Intuitive, loyal, and emotionally intelligent, Cancers often care more about the thought and effort put into a gift than the gift itself. And that, says Lisa Stardust, a New York City-based astrologist and bestselling author, means you should go the extra mile when shopping for a birthday present for them.

What to know about Cancer signs

Cancer (June 22–July 22) is the fourth sign on the zodiac, following the air sign Gemini. Being a cardinal sign, Cancer marks the start of a new season, in this case summer. Cardinal signs are known for being go-getters and trendsetters, and are often called the “initiators” of the zodiac, Stardust says.

“Cancer season is a time where we’re really embracing our emotions, like Cancers do,” Stardust says. “The days are longer, the sun is heating up, and we’re busy setting new intentions to make things happen.”

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Like most water signs, Cancers are highly sensitive souls. Stardust says Cancers often display a strong connectivity, emotional depth, and connection to nostalgia and sentimentality.

Because of those qualities, Cancers tend to make loyal and true-to-the-end friends.

“They’ll defend you even if they don’t agree with you,” Stardust says. “They’re nurturing, a great shoulder to cry on, and always ready to fight your battles. They’re tough but tenderhearted.”

Cancers are also ruled by the moon, and that has a direct influence on their mood.

“The hearts and minds of Cancers change with the signs and phases of the moon,” Stardust says, “which means they can be quirky, sometimes neurotic, and definitely changeable.”

Best birthday gifts for Cancer signs

As they continually seek deep connections with others, Cancers tend to take on a lot of external stressors, which can make them anxious and overwhelmed. Gifting a Cancer things like weighted blanketsrelaxing bath productshealing essential oils, or soothing candles is a great way to help them unwind.

To a Cancer, the saying is true: It’s the thought that counts. These folks will always appreciate a special keepsake or personalized gift — perhaps with an added happy birthday video montage — over a more luxurious or expensive option because it shows the gift-giver gave thoughtful consideration to what the recipient would like.

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Go-to birthday gifts for Cancer signs

If you have a close friend or family member who is a Cancer, you know how deeply they care for you. Show them you feel the same way about them with these birthday gift ideas for the Cancer in your life.

Something that grows

Flowers or plants are a good birthday gift for most any zodiac sign. Stardust recommends white roses or lilies, or something white or light gray, to reflect the moon’s influence on them.

birthday gifts for cancer with white lilies

Unlike some other signs, Cancers are up for taking care of plants that require more maintenance. These include fiddle-leaf figs and orchids, the 2023 Flower of the Year.

“Cancers love to nurture, care for, and even talk to their plants,” Stardust says.

Something to cook or bake with

Gifting caretaking Cancers presents they can use to cook up something tasty for their loved ones is always a great option, Stardust says. For those who enjoy showing off their grilling skills, consider a selection of high-quality proteins, such as chicken breastssteaks, or seafood…or a combination of all three.

You could also add a little spice to their life, with a gourmet salt collection or maple bacon rub, or give them the tools they need to make meal prep easier, with cutting boardsbakeware, or recipe boxes.

Something nostalgic

“The moon is representative of our memories and how we all relate to them,” Stardust says.

And knowing what we know about Cancers, that means collectibles and sentimental items like photo albums, picture frames, scrapbooks, or board games that take them back to their youth will go over well.

Something for the beach or pool

Like a classic water sign, a Cancer adores spending time beachside, poolside, or even bath-side. In other words, if water is involved, they’re in.

Stardust suggests monogrammed beach towelssun shadesbeach umbrellas, portable speakers, coolers, and beach bags so Cancers can enjoy themselves in and around the water as they were meant to.

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