coordinating schedules at a distance; keeping facilities clean and up and running for when normal hours resume.

I could never accomplish half of what I do – nor do it with a smile on my face – without the amazing work of my assistant, Patty. We’ve worked together for nearly 28 years. Patty, Jo, Lisa, Susan, Kim, Barbara, Tammy, Letty, Marilyn, Andrea and the other amazing administrative professionals at are the people who just “make things happen” and we are all incredibly grateful.
How to show admin professionals gratitude

Show How Much You Care

Whether you have an administrative professional reporting to you directly or not, we all have people at our offices or workplaces who make the business run smoothly. Make sure you go out of your way to thank them this week and let them know what their work means to you.

I’d suggest we all learn from our CMO, Amit Shah. During our all-team offsite meeting last summer in Long Island, NY Amit took half his time on stage to thank those individuals by name who make things happen at Hank and Edward in building services, Brian in the mailroom and Jeanne in reception. It was wonderfully moving and an example for us all.

The administrative professionals in your life may not be there when you walk in these days, nor walking the halls during your workday. So, make sure you go out of your way to thank them. Send a text. Make a phone call. Write an old-fashioned note. Make sure they know how indispensable they are – in these crazy times, more than ever.

Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Card Message Ideas!

April 21, 2020

mother's day card message ideasWith mom it’s the thought that counts which is why Mother’s Day cards are just as important, if not more important, than the gift.  Although cards for Mother’s Day often have their own message inside, it’s always a good idea to personalize it with your own words. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect note to mom, here are some sample Mother’s Day card message ideas to help you write the perfect note. Make sure to add your own memories to personalize the cards and potentially make mom tear with joy!

Remember, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating mom so when you’re choosing your words, think of ones she would enjoy reading over and over again.

Enjoy these adorable printable Mother’s day cards from our friends at Goodsey!
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Administrative Professionals’ Day: What to Give, What to Say, and What to Never Give or Say

April 20, 2020

Administrative Professionals’ Day, aka Admin Day, celebrates those in the office who keep the wheels turning. Sometimes they’re called executive assistants, administrative secretaries, or office managers. An admin’s responsibilities could range from filing paperwork and coordinating meetings to assisting the CEO and managing the office. Both their title and responsibilities depend on the size and type of office.

One thing they all do is support the office in some way, and today is the day to say, “Thank you and Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!” So what is the best way to do that?
Administrative Professionals Day - What to Say & Do

What to Give: Good Thank You Gifts


  • A gift like a plant, flowers, a box of candy, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. These can all be made to feel personal when paired with a sincere thank you note (more on that below!).
  • Lunch via a food delivery app i.e. Seamless, UberEats, etc. or when social distancing is over, at a favorite restaurant. Let them pick where to go, round up the team, and have fun. Order appetizers and dessert without asking; this is a celebration! Bring a card signed by everyone along with one of the gifts above if it’s in the budget.  If you’d like to send something now, food delivery apps are a great next option.
  • Time off. If it’s within your ability to do so, let them spend the day or afternoon however they’d like.
  • A Social Media Shout Out: Everyone likes to be recognized. Skip the photo (they might not find it flattering) and instead use a picture of the office or a stock “thank you” photo. (Another cute idea is to find and use one of their baby pictures. Make sure it’s tasteful– no nudes.) Say something along the lines of “Whitney rocks! We couldn’t do it without her. Here’s to the best admin an office could ask for.”

How to Give It: Card, Email or Text?

A handwritten card is the best method of delivery. It’s the most personal and doesn’t make the recipient feel like they need to respond as do email and text. Some tips on the message:

  • Exclamation points: Use sparingly. It will depend on the length of your message but you’re probably fine with one or even none.
  • Emojis: Pass. Use your words and save the silly faces for your friends. You know your office best, but generally a well-written thank you won’t need adornment.
  • Make sure you’ve spelled names correctly.
  • Proofread twice.

