Take a minute to think about the people who are closest to you. Some will be members of your family, but we bet at least as many, if not more, are your dearest and truest friends.

Although you should never need a reason to celebrate your friendship with others (though some have adopted the tradition of the “friend-aversary”), each July or August, Friendship Day gives us the chance to truly honor our friends and let them know just how grateful we are to have them in our lives. How do you and your BFF(s) plan to celebrate this year?

Friendship Day with girlfriends driving in a car

Here are 10 of our favorite Friendship Day activities.

1. Make friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets have long been used to signify the connection between BFFs, so if you and yours don’t already have one, grab your supplies and get started! Our DIY guide for making friendship bracelets has everything you need to know about this worthwhile activity.

2. Go to the beach

If weather permits, grab your shades, pack a lunch, and throw on your best beach outfit. Then, head to a stretch of coastline to spend the day outdoors with your best pals!

3. Plan a dinner party

Have a bunch of friends you’d like to celebrate with? Plan a dinner party either at your favorite restaurant or someone’s home. If you choose to eat in, consider a potluck, where you ask each friend to bring their best dinner dish.

4. Host a movie or TV marathon

Missed last week’s episode of your favorite TV show? Or, is there a movie series you’ve been dying to see but haven’t had the time? If so, invite your best friend over, grab some snacks, fire up your streaming service of choice, and let the magic of the small screen sweep you two away.

5. Take a day trip

Some of the best tourist attractions are located right in your own backyard. Research some of the top things to do in your town (or neighboring communities) and make a day of it. Some ideas may include the aquarium, the zoo, a botanical garden, or a museum.

6. Get active

The best workout is the one done with a friend! Now, that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day in the gym; you can also head out on a bike ride, go rollerblading on the boardwalk, or go hiking on your favorite trail.

7. Volunteer

There’s no better feeling than giving back, and we bet it’ll feel even better when you do it with your BFF. Research some organizations in your area and see who could use a helping hand.

8. Visit a spa

Ahh, a little R&R time. Start the day with a manicure and/or pedicure, then treat yourselves to a massage — you deserve it! Or, create your own spa and enjoy your relaxation time right in the comfort of your or your friends’ home. All you need are the right lotions, candles, and some soaps!

9. Take a cooking class

If you want to become more handy in the kitchen, sign up for a cooking class. If you want to surprise your friend with his or her favorite treat, you could even tackle this activity alone before you get together to really get the celebration started.

10. Go shopping

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone! Head to your local mall, outlets, or shopping center and treat yourselves to those clothes and accessories you’ve been wanting to buy. And don’t forget to stop for lunch while you’re out!

In addition to planning activities that you can do to celebrate your friendship with your BFFs, you can also send them a gift or two. From flowers to chocolates, or an arrangement that says thank you for being you, we know that your best friends will absolutely love the gesture.

Friendship Day may only come once a year, but remember that every day is a good day to spend time with those that matter most to you. Don’t worry if you can’t get to all these activities in just 24 hours — you have 364 other days of the year to get them done!


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