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Mixed Flower Bouquets

Elegant mixed flower bouquets are appropriate for all your gift giving needs! Our bouquet​s​ are also a delightful way to brighten up your own home for a party or special occasion. Our mixed arrangements are expertly designed and may be available for same-day flower delivery from a local florist. You'll find ​a ​bouquet​ of flowers​ in a variety of themes and colors to suit your recipient perfectly.

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    Bouquet of Flowers: Achieving the Perfect Mix

    Mixed flower bouquets are a great way to enhance both visual and aromatic appeal of your floral gift. To create the perfect mixed flower bouquet, consider color first. If you're choosing a red rose, opt for white or pink complementary flowers. Purples and pinks made good combinations, while yellows and oranges go well with greenery and foliage. The most versatile flowers for bouquets are typically roses, lilies and daisies.

    Popular Bouquet Flowers & Their Meanings

    Every flower bouquet has its own meaning. Some convey warmth and friendship, while others are more romantic in nature. Here are some of our most popular bouquet flowers, as well as their meanings:

    Red Rose & Calla Lily – This is a romantic bouquet of flower, meaning it's ideal for a date, anniversary or special occasion with someone you love. A popular choice for Valentine's Day! Roses, Daisies & Greenery – Sweet and subtle, this mixed flower bouquet shows adoration and gratitude. A gift that's ideal for Mother's Day or for a sympathetic occasion. Roses, Lilies & Sunflowers - The perfect housewarming gift, this bouquet is happy, welcoming and warm. Roses, Daisies & Carnations – Great for a sister or friend, this lovely combination offers support and compassion when needed.

    How to Preserve a Bouquet of Flowers

    When you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you may want to preserve them as long as possible- especially if they have a significant meaning like a wedding bouquet. There are a few different ways you can preserve flowers: dried flowers, wax flowers, & pressed flowers.

    How to Dry Flowers

    You can dry a bouquet by tying a string around the stems and hanging them upside-down in a dry area for about two weeks. This method is one of the best ways to preserve the structure of the flowers.

    How to Make Pressed Flowers

    You can press flowers using a book (takes a few weeks) or using a microwave (takes a few minutes). Get the full step-by-step instructions on how to make pressed flowers on our blog.

    Pressed Flowers in a Book:

    1. For the first method, gather a few heavy books, line the middle of the book with some sheets of paper and put your flowers inside.
    2. Put 1 or 2 heavy books on top to press the flowers down.
    3. Change out the paper every week or so to dry out the flower as quickly as possible.

    Pressed Flowers in the Microwave:

    1. For the microwave method, put your flower in-between two coffee filters and put the coffee filter/flower sandwich in-between two ceramic plates.
    2. Microwave for one minute intervals, changing out the coffee filters each time until the flower is dried out.

    How to Preserve Flowers Using Wax

    Preserving flowers with wax is an easy method that will keep your flowers looking beautiful for months. It's best to use this method when the flower is in full bloom to preserve them that way. You'll also want to make sure your wax (we recommend soy wax) is the perfect temperature so that it doesn't destroy your flowers. Our lifestyle & floral expert Julie Mulligan gives you the details on how to create your own wax flowers on our blog.

    Here's the summary:

    1. Cut the flowers 8-10" long.
    2. Melt the wax to 100 degrees. Soy wax works well due to its low melting point.
    3. Dip the flower blooms. See our full article for tips on keeping the wax from cooling in the process.
    4. Cool the flowers upright in a vase.
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