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How to Thank Your Parents on National Parents’ Day

July 23, 2017

They were there when you took your first steps, when you moved into your college dorm, and when you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. Yup, we’re of course talking about your parents! Needless to say, they’ve been there through it all, so it seems only right that they deserve a little something extra this weekend, in honor of National Parents’ Day.

Woman giving her mom flowers for parents day

A Bit About Parents’ Day

The United Nations may have proclaimed June 1 to be Global Parents’ Day, but hey, don’t our parents deserve two days? In 1994, President Bill Clinton declared the fourth Sunday of July to be Parents’ Day, for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” Continue Reading…

Delivering Smiles

Celebrate Friendship Day with These Inspiring Quotes About Friendship

July 20, 2017

Like flowers, friends are a colorful addition to our lives, adding beauty, inspiration, and happiness to our day to day lives. To celebrate this unique bond, we’ve put together some of the most inspiring quotes about friendship, from Hollywood to literature.


Friendship Day 2017 is August 6, so grab your favorite pals and celebrate your special relationships and memories! If your friends are close at heart but far in distance, pick your favorite quote about friendship and pair it with a heartfelt card about friendship delivered straight to their inbox!

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DIY Gifts for Parents’ Day

July 20, 2017

Looking for a creative Parents’ Day gift Mom and Dad will love? Take inspiration from your famous macaroni frames and create a one-of-a-kind handmade gift with a grown-up twist!

Here are some of our favorite DIY gifts for Mom and Dad that they’ll love showing off! Pair these gifts with a home-cooked meal and a wow-worthy bouquet of Parents’ Day Flowers to make you their favorite.

DIY Gifts for Mom and Dad

Make it Cozy with Permanent Marker Mugs

Using cheap mugs and permanent markers, create one-of-a-kind mugs for Mom and Dad to use at home or take to work! Decorate your mug according to Mom and Dad’s personalities; they’ll treasure this unique gift for years to com.

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Top Rose Festivals in the United States

July 20, 2017
Rose Covered Archway

No flower is more beloved or recognizable in the United States than the rose — after all, it’s our National Floral Emblem and the most common state flower (with Georgia, Iowa, New York, and North Dakota all claiming the rose). So whether you live in one of these states, or are looking to take a road trip, here are six of our favorite U.S. based rose festivals.

Rose Covered Archway

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“Think Outside the Vase” for Unique Summer Flower Arrangements!

July 18, 2017

Whether you’re cutting flowers from your garden or picking up a pretty bunch of blooms from your local florist, here are a few “vase hacks” that will take your summertime arrangements to a whole new level!

Kitchen Colander

New or vintage, I think colanders make great containers for fresh, farm-to-table-looking arrangements.

Flower Arrangement in ColanderFirst, choose a variety of colorful garden flowers with different textures.

Supplies for Colander Flower Arrangement Continue Reading…

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Top Sunflower Festivals in the United States for 2017

July 17, 2017

Sunflowers have quite the storied history here in the United States. Though they originated in North America, sunflowers spent centuries traveling throughout Europe, before ultimately returning to America on their journey to become one of the most beloved flowers — and for good reason! One look at a sunflower’s bright, yellow bloom and you’ll understand why cities all across America are celebrating this bold flower.

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Flower & Plant Care

All About Succulents

July 14, 2017
succulent plant

While you may not recognize the name right away, odds are, you’re one of the many people who love succulents. After all, what’s not to love about them? Succulents are essentially another name for uniquely beautiful desert plants, like, aloe vera, snake plants, or jade.  Indoor growing of succulent plants can be tricky, but with a few helpful tips, you can care for your plants properly.

succulent plant dish garden

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Fun Flower Facts

How to Make it Feel Like Summer in Your Office

July 12, 2017
Desk with laptop and plants

When the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the ice cream man can be heard in the distance, it can be hard focusing on your work in the office. While summer may not be the blissful three month long vacation that it was when you were a kid, that doesn’t mean it still can’t be amazing. So instead of spending your days longing for the great outdoors, bring the spirit of summer right into your office.

Add Greenery

What’s the number one way to make your office feel like paradise? Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Place a vase full of tropical orchids, lilies, or sunflowers on your desk for a sight and smell that’s truly relaxing. And since studies have shown that plants can improve the productivity of an office, you may even be able to convince your company to cover the cost of some of your greenery!

Desk with laptop and plants

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Passport Day is July 11th!

July 10, 2017

With plenty of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions happening everyday, we understand that calendars fill up quickly and gifting can be difficult! As a solution, we developed Celebrations Passport®, a yearly loyalty program, extending across our family of brands, that provides access to Free Shipping or No Service Charges on eligible orders. In the spirit of easy and stress-free gifting, we decided to celebrate our loyal customers with a day filled with even greater discounts, deals and offers. Whether you are new to Celebrations Passport® or a returning member, learn more about what makes Passport Day so special – and why it is something we will look forward to year after year!

What is Passport Day?

Passport Day is a way to say “Thanks!” to our loyal customers by offering a special day this summer filled with exclusive deals and offers, prizes, and social giveaways. Here’s what to look out for on July 11th:

  • Special discounts on best-selling products across our family of brands: 1-800-Flowers.com, 1-800-Baskets.com, Cheryl’s Cookies, Fruitbouquets.com, Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, and Wolferman’s.
  • Special offers when you shop early on Passport Day
  • Special offers when you shop eGift Cards on Passport Day
  • Product giveaways, free Passport memberships and more on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

This day will be available to all Celebrations Passport® members across our family of brands. Continue Reading…