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White Roses

The color of innocence, white roses convey purity. Our white rose bouquets and arrangements provide a thoroughly modern look and a time-honored tradition as a symbol of honor and new beginnings. Send white roses for birthdays, or just because, our white roses are sure to impress for any occasion!

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White Rose Delivery & Same Day Delivery

There's no need to make recipients wait for their beautiful and fragrant white roses. Whether you're sending white blooms in remembrance of a lost loved one or you just want to tell your soul mate that he or she is on your mind, same day flower delivery gets your message to the intended recipient post haste. This ensures your white roses arrive at the peak of freshness and recipients get to enjoy the longest-lasting blooms.

White Roses Frequently Asked Questions

What do white roses symbolize?

White roses bear the symbolism of their color, which signifies purity and innocence. Just as brides traditionally wear white on their wedding day, they often carry white roses, which is perhaps why they're sometimes referred to as the "bridal" flower. White roses can also be used as a symbol of honor and respect, and are often included in somber occasions like funeral flowers and memorial services.

When should I give white roses?

White roses are often used for weddings and funeral flowers, so they are appropriate to send for both celebration or sympathy. However, white roses could also represent pure and unending love, which makes white roses a beautiful gesture of unity for any couple in a lasting relationship.

How many shades of white roses are there?

White roses range many shades from pure white to ivory and include at least 15 recognized shades of white, including Cream Abundance, Iceberg, Snowcap, Tranquility, White Dawn, and more. There are also varieties like the Double Delight that are white with pink to red tips.

White Roses with Pink Tips

White roses with pink tips represent the best of both white and red roses, symbolizing both romantic love and a deep and enduring affection.

White Roses Meaning and Significance

Most people don't know that long ago, white roses meant true love. Today, however, the red rose bears that standard, and white roses have come to have a strong meaning of purity, honor, and unity, which is why they are commonly found at both weddings and funeral flowers. Whether you're celebrating the start of a new marriage or honoring the life of a lost loved one, white roses exemplify the solemnity and significance of these major milestones in life.

Single White Rose Meaning

A single rose is, in the case of a white rose, a symbol of great esteem and spiritual kinship or endless love, more than romance. You might give your lover a red rose; you give your soul mate a white rose.

The Meaning of Two White Roses

Any time you give two roses instead of one, it conveys the meaning of a pair, or a union, of two people. Two white roses are an ideal gift between couples that share a long-term commitment to one another.

Types of White Roses

There are a wide variety of roses that bloom in white, but the largest, most fragrant blooms tend to be tea or hybrid tea roses, so called because they were considered to bear the fragrance of black tea. Today, those who want to give the gift of gorgeous flowers that represent pure love or sympathy can find roses in hues of bright white to ivory. Of course, long stem white roses are always preferable, whether you're giving a single rose to your one true love or putting together a full bouquet.

Scientific Name of White Roses

White roses, specifically, are scientifically classified as Rosa alba. Though, all manner of roses, including the white rose, come from the genus Rosa in the family Rosaceae. This family includes over 4,000 known species in more than 90 genera.

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