We know that every year you SAY you’re going to plan Valentine’s Day early (or maybe you’re a really honest person), but it rarely ever happens. So this year, make it your New Years resolution to get your gifting out of the way and you can get back to the game! Who wants to spend football Sunday worrying about which flowers to buy, anyway? If you need a little extra motivation, here are 5 reasons you should order your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts ASAP:

 Get The Best Deals

Just like Black Friday has the best deals for Christmas a few weeks in advance, you can also find the best deals on Valentine’s Day flowers & gifts if you plan ahead. According to the Society of American Florists (SAF), 44% of florists provided early-order incentives last year, which means there are plenty of reasons not to wait till the last minute. You can save up to 40% on our Valentine’s collection here!

Keep Your Options Open

Shopping early also means having the largest selection of items before things sell out. So especially if you’re looking for a more unique gift, make sure you order early! In addition, some gifts take longer than others to ship (I.e. personalized gifts, like a personalized teddy bear with their name on it) so getting your order in early will ensure that it arrives in time.

Get Back to the Game

Don’t be that guy who remembers Valentine’s Day during the big game and rushes to buy a gift the weekend before. Order your flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and all those goodies that your S.O. will swoon over, and then relax knowing that it’s all out of the way. As an added bonus, you can even brag to your friends about how you’re all finished shopping while they’re still stressing!

No More Rushing

While same day flower delivery is always an option, ordering early gives you time to find the perfect gift and gives you more time to plan & enjoy your day or night together. We know that there are a lot of decisions to be made from what type of flower to get to which type of chocolates she likes, so give yourself lots of time to subtly find answers to those questions (because bonus points if you don’t ask flat-out).

Everyone Else is Doing It

Per NRF $1.9 billion was spent on flowers for Valentine’s Day last year, and according to SAF, 78% of orders came in before February 14th. So why limit the holiday to just one day? Schedule the flowers to be delivered early – before the holiday. This will give the flowers time to really bloom (especially flowers that arrive in bud form), become more fragrant, and significant others will be able to enjoy them at the peak of freshness on the actual holiday.


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