Whether you truly live your life based on the stars and the moon, or you just enjoy reading your horoscope from time-to-time — we all find some fun in knowing our zodiac sign. But have you ever heard of birth flowers? As you may have guessed from the name, your birth flower is the flower associated with your birth month — a “floral zodiac,” if you will.

Whether your meaning is spot-on, or completely off, there’s no denying that knowing someone’s birth flower makes for a beautiful and personal gift the next time their birthday rolls around!


Birth flower: Carnation

Carnations aren’t just the January birth flower, they’re also the official Mother’s Day flower. Because of this, women born in January are said to be very nurturing, kind, and motherly.


Birth flower: Violet and Primrose

Years ago, men would give violets to women as a way of signifying that they would “always be there if needed.” While people would give primrose to someone they wanted to “woo” as a way of saying they can’t live without them. So all in all, people born in February tend to be very loyal and faithful!



Birth flower: Daffodil

While March may be a bit early to officially be Spring, daffodils have become highly synonymous with Spring and rebirth, meaning those of you born in March are great at adapting to new situations. And since a Daffodil’s botanic name is narcissus, March babies tend to be very confident!



Birth flower: Daisy and Sweet Pea

As you can probably tell from the names of these flowers, April babies are innocent and pure. But don’t let their sweet sentiment fool you, because they’re also fiercely loyal. Between friends, a daisy means, “I’ll never tell,” or “your secret is safe with me.”

Yellow and White Daisies


Birth flower: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

It’s of little surprise that the lily of the valley is May’s flower, since its botanical name, “majalis” actually means “of or belonging to May.” During times of great happiness or celebrations, people tend to gift lily of the valley and hawthorns — meaning May babies tend to be extremely happy, have bubbly personalities, and love a good party!


Birth flower: Rose

No flower in history has been as synonymous with love as the rose. So you can believe that June babies have a lot of love to give!

Red Roses


Birth flower: Larkspur and Water Lily

Larkspur can grow as tall as four feet, while water lily is known for its vibrant colors and elegant petals. These two head-turning flowers perfectly symbolize July babies’ love of attention and all things grandeur.


Birth flower: Gladiolus

Named from the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword, people born in August are known for their strength and integrity. But they’re not all strong and tough. August babies also tend to be in love with love, since the gladiolus’ sword-like shape used to mean that the giver’s heart had been “pierced with passion” by the receiver.


Birth flower: Aster and Morning Glory

Derived from the Greek word “star,” September babies love to perform and feel at home on the stage. Burning aster leaves was also once used to drive away evil spirits, so people with August birthdays are prone to good luck.

Purple Aster


Birth flower: Marigold

The sun may be setting earlier in October, but the sunny personality of October babies is always shining. This fiery flower might be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in personality and color.


Birth flower: Chrysanthemum

In Chinese and Japanese cultures, chrysanthemums are a powerful symbol of youth. So no matter what their age really is, November babies are forever young at heart!



Birth flower: Holly

Years ago, people would plant holly in their yard to protect their homes from lightning. After a few years, and a couple of unfortunate lightning strikes, it was discovered that holly couldn’t actually prevent lightning strikes — but that didn’t affect its reputation as a protective flower that brings domestic happiness. For that reason, December babies are known for their protective nature and homebody personality.

Red Holly Berries

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