Just as the last icicles of winter are melting away, the month of March comes into play, tearing down the last of remnants of the winter season and replacing it with the seedlings of spring.

The beauty of this landscape makes for the perfect background for a celebration of life and birth! Read up on March birthday fun facts and history and make this year extra special with the perfect March birthday gift.

March Birthday Fun Facts

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine March Birstone

Like the month itself, the March birthstone is a mixture of two opposing forces – calmly cool yet wildly bright like its name’s meaning, “water of the sea” suggests. Found in varying shades of blue, this hypnotizing stone has been a subject of awe and mysticism for centuries. Both the Romans and the Greeks believed wearing the aquamarine would help ensure a sailor’s safety across the restless seas. Additionally, they believed this stone would help protect soldiers and give them in upper hand in combat.

During the Middle Ages, the aquamarine was believed to have magical properties, such as the ability to rekindle the flame in a couple’s relationship. It became a popular material for crystal balls, which was used for fortune telling and mystical rituals such as weather manipulation.

Although a majority of the world’s aquamarine supply comes from Brazil, this stone can also be found in the Middle East, Mexico, Africa, Russia and parts of the United States.

March Birth Flower: Daffodil or Jonquil

The Daffodil is a bright yellow bloom with an intoxicating sweet scent that will awaken all the senses. This dainty flower belongs to the Narcissus genus along with the Jonquil and Buttercup, and traditionally represents a desire for requited loved, making those born under this flower romantic and generous. While there are some differences between a Daffodil and  Jonquil, they are both considered the March birth flower. This flower has even made its way into royal hearts; It is rumored that Queen Anne established the Kensington Palace Gardens so she can show off her love for the beautiful Jonquil.


March Zodiac Signs: Pisces and Aries

Those born under March fall under two signs of the zodiac – Pisces (February 19-March 20) and Aries (March 21- April 19). Pisces the Fish is the last sign of the zodiac, with those born under this sign typically being reserved, spiritual, and extremely creative. Those born on the ten last days of the month fall under Aries the Ram are generally born leaders and enthusiastic about new projects and opportunities. They value a balance of work and play, so the Aries recipient may love a gift that is practical yet fun.

March Birthday Gift Ideas:

Take inspiration from the March Birth flower, stone, and zodiac when choosing the perfect gift for your recipient.


Both Pisces and Aries born giftees will love this Seeds of Life ™ Tree Kit! Pisces will appreciate the connection with earth that comes with watching a seed turn into lively plant, and Aries will love the balance of planting fun with the responsibility of aiding in nature’s beauty.

Send March babies their birth flower, the Daffodil! This Daffodil plant that can be placed in the home or added to the garden to grow all spring!



Beautiful, fun, and nature-friendly, the Happy Birthday Garden is the perfect gift for those born in the last month of winter and first month of spring.


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