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Petal Talk Chats With Sarah Annunziato

October 23, 2018

In order to learn about the creative minds behind our handcrafted arrangements, we interviewed Sarah Annunziato who is featured in our Local Artisan Collection. From the daily life as a florist to some of the inspiration behind her arrangements, Sarah talks about her favorite holidays, arrangements, her family & more!

flower skull halloween arrangementHow did you get into the flower business and what do you love best about being a florist?

When I was in my sophomore year of high school a bunch of my friends and I got an after school job at a local florist near our high school. I started out by sweeping the floors and learning to answer the phones and process the flowers that came in. I stayed at that same local shop quickly picking up being able to talk with and help customers and learned to design simple floral arrangements, which after sticking with it for a while developing into lead designer and store manager. My friends all went off to college on different career paths as I stayed behind in my home town and continued to work at that same shop part time while I attended a local college for graphic design and digital photography, when half way through the semester I realized how bored I was during the classes and how I couldn’t wait to get back to the flower shop because it was my happy place. Which eventually lead to me leaving school and working full time and taking over the day to day management of the flower shop. I stayed there for years until I moved to New Jersey and quickly found a new flower shop and made new friends and made connections with new customers and gained more insight to different design styles from my co-workers there. I worked at three flower shops in New Jersey over 8 years and then decided to move to Florida, again quickly finding a local flower shop to make my “home” in successfully. I felt so passionate about talking to customers and hearing their stories and laughing with them or crying with them. I fell in love with my career at an early age and here 17 years later, I’m back home in New York, and I still love to learn new design techniques and learn new things every day. There’s a saying “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together” and I couldn’t be happier doing what I do every day. Continue Reading…

Flower & Plant Care

Indoor Plant Care Tips by Miracle-Gro®

June 26, 2018

Indoor plants are easy to maintain when you give them the proper care. No matter how bad your green thumb is, these plant care products from Miracle-Gro® are sure to keep your plants, happy, vibrant, and growing! Better yet- our plant sale is currently going on so you can buy plants for your home or office at discounted prices! We consider this a win-win.

Plant Type: Cactus Dish Garden

Product Recommendation: Miracle-Gro® Succulent Plant Food

About the Cactus Dish Garden: Cacti and succulents are trendy plants that are easy to grow. Your Cactus Dish Garden will love a sunny spot near a west or south-facing window. Cacti and succulents don’t take kindly to being overwatered, so wait until the top 2-3 inches of soil feels dry before watering. Feed your dish garden regularly from spring-fall when they are actively growing with Miracle-Gro® Succulent Plant Food which specially formulated to feed all succulents including cacti. Continue Reading…

Floral Occasions & Holidays

Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

April 19, 2018

Administrative Professionals Day 2018 is Wednesday, April 25th!

Most businesses require a lot of time and effort from any number of employees in order to function at their best, all the time. Administrative Professionals Day is a celebration of the amazing people that help us do our jobs well from day to day. Every third week in April, we show our appreciation and reward the people that work closely with us by giving special gifts or doing thoughtful things for our fellow workers. If you are looking for gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day, below are some simple ways to show how important your working peers are to you!


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Floral Events & News

The Ultimate Awards Show Viewing Party Checklist

February 26, 2018

Awards season is in full swing! And just because you didn’t receive an official invite to the big show doesn’t mean that you and your friends can’t be part of the celebrations. Awards Shows are the perfect easy TV entertainment to gather friends and family together for an impromptu couch party. Whether you decide to set an elegant dress code or opt for a cozy pajama party, there are some essentials that are always a “must do” when it comes to hosting. We’ve rounded up our top picks across our family of brands to help you get red carpet ready.

To make the party planning process easier, we’re offering 20% OFF* our most popular gifts (including the ones featured below) with promo code POPULAR20. Offer valid through Sunday, March 4th, 2018. 


Start with setting the mood: A little décor goes a long way in making your guests feel like welcomed celebrities. Set out a tablecloth on your coffee table and display an elegant floral arrangement. We love this Two Dozen Red Rose bouquet by

Little personalized touches help to make the party come together in a flash, and make your guests feel wanted and welcomed. We adore these Personalized Connoisseur Wine Glass by Personalization Universe that are completely customizable for your event. Make one for each guest at the party and set them out on the table or around the room as placeholders. This will help guide guests on where to sit during the show and makes it much easier to identify whose glass is whose. Instruct the guests that the glasses are theirs to keep as a reminder of the great night you shared.

