From tulips to chrysanthemums, our series “The Language of Flowers” explores everything from fresh flower care tips to flower symbolism and meaning. This article explores flowers that are naturally green.

The color green represents growth, harmony, and balance. A reoccurring hue in nature, this calming color is commonly associated with spring and growth. From the tiniest blades of grass to stunning green flowers, this versatile color has flooded the earth in shades that vary in color, not beauty.

Here are several types of green flowers that can be found in nature – use them for your St. Patrick’s Day decorations, spring-themed centerpieces, or even for wedding flowers.

Types of Green Flowers

Button Flower

Photo of button flowers, a naturally green flower

The green button pom flower, sometimes referred to as the Yoko Ono pom is a green variety of chrysanthemums that sports a bright color and unique shape. This fragrant flower is sure to add a touch of energy and fun to any room or arrangement.

Anastasia Spider Mum

A fresh, vivid green spider mum flower and foliage against a white background

With its one-of-a-kind look, the green spider mum is sure to turn any floral arrangement into a show stopper. Just like its namesake, this green flower will send chills up your spine.

Bells of Ireland

Photo of a popular naturally green flower, the Bells of Ireland.

Cultivated since the 1500s, this flower variety is a stunning addition to any bouquet or garden. Although these green flowers originated in Turkey, the combination of color and its association with luck led to the Irish-inspired nickname.

Green Cymbidium Orchid

The naturally green Cymbidium orchid blooms in a botanic garden

This decorative plant blooms from spring to fall, producing beautiful lime green flowers for the perfect contrasting touch to your garden. Orchids make for the perfect addition to a centerpiece or corsage.

“Green Star” Gladiolus

Photo of many delicate vivid green pistachio Gladiolus flowers in full bloom in a garden in a sunny summer day.

Uniquely colored with petals blooming along a tall stem, this green gladiolus flower is slowly regaining popularity and popping up in gardens across the world. Plant in early spring for the most impressive blooms.


Group of fresh white and green Anthurium lily or flamingo lily flowers blooming in flower garden

One of the most popular tropical plants, the anthurium plant blooms into a stunning flower with unique heart-shaped petals.

Stinking Hellebore

From scarlet red to hot pink, gerberas are the colorful relation of the daisy. Green gerbera daisies are an unexpected shade in the daisy color wheel and look great on their own or in mixed arrangements. The flowers have lasting appeal, as they can remain healthy for up to two weeks.

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