The moms — and mother figures — in our lives are so pivotal, and while it’s important to let them know how much we love, care for, and appreciate them every day, Mother’s Day is the ultimate opportunity to remind them that they’re the best.

But not every mom is the same and, therefore, you want to treat each one like the unique snowflake she is — especially when it comes to gift giving.

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Whether it’s a candle they love or something from your childhood that’s nostalgic, a meaningful gift can be a real winner.

Jessica Lighter

Creative director, Celebration Stylist

These carefully curated Mother’s Day gift ideas are designed to steer you toward the perfect present for your mom’s personality, whether she’s stylish and sassy, a picky perfectionist, completely creative, or your all-time BFF.

“At the end of the day, no matter what type of celebration or gift idea you settle on, make sure Mom doesn’t lift a finger,” says Jessica Lighter, creative director at Celebration Stylist. “She deserves extra mimosas this year.”

In other words, spoil her.

Lighter encourages some out-of-the-box thinking on Mother’s Day.

Baskets come in handy,” she says. “I always do this for my mom — I create a basket full of things she loves.” She says to choose items that are sentimental or make you think of your mom. “Whether it’s a candle they love or something from your childhood that’s nostalgic, a meaningful gift like this can be a real winner,” she explains.

Here are 33 Mother’s Day gift ideas to get your creative gifting juices flowing.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the perfectionist mom

Is your mom a model of punctuality, the picture of ultimate put-togetherness, the envy of all her friends for how on top of everything she always is? Then you’ve got yourself a perfectionist mom.

If that’s the case, then she’ll probably love things that will keep her organized, such as tote bags, planners, jewelry boxes, and recipe boxes.

And sure, you want to make her something that comes straight for the heart, but her exacting standards can be tough to meet. That’s when you turn to the professionals. Send your mom a Mother’s Day Coffee and Cookies Gift Box, an Elegant Heart Wreath, or a Brunch Gift Box (because why make brunch when it could be delivered?).

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the stylish mom

Your mother is always on trend, from the decor in her home to the clothes she wears. She’s a stylish mom, and the gift (or gifts) you get her should match her sense of high fashion.

One idea for Mother’s Day is taking her on a shopping spree to her favorite store — funded by you and your family, of course. A subscription service is also an excellent choice. Whether it’s for home goods, fashionable apparel, or high-end luxury items, a regular refresher of chic must-haves will be the gift that keeps on giving.

There’s also nothing quite like a luxurious flower arrangement to let your mom know you care — the more exotic, the better. And roses, whether preserved or made of Waterford glass, are always a stylish choice, indeed.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the BFF mom

Your mom is your go-to gal. You call her several times a day just to chat, and she is the first person you talk to when something — good or bad — happens. She’s your BFF, and that means your Mother’s Day gift needs to have a sentimental feel to it.

One suggestion is a customized bracelet or another piece of jewelry. Another is to set up a stellar experience to share with her: Whether it’s indoor skydiving, a trip to the beach, a cooking class, or an epic camping adventure, your BFF mom will love it as long as you’re experiencing it with her.

And if your mom is anything like yours, we know she’ll enjoy indulging in some cheesecake bites and chocolate covered berries after your day of bonding. They’re the perfect way to end the perfect day with your best friend.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the creative mom

Your mom is always letting her imagination run wild. She’s got killer ideas and always pursues them on her own, and she isn’t afraid to express herself in a multitude of ways. In short, you have a creative mom, and for her you need gifts that make it easier for her to show her true colors to the world.

Whether you want to surprise Mom with an artistic addition — such as a paint-by-numbers set (now with wine!), crochet kit, new watercolors, or DIY project — or put together a celebration that speaks to her personality (a mimosa brunch bar, perhaps?), we encourage you to look outside the box for this present.

You can also buy her a list of supplies for a new project she’s been dying to try. Nothing says “I love you, my creative mother” like setting her up for success on her latest artistic endeavor.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home baker mom

The kitchen is your mom’s happy place. No matter the time of day, you’re likely to find her covered in flour, surrounded by mixers, bowls, and measuring cups, removing yet another perfect-looking (and, no doubt, tasting) treat from the oven. The woman lives to bake.

