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Fun Flower Facts

Fun Flower Facts

The Difference Between Annuals and Perennials

November 6, 2015

Aside from being different species, all flowers are basically the same, right? Totally wrong! Especially when it comes to their lifespan and how often you see them. But getting to know the difference is easy – there are really only two main classifications you need to know! Below, learn what makes some flowers “annuals” while others are considered “perennials.”

Gardening- Annuals & Perennials

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Fun Flower Facts

All About Aquatic Plants

November 4, 2015

If asked, we bet you could list at least five different types of plants and flowers that can be found in your garden or in a beautiful bouquet, but could you name five plants that thrive in the water? While you may not be all that familiar with them, you’ve probably come into contact with an aquatic plant or two before (if you have a fish tank at home or prefer to spend your time being one with nature, we’re looking at you). But since just seeing them isn’t enough, today we’re breaking things down to increase your awareness about plant life in the water.

What Are Aquatic Plants?

Aquatic plants are those that can be found in any salt or freshwater environment – a small fish tank, home aquarium, lake, pond, ocean, you get the idea. Whether they live above water, are fully submerged in water or somewhere in between doesn’t make too much of a difference; the main concept to know is that aquatic plants are any species that naturally prosper in a wet environment.

Characteristics of Aquatic Plants

The characteristics of aquatic plants can vary depending on the type, but there are a few that remain the same. For example, aquatic plants can utilize less of their resources for the purpose of support tissues as they are naturally able to stay afloat. Furthermore, water loss doesn’t have to be a concern because these plants are constantly surrounded by it. But aside from those characteristics that are consistent, here are some that vary based on classification: Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

Why Do Flowers Smell?

October 30, 2015

Stop and Smell the Flowers

We all know that flowers are one of the greatest scented gifts you can give and are one of the best ways to add a delightful aroma to your home, but do you really know why flowers give off certain smells? Although you may just assume that flowers smell “because they’re supposed to,” there is tons of research behind it that truly explains why this is so. Want to find out? Below, we’re breaking things down for you to give you a better understanding behind the magic of your favorite blooms.

Girl Smelling Pink Flower

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Fun Flower Facts

How Can Flowers Improve Your Health?

September 23, 2015

September is Self-Improvement Month! What have you been doing to enhance your life in positive ways? If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry – there is still plenty of time to work on doing so this month, especially when it comes to your health! Did you know that flowers can help?

While most people may think of flowers as being the perfect addition to their garden or a nice gesture to send a message to a friend, family member, or significant other, they can also bring many health benefits to those who keep them around the house. Here are a few examples of how:


Often referred to as a symbol of love, roses may be able to aid your body in being able to ward off conditions like a cough or cold (just in time for fall and flu season!). How so? Since the petals are known to be a source of vitamin C, they can help with strengthening your immune system! But that’s not all they can do – if you’re looking to improve your appearance, such as your skin, roses can help in this area too as they can assist with your body’s process of creating collagen.

Pink Rose Bouquet

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Fun Flower Facts

State Flowers in Alphabetical Order

June 25, 2015

From Alabama to Wyoming, each of the fifty states boasts a special bloom to represent their unique region. While some state flowers are chosen simply because they are common in that area, others were chosen due to historical significance or from popular vote from the community.

Fun fact: while each state has its own unique flower, so does each country! The United State’s national flower is the rose. Find out more in our article about different countries and their national flowers!


State Flowers in Alphabetical Order

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Fun Flower Facts

How to Say Mom in Different Languages

April 27, 2015

mugable-mom-gift-143164There may be a million different ways to say her name, but there’s only one special mom your heart belongs to. So this Mother’s Day, show her how one-of-a-kind she is: Instead of calling her the usual “Ma” or “Mom,” impress her by saying her name in her native language! Here’s how to say mom in different languages:

  1. Afrikaans: “Moeder” or “Ma
  2. Albanian: “Nene” or “Meme”
  3. Arabic: “Ahm”
  4. Belarusan: “Matka”
  5. Bosnian: “Majka”
  6. Brazilian: “Mae”
  7. Bulgarian: “Majka
  8. Catalan: “Mare”
  9. Croatian: “Mati” or “Majka”
  10. Czech: “Abatyse”
  11. Danish: “Mor”
  12. Dutch: “Moeder” or “Moer”
  13. Estonian: “Ema”
  14. Filipino: “Ina”
  15. Finnish: “Aiti”
  16. French: “Mere” or “Maman”
  17. German: “Mutter”
  18. Greek: “Mana” or “Mitera”
  19. Haitian Creole: “Manman”
  20. Hawaiian: “Makuahine”
  21. Hindi: “Ma” or “Maji”
  22. Hungarian: “Anya” or “Fu”
  23. Icelandic: “Mamma”
  24. Indonesian: “Induk,” “Ibu,” “Biang” or “Nyokap”
  25. Irish: “Mathair”
  26. Italian: “Madre” or “Mamma”
  27. Japanese: “Okaasan” or “Haha”
  28. Latin: “Mater”
  29. Latvian: “Mamma”
  30. Lithuanian: “Motina”
  31. Malay: “Ibu”
  32. Norwegian: “Mamma” or “Mor”
  33. Persian: “Madr” or “Maman”
  34. Polish: “Matka” or “Mama”
  35. Portuguese: “Mae”
  36. Punjabi: “Mai,” “Mataji” or “Pabbo”
  37. Romanian: “Mama” or “Maica”
  38. Russian: “Mama”
  39. Samoan: “Tina”
  40. Serbian: “Majka”
  41. Slovak: “Mama” or “Matka”
  42. Spanish: “Madre,” “Mama” or “Mami”
  43. Swahili: “Mama,” “Mzazi” or “Mzaa”
  44. Swedish: “Mamma,” “Mor” or “Morsa”
  45. Turkish: “Anne,” “Ana” or “Valide”
  46. Ukrainian: “Mati”
  47. Urdu: “Ammee”
  48. Vietnamese: “Me”
  49. Welsh: “Mam”
  50. Yiddish: “Muter”

If you really want to show Mom that she means the world to you, find out how to say “I love you” in 50 different languages too!

In what language will you be telling your mom how extraordinary she is on Mother’s Day?

Fun Flower Facts

All About Roses

March 16, 2015

With their unparalleled beauty and versatility, it’s clear why roses are amongst the most popular flower around the world. From being showcased around homes to being a key ingredient in perfumes to being the subject of works of art throughout history, the rose has been immortalized from a flower to an iconic part of human culture.


History of Roses

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Fun Flower Facts

Valentine’s Day Flower Facts

February 10, 2015

Eblooming-love-red-rosesvery year, Valentines around the world send their sweethearts millions of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears to show their love and affection. People of every age celebrate Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy the perks of this holiday! Giving gifts to friends and family to show them how much you care is common, too! Remember when you exchanged Valentine’s Day cards in elementary school?

Having been around for many Valentine’s Days, as an expert in the field of delivering flowers and love, we wanted to share some interesting Valentine’s flower facts!
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Fun Flower Facts

Sweet Scented Sophistication: 8 Flowers That Come in White

December 15, 2014

Simple, elegant, and always in style, the color white not only brightens a room but has a significance in everyday lives – from weddings to, in certain trades, professional attire.

As flowers, they represent purity, loyalty, and remembrance. White flowers pair beautifully with almost all other flowers and colors, and when placed prosaically in a room, can even make it appear larger! There are hundreds of flower types that come in this classic color – below are a few of our favorites.

Flowers Found in White

White Roses
A traditional wedding flower, roses are also one of the most popular flowers for gifting. Learn all about identifying different types of roses here!

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