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The Topsy Turvey Origins of Upside Down Christmas Trees

December 15, 2017

With it rumored that the first Christmas was celebrated nearly 2,000 years ago in 336 A.D., it’s no surprise that Christmas traditions have changed quite a bit throughout the years. But if there’s one thing that’s stood the test of time, it’s the Christmas tree. Sure, the way we decorate them has changed a bit and there were those few years when everyone had a metallic tree (which I think we’re all still trying to forget about), but Christmas trees have, for the most part, always remained the same — until now.

upside down christmas trees

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Floral Occasions & Holidays

Different Uses for Christmas Wreaths

December 14, 2017

Lush evergreen wreaths are one of the most versatile decorations you can use to bring some traditional warmth into your home at Christmastime. And when you opt for a beautiful faux arrangement—like our Plaid Holiday Wreath, which is decorated with festive pine cones and vibrant red berries—you have a truly original ornament that you can use in countless ways for many years to come. Here are just a few of the many different uses for a Christmas wreath!

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Flower & Plant Care

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

December 7, 2017

Holiday Flower TreeThe holidays are an awesome time of year for a number of reasons, but one of our favorites (and maybe yours too) is putting up a Christmas tree. Whether you take an annual family trip to cut down your own or pick one off your local tree lot (you may even have a smaller Christmas tree as a holiday decoration within your home), the fun doesn’t end after you’ve found the perfect one – you get to decorate it, and, most of all, enjoy it all season long!

However, a common debate that many families have is when they’ll pick out their tree. Why? Often, many people fear that getting one too early will result in a Christmas morning where presents are left under a sulking and sagging tree filled with brown needles. The good news? You can keep your Christmas tree alive & fresh all season long with some Christmas tree care tips from our flower & plant experts:

Trim The Trunk

Before you secure your tree in its stand, make sure that the trunk undergoes a good trimming. If you aren’t sure how much to cut off, about ½ inch should suffice. And remember, cut straight across the trunk, you don’t want to start cutting on any angles! Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

Top 11 Poinsettia Facts

December 5, 2017

Happy holiday season! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone’s focus is on all of the fun holiday happenings that come with the end of the year – we know that’s what we’re thinking about! Between decorating, shopping and holiday parties alone, there are so many awesome things about the last few weeks of December.

But let’s go back to the decorating part for a moment – did you know that poinsettias are one of the most popular flowers associated with the Christmas season? Since you’ll probably see tons of poinsettia displays as you shop around town this month, get to know more about them by checking out these awesome poinsettia facts below.

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Floral Occasions & Holidays

The Most Popular Christmas Flowers to Decorate With

December 4, 2017

Holiday Flower TreeFlowers are Mother Nature’s very own decorative ornaments, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become a staple of Christmas décor all over the world! There are so many festive blossoms to choose from, it’s impossible to stick with just one when you’re adorning your home for the holidays. Read up on the most popular Christmas flowers and how you can merry-fy your home with them this season.


Poinsettia PlantWith its long, velvety red leaves, the poinsettia is the definitive Christmas bloom. But did you know that it’s actually a tropical plant? Read our blog post on the history of poinsettias to find out how they became associated with Christmastime, and use our poinsettia decorating ideas to spread the Christmas spirit! Continue Reading…

Holiday Decorations

A Welcoming Holiday Centerpiece

December 1, 2017

Here’s a traditional holiday arrangement that has its roots in the south, in Colonial Williamsburg.  The pineapple has long been an iconic symbol of hospitality, welcome, and friendship starting in the Carib and spreading to Europe before coming to Colonial North America.  While the pineapple is a key element in a traditional Colonial Williamsburg style arrangement there are others that are just as important to create the right look.  Here’s a list of just a few that you might want to choose from:

  • Magnolia leaves
  • Assorted evergreens
  • Apples
  • Oranges (especially decorated with cloves)
  • Roses
  • Ribbons
  • Burlap

pineapple holiday centerpiece

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Floral Events & News

Now Blooming: Gold Airbrush Roses

November 30, 2017

For years, the saying has been, “Roses are red, violets are blue.” But perhaps it’s time to change that up a bit? For this month only at 1800flowers.com, violets get to stay blue but roses are going gold — that’s right, gold roses! In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we’re thrilled to announce Gold Airbrush Roses as the latest addition to our Now Blooming Collection!

gold airbrush roses

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Christmas & Holidays

DIY Santa Hat Holiday Treats & Crafts

November 29, 2017

Learn how to make Santa’s hat out of strawberries and flowers!

Everyone loves Santa and everyone loves Santa’s hat! Put one on and it’s an instant party! Anyone can wear one – young or old, big or little, animal or human! Don’t believe me? Check out our truly original Santa Paws a-DOG-able and see for yourself!
I decided to have a little fun with Santa’s hat and make one entirely out of fresh flowers to complement the mini hats that we made out of fresh strawberries. These are great ideas that are so easy and will make you look like quite the “hostess with the mostess” at your holiday brunch for the girls! Include a little spiked peppermint hot chocolate and let the merriment begin!
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Floral Occasions & Holidays

Christmas Traditions from the Past

November 27, 2017

It seems like just yesterday we were putting our Christmas trees outside and packing up decorations, eagerly waiting for Christmas to return in another 364 days. But alas — the time has finally come to break out the gingerbread and hang your stockings once again!

With the Christmas season finally here, many of us have just a few things on the brain: family, shopping, and our favorite annual traditions. While some Christmas pastimes have survived for centuries (like our beloved Christmas trees) others have changed or been completely lost over the years (who else remembers Christmas pageants?). So with only a few weeks until the big day, we’re revisiting the days of Christmas past.

Sending a newsletter.

Before Facebook, distant families and friends kept in touch via the family Christmas newsletter. Though we’ve mostly gotten rid of the newsletter, we still, thankfully, continue to send Christmas cards.

Dad dressing up as Santa.

Shh — Make sure the kids are out of the room for this one, or at least away from the screen! Before mall Santas we’re a thing, fathers across the country took it upon themselves to dress up as ol’ Kris Kringle and spread the holiday cheer. While the tradition isn’t as popular as it used to be, it did give way to one of the best Christmas songs — I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

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Holiday Decorations

More Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

November 21, 2017

You might have noticed that I am obsessed with succulents – planted and used as cut flowers!  I can’t get enough!!  They are so visually beautiful and extremely hardy at the same time.  You don’t get the combination very often!  Another thing I am obsessed with – white pumpkins.  So here is my perfect fall table setting…

Succulent Centerpiece in White PumpkinI kept it simple with a green and white palette and bare wood table.  Vintage egg cups, each holding a single succulent, give a nice balance to the table. Continue Reading…