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Different Types of Succulents

Easy-Care Succulent Plants From simple-to-care-for succulent plants displayed in stylish containers to colorful mini cactus plants and on-trend terrariums, it's more fun than ever to bring the beauty of nature inside with our unique succulent gifts.

There are many types of succulents in different sizes & shapes. Because these plants are slow-growing, adaptable to temperature & light and require little care, indoor succulents are a popular choice for decorating the home or office.
Discover some different varieties below and find your favorite.

Found in arid regions of tropical Africa, the aloe family includes a large group ranging in size from small window sill plants to towering trees. They’re best known by the aloe vera variety, which stores large amounts water, nutrients and medicinal compounds in its leaves. Aloes display spikes of brilliant flowers from spring through fall.

Cacti are unique, even among succulents. Having evolved in some of the harshest environments in the Western Hemisphere, they’re known for their water conservation and heat tolerance. Along the way their leaves were replaced with their characteristic spines, and they developed elaborate stems that expand & contract to store even more water. They thrive indoors when they’re given lots of light and only watered when there’s noticeable shrinkage on the stem.

Native to South Africa, the most common crassula is the jade tree or mini jade. Tolerant to droughts and adaptable to different temperature & light levels, these plants do exceptionally well in various indoor environments with little care. They bloom with delicate white-pastel flowers at various times during the growing season.

These succulents are native to various arid regions of Mexico, Central and South America. They flower in spring and fall when given enough light, and as the plant matures, it will produce side shoots along its base, also known as “hen and chicks.”

Native to South Africa, these succulents are actually related to lilies, and produce tall, delicate stems of tiny lily-like blooms throughout the year. Haworthias can survive up to a year without water, making them an ideal choice as an indoor house plant.

Native largely to the Northern Hemisphere, sedums are less tolerant of sustained warmer temperatures than other succulents. They work very well in rock gardens, outdoor planters and indoors under lots of light. Some of them produce spectacular spikes of blooms in spring and summer.

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