And while she probably has most of the tools she needs to make just about any bread, pie, or cake, we’re guessing she could use a few extra things to spice up her already impressive collection. Replace that tattered old apron with one adorned with the faces of Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. Get her a retro kitchen timer in the shape of a big, ol’ gobbler.

And for the Francophile, there’s a macaron baking kit. She’ll be whipping up these yummy — not to mention beautiful to look at — French delights in no time!

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the outdoorsy mom 

Your mom is one of those nature-loving people who’s always ready for the next outdoor adventure. Whether it’s hiking her favorite trails, spending a weekend camping by the lake, or going for a leisurely bike ride, she is someone who loves to stay active.

This Mother’s Day, equip her with the tools she needs to make every excursion last a little bit longer — like a personalized stainless steel and bamboo water bottle, custom camp mugs, or her very own monogrammed picnic blanket

You could also tap into her sentimental side with a gift that highlights her love for the outdoors, such as a national parks leather journal, a wild camping and glamping essentials bundle, or an “Adventure Is Out There” necklace

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the gardening mom

Your mom is always out tending to her garden. Whether she’s gently nurturing her finicky tomato plant or tucking in her flower beds before a big freeze, she’s got the greenest of green thumbs. 

Consider cute gifts to make her garden a little brighter, such as a garden birdfeeder or adorable outdoor flower pots. Bring a little pizzazz to her gardening routine with a personalized garden tote for her tools and supplies.  

A mini reminder of her favorite pastime is an especially thoughtful gift. Tiny indoor gardens she can tend to — such as the Enchanted Fairy Succulent Garden or Welcome Gnome Succulent Garden — will feed her passion during those months when the weather outside is frightful.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the wellness mom 

When it comes to health and fitness, your mom is all in. She can often be found listening to a podcast on healthy living, trying the latest exercise craze, or deciding which fruits to pop into her juicer.

In short? Wellness makes her world go around — and her Mother’s Day gift should reflect that. Upgrade her healthy food fixation with an H&D Fruit Subscription Box or monthly wild caught seafood subscription.

Bring a little sentimentality to her fitness kick with a personalized smartwatch photo charm; when she looks down to check her steps, she’ll see a photo of the two of you. Or, help her ensure she stays hydrated with a 64-ounce insulated water bottle that keeps her refreshed throughout the day.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the sentimental mom

Your mom loves an heirloom and anything nostalgic. She’s always excited to add a meaningful memento to her collection, is quick to shed a tear about sentimental moments, and never misses an opportunity to document memories that make her smile.

Keepsakes are a must for this kind of mom. Classic jewelry — such as a Pave Heart Necklace or 14k Gold Louise Lariat necklace — she can cherish and wear time and time again is sure to be adored forever. Another idea? An arrangement of magnificent roses in the shape of the word “Mom.” She’s sure to remember this indelible gift long after the flowers are gone (which can be up to a whole year after she gets them!).

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the Disney mom

Ever since she was a little girl, your mom has been a die-hard Disney fan. Still today, she’s always on the lookout for another Disney doodad to add to her ever-growing collection of memorabilia.

If sending her to the Magic Kingdom for the day isn’t on the table, opt for the next best thing — a not-so-Goofy Disney Mother’s Day gift that celebrates her love for the House of Mouse.

An a-DOG-able Disney Mickey Mouse bouquet in time for Mother’s Day is the ultimate gift for a Disney-loving mom. For a Disney gift that will satisfy her sweet tooth, consider the Mickey Mouse Celebration Cake & Berries bundle. (You can even add a Mickey Mouse plush to up the Mickey quotient!) Want to give her the best daily reminder of how much she’s loved? A Mickey Mouse & Friends Cookie Jar & Cookies will do the trick. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas for grandmothers 

Your grandmother deserves special recognition on this day, too. Whether she offered motherly support in more ways than one or is simply a person you admire and adore, your grandma should be included in the Mother’s Day festivities. 

Consider gifts that show her how appreciated she is, such as a Dear Grandmother Eternity Necklace, a symbol of your unending love for her. Another way to show your gratitude  — and that you’re thinking of her always — is with a gift box subscription of snacks, sweets, wine, or even flowers. That way, she’ll get a thoughtful reminder every month of just how much she means to you!


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