Father’s Day is a day to honor your father for all he has done and all his hard work in providing for you. Reverse the roles this Father’s Day and cater to your dad with a warm, delicious breakfast in bed! Make dad feel special, loved, and most importantly- full with yummy food! And the best part is, even if you are not a skilled cook, it is easy to make these classic breakfast favorites! Make sure to make it a whole family affair- mom and kids both cooking together!

Dad’s Favorites Should be the Center of the Meal

For the main dish, you should decide whether your dad is in the mood for a sweet or a rich breakfast.

If dad has a sweet tooth, pancakes are sure to hit the spot. Make them special by adding in chopped bananas, nuts, berries or chocolate chips into the pancake batter. If you decide to go the French toast route, you can spice it up a bit by using artisan French bread with added cinnamon.  Another trick to turn ordinary bread into a fancy meal is to add a little bit of orange or vanilla extract to the egg wash. Raisin bread is another option to try!

Side Dishes

Pair your savory dishes with sweet treats and your sweet main course with rib-sticking sides. If you chose to make eggs as the main meal, you might want to choose a sweet bread item as a supplement.  Muffins come in so many varieties, there is sure to be one that dad craves. Scones are also a superb option. For the bakers out there, muffins and scones are easy to make yourself and will add love to the meal! Make a day out of it the night before with the kids and mix the batter together.  However, don’t be afraid to purchase them pre-made if you aren’t a very good cook or just don’t have the time- dad will enjoy them either way!  If the main dish is sweet, go for a savory side dish such as sausage links or men’s favorite…bacon. For either sweet or savory, you can never go wrong with fresh fruit. Try grapefruit, strawberries, melons, or oranges. For the more bitter fruit like grapefruit and strawberries, sprinkle a little sugar on top!

Creative Breakfast Drinks For Dad

Don’t take the ordinary route with drinks this Father’s day. Today is the day to drink outside the box!

*If your dad loves coffee, don’t use the same bland, ordinary coffee he has in the morning. Try some flavored coffee such as vanilla or hazelnut. French press coffee will make him feel like a hundred bucks! Also, consider adding flavored milks or creams like International Delight instead of regular half and half or milk.
*If your dad loves tea, you can get a fancy flavor of tea from Teavana. For a cold refreshing tea, just add ice cubes!
*If your dad loves juice, prepare him a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or blend up a couple of his favorite fruits to make a delicious fruit smoothie!

A Breakfast Display Fit For a King

Finally, a thoughtful display and presentation of your home cooked, delicious breakfast will be sure to make dad feel like king. If you don’t have one already, purchasing a breakfast tray will be a nice touch to this meal. It will keep the bed free of crumbs and present the meal in a nice, easy, and classy way. Use your fancy plate-ware and make sure to put a place mat under the dishes on the tray to spruce it up. To be extra fancy, use linen napkins and a vase of  flowers on the side. For an added bonus, include adorable cards or drawings from the kids and shower dad in pictures when you arrive with the tray.

Parting Advice: don’t forget to clean up! And mom, don’t let it be just you. Have the kids help in the clean up effort as well!

Make dad feel like the luckiest man in the world this Father’s Day!


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