Moms are one of life’s greatest gifts who would probably cherish just about any present a loved one gave them for Mother’s Day. But we owe it to our moms to go the extra mile and find the type of gift that not only shows our love and appreciation for them but makes it clear we didn’t just close our eyes and grab something.

To help you put your thoughtfulness on full display, we recruited two mothers from two different generations (and who may just happen to be related to the author) to provide some valuable and caring insider advice on the type of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas the moms in your life would treasure, and remember always.

lindsay kids

Mom No. 1: Lindsay 

Lindsay, 43, has two children, a 14-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, and works in marketing and advertising. She is owner of a craft brewery taproom and enjoys listening to live country music with her husband. An experienced marathon runner, she is also a dog mom of two adventurous Goldendoodles.

1. Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

unique mothers day gift ideas Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

“This is so fun and a really sweet, unexpected gift idea. Look at that mini heart wreath and those little flowers in the window boxes! This would easily be the best birdhouse on our block. It’s so full of life and will remind me of my kids, and our family’s home, every time I see a bird visit it.”

2. My Pawfect Pet

unique mothers day gift ideas My Pawfect Pet

“I’ve always loved succulents because they look nice alongside anything, make perfect office decor, and are easy to keep alive — which is a must for me! But what makes this selection a real gem is the cute little dog planter. My daughter and I have such fun with our dogs, and the matching frame personalizes it even further.”

3. Pink Butterfly Ranunculus Bouquet

unique mothers day gift ideas Pink Butterfly Ranunculus Bouquet

“Being a rare flower sets it apart to begin with, and that apothecary jar is no normal vase. Plus, the story behind them in the details section — they were grown in Southern California under coastal sunshine — that’s some special stuff! I’d always be thinking of that when I looked at them.”

4. Magnificent Roses Preserved Vintage Rose Medley

unique mothers day gift ideas Magnificent Roses Preserved Vintage Rose Medley

“I’ve always been interested in preserved roses but wasn’t just going to go and buy them for myself. Given how long they last, you could even write a card about loving your mom forever, or maybe wanting her to enjoy the roses all year around, just like you enjoy her company.”

5. Spring Sunshine Hydrangea Bouquet

unique mothers day gift ideas Spring Sunshine Hydrangea Bouquet

“Another batch of uncommon flowers, this is a really impressive arrangement. I love the muted pinks and pops of yellow. The description says the Peruvian lilies arrive in bud form and bloom over a few days — it’s like a beautiful surprise gift that gives every day!”

6. Fleur de Chocolate Belgian Chocolate Roses – Classic Milk & White

unique mothers day gift ideas Belgian Chocolate Roses

“I’ve really never seen anything like this! The roses look so realistic, I’d almost feel bad eating them. That’s OK, I’ll just ration them out — I can’t resist white chocolate anything. And that gold hatbox will definitely be getting put to use again.”

7. A-Dog-Able in a Basket

unique mothers day gift ideas a DOG able in a Basket

“This is such an imaginative bouquet, so adorable, and reminds me of our Goldendoodles. The spring colors are perfect, and the simplicity of the wicker basket boosts the natural feel. I’d be showing this to all the dog parents who came over, while making sure to keep it well out of our real dogs’ reach!”

8. Candier scented candles

unique mothers day gift ideas who run the world moms candle

“So much more fun than your basic scented candles! The slogans and captions are really neat. ‘Who Run the World? Moms!’ is the obvious one, but because of the fun colors and mix-ins, I’d pick ‘Donut Worry, Be Happy’ and ‘Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday.’ (I do love me some 50 Cent!)”

9. Mother’s Day Blossom & Butterfly Surprise Box

unique mothers day gift ideas Mothers Day Blossom Butterfly Surprise Box

“This takes strawberry shortcake — which is my fave, by the way — to a whole new level. The ‘Flying Butterfly Surprise Flower Shower’ presentation they show here looks amazing! So cool. I would never forget this one, and my kids would have a ball watching me open this.”

Linda grandchildren

Mom No. 2: Linda

Linda, 75, has three children in their 40s and five grandchildren under 14. After a 35-year career as a high school English teacher, she enjoys family beach vacations on the Jersey Shore, personal fitness and aerobics, traveling with her husband, and walks in the park with their Golden Retriever, Buddy.

10. To My Precious Grandma Necklace

unique mothers day gift ideas To My Precious Grandma Necklace

“I love the symbolism of the circle of life in this necklace and how it represents the bonds between me, my daughter, and my grandchild. The rose gold ring edition strikes me as a bit more unique than the standard gold or silver; the glow reminds me of a heart.”

11. For Grandma Personalized Wind Chimes

unique mothers day gift ideas For Grandma Personalized Wind Chimes

“What a thoughtful addition to my garden! These wind chimes would be a permanent reminder of the special love between a grandma and her grandchild, and with such a pleasing sound, just like a child’s voice. They come with a stand as well, so they wouldn’t just be stuck in one tree, which is different from our current chimes.”

12. Honey Almond Leopard Spa Gift Set

unique mothers day gift ideas Honey Almond Leopard Spa Basket

“Moms and grandmas work double duty. We love it, but we do get tired, and this spa gift set is the perfect pampering present! I love the rich black-and-gold leopard print, and especially the travel mug with my own permanent straw.”

13. Fields of Europe for Spring with Strawberries

unique mothers day gift ideas Fields of Europe for Spring With Strawberries

“This flowers-and-candy combination solves the dilemma of which would I like more for Mother’s Day. And you can’t beat chocolate covered strawberries! The bouquet is really not like most; it’s based on the ones in European flower markets, which reminds me of visiting my grandparents in England as a child.”   

14. Family Connections Personalized Bracelet

unique mothers day gift ideas Family Connections Personalized Bracelet

“This is not just an elegant piece of jewelry — it’s a conversation starter! What proud mother or grandmother would pass up the opportunity to talk about her loved ones? I’m wearing this one at social functions so I can do that all night.”

15. Foldable Splatter Guard

unique mothers day gift ideas Foldable Splatter Guard

“It’s tough to cook some of my best recipes while keeping the oven top free of grease. Being able to lift this one side at a time is such a great idea! It makes a perfect present because I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself, but I certainly could use it.” 

16. Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

unique mothers day gift ideas Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

“I’m a fan of ice cream toppings just as much as ice cream flavors, and I’d enjoy using this to create new recipes with the whole family. I know the grandkids would come up with some interesting mix-in ideas! It would be such a fun activity to enjoy with them.”

17. You Are My Sunshine Brownie Box

unique mothers day gift ideas You Are My Sunshine Brownie Box

“Being the light of someone’s life is such a compliment, and the title of this gift was my favorite children’s song as a young mother. And those flavors! The kids can try a bite (except for the red velvet), but this is staying on the top shelf. The sun is so adorable, it’ll probably be the last thing to be eaten.” 

18. Aromatherapy Gift Set Lavender Meadows

unique mothers day gift ideas Aromatherapy Gift Set Lavender Meadows

Lavender is such a relaxing scent, and this is more than just candles and smells — all the purple makes for great spring decoration. And I could see myself displaying the lilacs from our garden in the heart jar.”


A former arts & culture writer for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's Pulitzer-winning Patriot News, Jonathan Rowe is a New York-based editorialist and cover writer for SPIN, Men's Fitness and WONDERLUST travel. He has crafted original content and news for Sony Music, Live Nation, Spotify and ESPN and works as a songwriter in conjunction with multiple Grammy winners.

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