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Plan the Perfect Picnic

Take the stress out of planning with these ultimate summer picnic tips and tricks.

Alternative: Spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the scenic backdrop with these summer picnic tips.

Alternative: Maximize the fun with these summer picnic tips.Is it just us, or does food somehow taste better when enjoyed outside in the sunshine? There's nothing like sprawling out on a giant blanket in your favorite summer spot for an outdoor picnic.

To make sure you and your family make more memories than messes, keep in mind these must-know summer picnic tips:

1. Sturdy Basket & Blanket

It all starts with the basket itself (or a big, insulated tote bag). Make sure your carrying case of choice is sturdy enough to hold all of your food and supplies, but won't be too heavy to lug around. Also, when searching for picnic blankets, make sure you pick one that can withstand the elements; if the ground is still damp from a rain the night before, look for some that are waterproof on one side.

2. Ready-to-Serve Cutlery

If you are playing it safe, plastic glasses, plates, napkins and cutlery are the way to go. If you're taking the more eco-friendly route, wrap up your silverware ahead of time in individual bundles inside cloth napkins, and secure with a ribbon. This makes serving and eating that much easier.

3. Single-Serve Portions

Enjoying your favorite summer foods al fresco is much easier when everything is already portioned out. Pack mason jar salads and fresh fruit and other sides in snack-sized plastic bags for everyone. And if serving a main dish, such as a sub sandwich, have it already cut up so there's enough for each person. Less time spent cutting up food on the blanket = more time enjoying the outdoors!

4. Resealable Bags & Large Trash Bags

Picnic baskets rarely look as pretty after the picnic. Bring resealable bags large enough to hold our plates, cutlery and glasses in. Not only will it keep the flying pests away from your used basket, it will make transporting them home a painless process. And don't forget large trash bags; you don't want to leave a mess behind.

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