Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that take a backseat to life, playing in the background versus taking a front seat. That’s why live plants and dish gardens make such great gifts – they’re stunning, add a breath of fresh air to the room and play a subtle yet important part in one’s every day lives. A plant placed on one’s work desk brightens their mood and day in a subtle way on a daily basis, while a flower or plant showcased in one’s living room makes for a much livelier atmosphere.

If you know someone who fancies themselves a wine aficionado or simply loves the sophistication of a classic bottle of red or white, surprise them with a lucky bamboo plant showcased in a chic wine glass!

Since we’re a big fan of personalized gifts, we put a personal touch on this gift by writing a surprise message on the inside of the glass with permanent marker. This step is optional.

The best part? Thank to the bamboo plant’s low maintenance nature, even someone with a brown thumb can appreciate this creative idea!

Supplies for DIY Wine Glass Gift Idea

Empty wine glass
Bamboo plant
Colored permanent marker (optional)

Directions for DIY Wine Glass Gift Ideas

Fill your glass about 1/3 way with pebbles. Take your bamboo plant and insert it into the center of the glass, slowly digging through the pebbles until you reach the bottom to secure.


Fill with pebbles the rest of the way, leaving a bit of space at the top of aesthetic reasons.


Final Result:


Optional Step for Personalized Message:

This step is optional; to be done before filling the glass with pebbles. If you are writing a personal message, first write it on the outside of the glass. Then, use your marker to trace the message on the inside of the glass. The reason for tracing is because if you write it directly on the inside, it will show up backwards. Use an alcohol wipe to erase the message from the outside of the glass and you will be left off with your image perfectly written on the inside.


Final result with personalization.


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