There are plenty of reasons why decorating your space with lush, green plants can improve your mood, boost productivity and reduce stress. But here’s a secret that most plant collectors and aficionados don’t often give away…sometimes the key to having your own indoor plant oasis is mixing real and faux plants together. Sure, as a plant parent there’s satisfaction in seeing your new plant grow and thrive under your care, but there is also beauty in artificial indoor plants that look picture perfect year-round, and require no water, sunlight, repotting or care.

Tips for Mixing Your Faux Plants with Real Plants

  1. Make sure your artificial plants look realistic! has created a line of realistic faux plants that look identical to their live counterparts.
  2. Choose natural colors. When you think of plants your mind goes straight to their beautiful green color. Keeping your plants in this realistic color range, will help them look totally real.
  3. Decorate them in plant-friendly places. It’s unlikely that your plant would do well in a dark, dry location like the corner of a room or shelf, so keep your artificial plants in a well lit, believable area.

Why Should I Combine Real & Faux Plants?

There are so many reasons why you might want to start decorating with fake plants. For starters, no plant care! One of the most challenging parts of being a plant parent is being able to tell what your plant needs. Is it overwatered? Too dry? Too much or too little sunlight? Even the most well-versed plant experts can have issues keeping plants alive, and with faux plants once you find your perfect location there’s no need to do anything further, other than relax and enjoy their beauty.

Not every plant can survive every season and climate. For example, if you’re looking to add a tropical floor plant to your collection, it’s going to require a warm, humid environment which is not always possible to achieve indoors. Of course with a faux tropical plant, you get to enjoy their beauty year-round with no concern.

Lastly, cost could be a big factor in why you’re choosing to mix your real and fake plants together. If you don’t have a green thumb replacing your plants could become extremely costly. Our collection has the perfect artificial house plant for every budget, ranging from $39.99 to $154.99.

What Real Real Plants Should I Mix with Faux Plants?

The options are endless when it comes to which live and artificial plants you can mix together. Our resident plant expert (and plant lover!) Alfred Palomares shared his top picks from our Plant Shop.


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