What NOT to Give: Bad Thank You Gifts

  • No crude joke gifts; no “funny” profane mugs, t-shirts, or other off-color gifts.
  • No alcohol. A bottle of wine is a lovely thing to bring to a dinner party but not the office.
  • Nothing religious.
  • No clothing. Accessories like scarves or gloves may be ok if you know them well, but clothing is generally too personal and intimate.
  • Nothing you wouldn’t give to someone in a position of authority like your boss. For example, no lingerie, beauty products, or self-help books such as how to do your job better.

If you’re wondering if your gift is inappropriate, it probably is. Your best bet is to stick with one of these classics.

What to Write

Keep it short and sweet. Humor is fine but don’t let it get away from you; something that is meant to be funny often comes across insulting or just plain weird.
Here are some samples of what to write:

  • Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! Thank you for all your hard work keeping the office running smoothly. We truly appreciate you!
  • Thank you for your help this year. You’re a hard worker, you always take the initiative to see what needs to be done, you’re quick to learn and you’re patient with those of us who aren’t. We are lucky to have you.
  • Thank you for your excellent work and positive attitude. Things can get crazy here but you manage to take it all in stride and never lose your cool. Great job.
  • Happy Admin Day! It’s people like you who make work a nicer place to be.
  • I found this quote and thought of you: “The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.” Thank you for being such an amazing admin and making it all look easy.
  • You can run the office without a boss, but you can’t run an office without admins.
    • Thank you for all your incredible contributions. We couldn’t do it without you.

Written by Contributing Author Kathy Milano


DIY Mom Floral Centerpiece

April 19, 2020

Whatever type of celebration you’re planning for Mother’s Day this year, this pretty MOM centerpiece will be the perfect finishing touch! And it’s so easy to make, too! (Seriously, anyone can do it.)

Mom written in flowers

I started with 7″ metal letters that I picked up at a local crafts store. Then, I cut pieces of floral foam to completely fill in the back of each letter. You will need to thoroughly soak the foam; this can be done either before or after placing the foam into the letters.Supplies to create mom centerpiece

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How to Thank Office Superstars Whether Working from Home or in the Office

April 17, 2020
Administrative Professionals Day - What to Say & Do

“No gesture is too small when done with gratitude.”
– Oprah

Gratitude Tips to Thank Your Administrative Professionals

Admin professionals, we couldn’t do it without them! Administrative Professionals’ Week starts April 20th (with the actual celebratory day being April 22, 2020) and given the current times we find ourselves in with social distancing, many of us are working from home, including our administrative professionals who are helping to keep us afloat. While thanking your office superstars may not be the same as in years prior, gratitude is so important to let them know how thankful you are for, especially during these times where they are taking on more, while dealing with the heaviness of the world. That’s why we helped think of some ways to let the employees in your life know how much you value them, from a simple call or text to say thanks, to a grand gesture.

Write a Thank You Letter

Writing a letter takes time, attention, and shows appreciation. Express your thanks to your administrative professionals by handwriting and sending letters that highlight their strengths. Let them know the workplace wouldn’t be as efficient without them. Sincerely thank them for all they do; they’ll likely never forget it.

Send an E-Card

Sending an ecard is a quick way to express your thanks and it shows you care. One upside here is that you can browse a variety of cards and designs to fit each employee’s personality. You can also include your own personal message to really make it all about brightening the recipient’s day.  

Send a Thank You Email

A simple thank you via email can go a long way, but don’t stop there. Be more detailed and let your administrative staff know how their work makes a difference. Share praise from clients and call out your employees’ achievements. They’ll appreciate being valued. Continue Reading…


Heartwarming Connections: Celebrating, Near or Far

April 14, 2020
Easter Surprise from Mom/Grandma

Social distancing and quarantining has made it challenging for families to celebrate holidays together. However, Ashley’s mom made sure to show her daughter and granddaughter they can still celebrate Easter with a heartwarming surprise! We are so happy to be a part of helping deliver smiles to Ashley and Hayley!

“Social isolation can be hard. We have been cooped up and I haven’t seen my mom in weeks (who we usually see multiple times a week). We have FaceTime (thank goodness) to get us by, and my mom will bake dinners that Kyle will pick up on his way home (in still practicing the way of social distancing), but today we got a big surprise from my mama/Haley’s vava that brightened both our day. Look how cute these flowers are! We love you so much mama! Can’t wait for the world to be normal again.”


