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  1. Identify the Problem
    Wrapping your mind around whatever is getting you down will help you think about the problem in its entirety. When figuring out exactly what it is that is getting you in a rut, you’re more likely to resolve the issue!
  2. Breathe
    Get that oxygen flowing! Take a deep breath in and follow that with a cleansing exhale. Slow breathing goes hand in hand with tranquility and serenity, so regulating your breathing can help you to reach a state of relaxation. Having control over your breathing means you have a heightened ability to gain composure over your thoughts and emotions.

3. Occupy Your Mind
Whether it’s getting wrapped up in a book, cleaning your house, or watching a television show- try to redirect your thoughts. Distracting yourself with an activity will greatly help subside your emotions. Letting your feelings take a back seat can be incredibly beneficial in that you won’t act on impulses and that your negative thoughts and emotions won’t eat at you. 

4. Write Your Feelings Out
Paper is a great listener- having a blank page as your outlet allows you to say anything you feel! This is a great way to get your anger out as well as think whole-mindedly without hurting anyone’s feelings. If you get your emotions out into the two dimensional world, you’ve managed to have broken through the thick emotional barricade.

5. Exercise However You Like Best
Do a quick workout. Use your bad mood to fuel yourself for something constructive! Not only will you utilize those negative emotions for something good, but you will also get that adrenaline pumping, lifting your spirits!

6. Speak to Someone Who Understands You
Once your thoughts have been collected, speaking to someone close to you is a great way to vent. Someone who knows you well will be able to understand where your thoughts derive from, and help smooth out the situation best. Hearing what others have to say about the situation can open your eyes to a perspective you may have never thought about otherwise, allowing you to think thoroughly about the subject at hand.  

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7. Listen to Some of Your Favorite Music
Whatever it is you jam out to, blast your speakers! Listening to your favorite tunes can put anyone in a good mood. Sing your lungs out to your favorite song or dance the night away! These are both great ways to shake off that negativity and break you out of that bad mood. Remember, a bit of singing and dancing never hurt anybody!

8. Have Some Chocolate
Another secret to feeling good is hiding in your pantry, chocolate! Releasing chemicals and neurotransmitters, like endorphins and serotonin, this old remedy has been proven to chemically make you happier. From its satisfying sweetness and creamy texture to its chemical effects, you can’t seem to go wrong with this treat!

9. Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes
Whether you put yourself in the shoes of those less fortunate than you or in the shoes of the one you’re not happy with, a change of perspective is always a good thing. By seeing through another’s eyes, it helps you rationalize your problem as well as see where others may be coming from. There’s always another side to a story!

10. Smile!
Whatever it is that makes you smile, surround yourself by it. Simply thinking about what makes you happy is sure to bring a smile upon your face! It’s proven that physical behavior, such as facial expressions, influence mood, so remember to turn that frown upside down!


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