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Showing appreciation to a fellow human being is one of the kindest gestures you can make. Everyone, no matter where they’re from, should make a habit of expressing gratitude to others.

But sometimes we want to tell a person how much we appreciate what they’ve done for us but can’t because a language barrier stands in our way. If you find yourself in such a predicament, don’t lose hope: We’ve compiled a list of how to say thank you in 50 different languages from all over the globe.

So whether you’re in Paris, Port-au-Prince, or Prague, just consult this guide and you’ll be confident in telling someone how grateful you are for their kindness and generosity.

Thank you in 50 international languages

  1. Afrikaans: Dankie
  2. Arabic: Shoukran
  3. Armenian: Shnorhakalutiun
  4. Bengali: Dhannyabad
  5. Bulgarian: Blagodariya
  6. Cambodian: Orkun
  7. Chinese, Cantonese: Do jeh
  8. Chinese, Mandarin: Xie xie
  9. Croatian: Hvala
  10. Czech: Dekuju
  11. Danish: Tak
  12. Fijian: Vinaka
  13. Finnish: Kiitos
  14. French: merci
  15. Gaelic: Go raibh maith agat
  16. German: Danke
  17. Greek: Efharisto
  18. Haitian: Mèsi
  19. Hebrew: Toda
  20. Hindi: Shoukriah [or] Dhanya wad
  21. Icelandic: Takk
  22. Indonesian: Terima kasih
  23. Irish (Northern): Nice one bro’r or Cheers mucker
  24. Italian: Grazie
  25. Japanese: Arigato
  1. Korean: Kamsa hamnida
  2. Latin: Gratias ago
  3. Latvian: Paldies
  4. Lithuanian: Attyu
  5. Laotian: Kob chie
  6. Malay: Terima kasih
  7. Maltese: Grazzi
  8. Maori: Kiaora koe
  9. Norwegian: Takk
  10. Persian: Mamnun
  11. Polish: Dziekuje
  12. Portuguese: Obrigado
  13. Romanian: Multsumesc
  14. Russian: Spasibo
  15. Slovakian: Dakujem
  16. Somali: Mahadsanid
  17. Spanish: Gracias
  18. Swahili: Ahsante
  19. Swedish: Tack
  20. Thai: Kabkoon krup (if you are male), Kabkoon ka (if you are female)
  21. Turkish: Teshekur ederim
  22. Uzbek: Rahmat
  23. Vietnamese: Cam on
  24. Welsh: Diolch yn fawr
  25. Zulu: Ngiyabonga

Thank you gifts

Of course, getting a gift is another great way to express thanks. Here are some fantastic gift options to show someone how much you appreciate them.

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