How to Stay Connected with the Seniors in Your Life

April 13, 2020
Jerry Rosalia

An Interview with Senior Blog Writer
& Floral Expert Jerry Rosalia

Jerry Rosalia At 88-years-young, our Blog Writer & Floral Expert, Jerry Rosalia, is the kind of guy who looks at the glass half-full. During this time of social distancing, Jerry has been finding ways to stay safely connected with family and friends (including fellow seniors), as well as finding valuable ways to spend his time. With Jerry’s positive outlook on life, we decided to ask him for helpful tips that may be useful to fellow seniors, or family and friends of seniors who are looking to reach out.

What’s the best way to spend your time while quarantined?

Get your gloves, mask, walking shoes, and weather permitting, and take a walk! The sun and its vitamin D is anti-viral. And if none of it works, we all need the exercise!

How are you staying connected with family and friends?

My family meets twice a week on Zoom (which is very much like FaceTime).  We “meet” with the entire family with everyone from Long Island, New York, to my great grandchildren whose daddy is a Marine in California. It was the first time the group got together when we weren’t eating.

Is there anything you wish friends and family were doing that they are not?

We seniors have friends who are ill, live alone, etc. So, make their day and give them a call. You will hear a smile in their voices. In a day or so, you may even get a call back. Continue Reading…


Heartwarming Connections:
Love Knows No Distance

April 10, 2020
Birthday flower delivery from a husband in extended deployment.

What we are experiencing right now with social distancing is only a fraction of what military families go through with their loved ones. Although COVID-19 extended Jake’s deployment, he made sure his wife, Shannon, still felt special on her birthday. Jake, we thank you for continued service and hope you can be reunited with your family soon!  

Photo Credit: @moms4jams on instagram

“Yet another birthday that @jake.stockman is gone 🙁 I’ve lost count on how many this is now. He should be getting ready to come home right now but thanks to Covid-19 his deployment was extended. And unlike times in the past, this time there’s no end in sight which makes it so much worse! So Thank you my Love, for trying to make this birthday as special as you could. And thank you @1800flowers for still being open in this current crazy mess of a world.”


Traditions Old & New

April 10, 2020
Jim's Corner, Old & New Traditions

A Note From Our Founder, Jim McCann

Many of us around the country are concluding our Easter celebrations or are in the midst of Passover. These will have been unique celebrations, with far fewer faces around the table. But we hope you kept traditions alive and have connected with your family and loved ones who couldn’t be there in person. Maybe you extended a few “virtual hugs,” like I did with my grandchildren.

Last week, I suggested we use this Holy Week to renew our faith, our relationships, and our commitment to our values. It’s important that we keep close to these sentiments as we face more weeks of social distancing and disrupted communications.

Jim's Corner, Old & New Traditions

Traditions old and new

I have been inspired by the kinds of activities people have been able to continue online, and the new digital rituals that have emerged. At our house, my wife, Marylou, always paints Easter eggs with our grandchildren. Obviously, that was not an option for this year. But we did manage to paint alongside our grandchildren on video chat. My friend, the author and entrepreneur Dave Kerpen, convened a digital Seder and kindly extended me an invitation. Continue Reading…


Heartwarming Connections:
A Just Because
from a Dear Friend

April 9, 2020
Flower delivery from a dear friend to brighten up your day.

If there’s anything this situation has taught us, it’s that the littlest things can have the strongest impact. For Katerina, what may seem like just flowers is a constant reminder of the kindness that surrounds her. To Katerina’s dear friend, thank you for choosing us to brighten up her day.  

Photo Credit: @hereismyheart_ on instagram

“This little app has brought some wonderful connections that I’m so very thankful for and in the midst of all that’s going on to be thought of by a dear friend means the world to me. This beautiful spring bouquet that was delivered to my doorstep has brightened my day, my week, my month, and reminded me of the kindness of others. Some might just see flowers but it truly is more than that, a kind gesture that I won’t forget. 💛”