Trees as Gifts

Whether you’re buying a seedling as a present for yourself or a loved one, there are plenty of reasons why you should celebrate your next big occasion with a ready-to-plant tree. Trees aren’t only great for the environment — they can also help you commemorate life’s most precious moments, from births to marriages. Read on to learn why trees make the perfect gift for every celebration.

1. Trees are the gift that keeps on giving

Our plant and tree experts handpick only the healthiest, sturdiest, most beautiful trees that you can enjoy year after year. Their beauty also changes with the seasons, so it’s like having a brand new tree with each month that passes.

2. Trees are perfect for celebrating important occasions and holidays

Whether you’re toasting to a new beginning, marking a milestone anniversary, or honoring a loved one, no gift commemorates life’s most important moments quite like a tree. If you have a baby on the way, or are celebrating a birthday or housewarming, trees are the perfect symbolic gift for long life, strength, and happiness.

Have you lost someone close to your heart? Honor their memory and spirit with the everlasting beauty of a newly planted tree. No matter what the occasion, a tree makes for a truly meaningful, memorable, and enduring tribute.

3. Everyone LOVES trees

No matter how old we get, we’re always amazed by watching a tiny seed grow into a giant tree. Plant a tree today, and it’s sure to spread smiles for many generations to come.

4. Trees are easy to care for

Each of our trees comes with detailed care instructions and is specially grown to start flourishing as soon as it’s planted. Plus, our pros will help you pick the best tree for its recipient by suggesting which species will grow best in their hardiness zone. Because long-lasting trees require very little maintenance, they make a beautiful gift the recipient can enjoy with minimal effort.

5. Trees are awesome for the environment

In addition to providing us with the oxygen we breathe, trees also provide shelter and food for birds and animals. They also absorb rainwater, which may contain pollutants that could contaminate our waterways.

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