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It seems like John Lennon was right when he said, “love is like a flower, give it time and it will grow.” Romance is a complex mixture of panic, excitement, and joy. And while you may feel as though love and affection are entirely up to you, there’s actually a lot of science going on behind the scenes that you may not even realize. Below are some fun facts about romance you may not have known.

Couple hugging from behind with a kiss

Do you believe in love at first sight?

According to researchers, it only takes four minutes to decide whether or not you like someone. Maybe that’s why we put so much stress on a first date! Hugging someone actually releases a chemical from your brain called oxytocin. When this hormone is released, it triggers feelings of intimacy and comfort.

Take a break to gaze into each other’s eyes

Have you ever wondered why couples are always being told to stare into each other’s eyes? When two people lock eyes, their heart rates actually synchronize. When this happens, you and your partner can also begin to breath and occasionally blink at the same rate — making you feel physically and mentally connected.

Couple staring into each others eyes

Can you really die from a broken heart?

It seems all too often you hear of couples dying within just a few days of each other, bearing the question – can you really die from a broken heart? The answer: potentially yes. The stress of losing someone you love can take a physical toll on your heart. This condition is also not as new as you may think. For over 150 years, researchers have investigated “broken heart syndrome.”

Opposites don’t usually attract

While the old adage “opposites attract” may have made for some great rom com’s, it turns out that’s not usually the case. The drama and excitement of being with someone totally different from you may be thrilling at first, but unfortunately that joy wears off quickly. In 2014, researchers Nathan Hudson and Chris Fraley discovered that couples who were more alike in personality, agreeableness and emotional stability were the most happy and stayed together longer than couples who were self-described “opposites.”

Why was your fourth finger declared the ‘ring finger?’

Ancient Greeks believed the fourth finger on your left hand contained the vena amoris, aka the “vein of love” – which connected directly from your finger to your heart. It’s also believed that the first wedding rings were exchanged in Ancient Egypt. The circular shape was meant to represent eternity, and the power of the sun and the moon.

Wedding Ring on Left Hand Ring Finger

There are plenty of fish in the sea

The average person will go out on 100 dates before they find the person they are going to marry. That’s a lot of first date outfits to plan!

From speed dating to online dating

Roughly every decade or two there starts a new dating trend. When speed dating became popular in the early 2000s, hundreds of thousands of singles signed up for sessions across the country. Fast forward to today and online dating is where it’s at. Of the nearly 100 million single men and women in the United States, 40 million have tried online dating, either through a website or dating app.

Couple about to kiss

Listen to your mom when she tells you to sit up straight

Ever heard that most communication is nonverbal? Well it looks like they (whoever “they” are) are right! More than 55% of women said their first impression of a man was based on his posture, confidence and hygiene.

Americans are throwing tradition to the wind

According to statistics, 91% of men on the site are comfortable with being asked out by a woman. The rules are also changing for who pays the bill. While traditionally it was the man who picked up the tab, recently more and more women are saying they don’t expect a man to pay for the meal.

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14, 2022!


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