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Floral Events & News

Real Love Stories from the Winners of the Empire State Building’s Valentine’s Day Wedding Contest

February 6, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a special day of love for many people, but when you’re one of the winners from the Empire State Building’s 24th Annual Valentine’s Day Wedding Contest Presented by Kleinfeld, it is that much more special.

Each year, a few lucky couples are invited to say “I do” on the top of the Empire State Building. With its spell-bounding views and larger-than-life ambiance, the iconic landmark is often labeled the World’s Most Romantic Building, making it the quintessential place to exchange Valentine’s Day vows in a memorable way.

Even though a magnificent wedding backdrop undoubtedly sets the scene for an unforgettable evening, it is the soon-to-be bride and groom that make the event truly magical. This year, 11 couples, each with a captivating love story, were chosen to celebrate their wedding on the world-famous 86th floor Observatory. These stories capture a true love that can only be found in fairytale books, so what better way to honor such a special bond than by making their wedding dreams come true! #WOWthatslove

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Birthday, Floral Occasions & Holidays

7 Funny & Inspiring Birthday Quotes to Share with Someone Special

January 12, 2018
mother and daughter reading card message

Creating a whimsical and awe-inspiring birthday message, especially for someone special, can be challenging! When ‘happy birthday’ or ‘best wishes’ just isn’t going to cut it, fill a birthday card with words of wisdom from some of the greatest leaders, poets and movie stars of all time. With wit, humor and candidness, these celebrity birthday quotes are sure to generate laughs, and inspire the birthday boy or girl for the year to come!mother and daughter reading card message Continue Reading…

Floral Events & News

Now Blooming: High & Magic Roses

August 19, 2017

Do you believe in magic? We do – and that’s why we’re introducing the High & Magic Rose as our Now Blooming flower this month! With bright yellow petals and bold burnt red-orange trim, this bi-colored bloom puts an enchanting twist on the classic rose. Its rare and radiant color combination features a hue that can only be compared to fierce flames or a hot summer sunset. Known for its sophistication and brilliance, this multi-colored rose is sure to leave you spellbound!

High and Magic Roses Continue Reading…

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

Birthday Cakes Redesigned: Introducing New Floral Cakes

July 31, 2017

For centuries, indulgent birthday cakes have served as a celebration staple. But, as the years go by, and sweet-toothed kids become health-conscious adults, birthday girls and boys begin to despise the treat they once adored. So, what if there was a guilt-free alternative that allowed you to have your cake, and not eat it too? Lucky for you offers the Birthday Wishes Flower Cake – a 3-D sculpture arrangement that embodies the essence of this traditional treat without the calories! Party-goers, feast your eyes on this innovative and guiltless take on a birthday favorite.

Flower Birthday Cake

Transforming Traditions

Just over 20 years ago, the flower cake we know and love was just a mere thought! At the time, had just introduced the Holiday Flower Tree®. As one of the first 3-D sculpture arrangements, this Christmas tree flower configuration revolutionized the way people thought about flower arrangements, and met immediate success. From that moment, flower specialists knew they were on to something. They began searching for other opportunities to bring classic symbols to life; this time, focusing on one that can be sold year round.

With careful thought, the company chose the birthday cake – after all, there’s hundreds of birthdays everyday! And, what better way to develop this flavorful floral design than with a competitive ‘bake-off?’ Member florists were invited to submit ideas and designs. Finally, a winner, who’s realistic floral layer cake looked good enough to eat, was chosen! Like its holiday predecessor, this arrangement received lots of praise and became a continuous favorite. Continue Reading…

Floral Events & News

Now Blooming: Double Bloom Lily

July 27, 2017
Double Bloom Lily

This month, as a part of our “Now Blooming” collection, we are proud to feature and sell the Double Bloom Roselily! With their fuller and fluffier petals, this limited edition double-flowered creation puts a modern twist on the traditional Oriental lily. As one of the most popular flowers across the globe, there is no doubt that the lily is fabulous! After all, the lily has been a revered symbol of purity, virtue and humility for centuries, and is a recognized staple for wedding, funeral and Easter occasions today. But, thanks to horticultural breeders, we are able to enjoy this flower even more! See why this new-and-improved take on a classic flower is so unique – and our new favorite – with these double bloom lily facts.

Double Bloom Lily

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