Here at the 1800Flowers headquarters, Mother’s Day is the biggest celebration of the year! To honor the talented mamas who help make up our great team, we’d like you to meet our 1800Flowers moms. Find out why being a mom makes them smile … and what flowers they’re looking forward to receiving this Mother’s Day!

Kathleen Stromstedt - 1800Flowers Creative Copy Manager

Meet Kathleen Stromstedt

Creative Copy Manager

Kathleen, who’s in charge of making sure all 1800Flowers messaging reflects our brand’s voice, has a beautiful 1-year-old daughter who brightens up the whole family with her sweet personality.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “Nothing makes me smile more than coming home after a long day at work and seeing my sweet little Charlotte smiling up at me. It’s the little moments that mean the most—singing and dancing along with Sesame Street in the morning as she claps and laughs along; rocking her to sleep at night with her favorite blankie. Even if I’m having the worst day, all I have to do is think about those special times we share together and I can’t help but smile.”

a-DOG-able Mama Paws

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: a-DOG-able Mama Paws
“What mom wouldn’t love being surprised with such a truly original gift? From the handcrafted white carnations and cute little button nose and eyes to the mini purple tote (my favorite color!) and Mom Rules magnet, this sweet flower pup is the perfect way to make me smile on Mother’s Day!”

Chandra Savage - 1800Flowers Creative Production Coordinator

Meet Chandra Savage

Creative Production Coordinator

A dynamic member of the 1800Flowers family for the past seven years, Chandra is also a mom to a sweet teenage daughter who loves treating Mom to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “When my daughter says ‘Can you spend time with me,’ it makes me smile. I have a teenager and they rarely say that. I told my daughter the other day that she is Super Smart and Crazy Beautiful. I do not know too many kids that teach themselves another language by the time they reach Intermediate School.”

Exotic Breeze Orchids

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Exotic Breeze Orchids
“Bling and blooms is the only way to go for Mother’s Day!”

Patty Gormley - 1800Flowers Vice President of Website Marketing

Meet Patty Gormley

Vice President of Website Marketing

Always looking for new ways to make the best it can be, Patty is also the proud mom of 14-year-old Jackson, who loves dance, music and theater; 12-year old Liam, who plays travel hockey and is a sports fanatic; and little 3-year-old Emma, who loves to read, draw, dance, and play knee hockey with her brothers.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “My kids make me very proud. They are good-hearted kids with kind and generous souls who work (and play) really hard. It makes me smile when others see that in my children and say as much.”

Sweet Sentiments

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Sweet Sentiments
“I love the modern feel and simplicity of the arrangement, and I think the name truly fits this gift. It is a sweet and thoughtful statement of love and gratitude, and one that I would be very happy to give or receive.”

Cindy  Wang - Senior Manager of Web Analytics

Meet Cindy Wang

Senior Manager of Web Analytics

Cindy has been delivering smiles to 1800Flowers customers through her insights and research for 1 ½ years. Her vibrant and intelligent 7-year-old son, Adam, is what makes her beam with joy every day as a mom.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “I am proud to be my son’s mother. He tells me that all he wants is ‘to make Mom smile,’ which to me is the greatest gift in the world! I also enjoy the focus that has come into my life while I grow as a mother and a role model.”

Mom's Fanciful Tulips and Iris Bouquet

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Mom’s Fanciful Tulip and Iris Bouquet
“I love the delicateness of the iris, the peek of yellow that complements the beautiful purple coloring of the flower. This product also has complementary colored flowers that really make this bouquet pop.”

Maureen Paradine - Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Meet Maureen Paradine

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

A valued team member for the past 8 years, Maureen doesn’t just help make the 1800Flowers office a great place to work; she also loves creating special memories with her 14-year-old son and 13-year old daughter.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “I smile when I see my son and daughter show compassion towards others. I love spending the day with my mother and daughter.”

Fields of Europe for Mom

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Fields of Europe for Mom
My favorite Mother’s Day memory is delivering flowers with my mother and daughter a couple of years ago. We did it 2 years in a row and my mom and daughter miss that short-lived tradition.


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