Rainy weather on Valentine’s Day can dampen your outdoor plans… but have no fear, all hope is not lost! With these rainy day date ideas, having a Valentine’s Day indoors with your special someone is going to be just as much fun… or even more fun! After all, it’s about the company, right? 😉

Rainy day date ideas with a couple underneath a jacket hiding from rain.

Go to the Movies

Let’s face it, with all of the awesome streaming available these days, going to the movies is a treat! Movie selection matters so try to pick someone you think you both with enjoy. Movie snacks matter too obviously, so make sure you get their favorites to show how well you know her (or him). Obviously if it’s monsooning, you’ll want to take the movie indoors, which leads us to our next rainy day date idea..

“Netflix” and Chill

Okay, we used Netflix because we wanted this to sound catchy, but really we mean any streaming network with a movie or series you’d like to watch. We know binge-watching a new series is a favorite pastime of many, but it’s also a great rainy day date idea! Start a new series with your date and plan to watch it together from then on! Get our list of top movies & series to stream this Valentine’s Day on our blog post, here!

Have Some Good, Old-Fashioned Fun

What better time than a rainy day to bring out the board games! It may seem old school, but it can be a great way to make staying in a whole lot of fun. Pro Tip: Turn off the lights and play by candlelight!

Make the Morning Special with Surprise Breakfast in Bed

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on your significant others’ face. Whip up some pancakes or french toast and surprise them with breakfast in bed to make the gloomy day a little bit brighter!

Rainy day date ideas with a couple enjoying breakfast in bed.

Support Your Favorite Sports Team Together (Indoors Obviously)

Is there a sport you both enjoy watching? Then, go to an game together and cheer on your favorite team! Of course, you’ll want this to be an indoor sport like basketball or hockey. Make sure you buy some snacks and drinks to get the full game experience. If you can’t get to a game, or you’re trying to save money, watching at home works, too!

Bowling: A Date You Won’t Strike Out On

Going bowling with your date can be an awesome way to spend time together indoors. Make a silly bet and see who winds up winning the most games, or create your own rules like making every spare or strike an extra hug or kiss!

Share Some Laughs Together at a Comedy Show

Everyone needs a laugh every once in a while, and a comedy show is a great way to get those laughs in while having an awesome indoor date! If you can’t find a comedy club in your area, there are plenty of funny movies to rent or comedy skits on TV.

Dance in the Rain Together

Get on your rain boots and splash in some puddles like you did as a kid – don’t be afraid to look silly! Plus, kissing in the rain is romantic, right? Come on, you’ve seen The Notebook!

Go Beer Tasting

Now’s the time to take advantage of the multitude of indoor breweries that are open! Enjoy a nice, cold beer while at the same time staying warm and dry inside. Many breweries come equipped with board games, darts, corn hole and more, so scope the place out before you choose which one to go to!

Rainy day date ideas with a flight of beer on a table.

Get Adventurous With Indoor Activities

Even though it’s raining, you can get the same excitement from an outdoor activity without getting wet from the bad weather! There are many indoor rock climbing facilities or go-kart tracks where you can go for some thrills.

Bring the Picnic Inside

You don’t need to be outdoors to have a romantic picnic! Turn your living room into a picnic area with blankets, food & drinks of your choosing. Make sure you pack everything up in a picnic basket for the full effect; walking into the kitchen will kill the mood!

Enjoy a Play (Local or Not!)

For a cute & fun indoor date idea, go see a play or a show together! There are plenty of local shows all year round, or make a day out of it and grab some dinner, too.

Test Out a New Recipe for a Romantic Dinner

Cooking together can make for quite a romantic evening. Skip going out to a fancy dinner and make your favorite meal together. You may just find your new favorite dish! Don’t forget flowers for the table, the dessert, and some candlelight.

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

Karaoke is always a fun way to spend time indoors and sing like no one is watching… except your bae! Whether you and your date are a musical couple or not, this activity guarantees tons of fun & laughs.

Rainy day date ideas with a couple singing karaoke.

Have a Boozy Brunch

What’s better than delicious breakfast food & some mimosas or bloody marys?! There are lots of cute breakfast places around, and many come with unlimited drinks!

Go on a Mini Vacation

Sometimes getting away for a night or two is all you need to keep the spark going! Book a hotel room and have some alone time with your special someone. Make it extra special by making it a technology-free trip (ok, pictures are still acceptable).

Warm Up Over Coffee or Hot Chocolate

For a nice relaxing indoor activity, head to a local coffee shop. Stay warm & dry, share great stories, and learn more about each other while bonding over some delicious drinks. Bonus points for telling your sweetie some corny puns like “I love you a latte!”

Rainy day date ideas with two cups of coffee and two hands touching on a table.

Have Some Friendly Competition Over Video Games

You don’t have to leave the bed or couch for this activity! Play some video games together and let the competitive spirit out while being in the comfort of your bedroom or living room.

Turn your Home into a Peaceful Spa

Having an at-home spa day with your special someone guarantees romance! Get some therapeutic oils and give each other massages, light some candles, add some zen flowers or plants, and make yourselves a calm and relaxing bubble bath.


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