Men are notoriously difficult to shop for — or so we’ve been led to believe. The reality is, men can be quite easy to shop for, once you know what type of man you’re dealing with. Whether he’s a master of the great outdoors or a wizard at the grill, a sports enthusiast, an avid traveler, or a combination of them all, we have the gift to match.

To help get you started as you begin birthday shopping for that man in your life, here are 10 fun and fresh gift ideas for every type of man.

birthday gifts for men with Birthday Succulent

Mr. Green Thumb

Men like growing things, too. For the guy who dreams of green plants but is hopeless when it comes to horticulture, this succulent gift set is the perfect way to say happy birthday. Succulents are easy to care for, as they don’t need much water, and look incredibly interesting. Plus, once you start collecting these cute little plants, it’s hard to stop.

birthday gifts for me with Snack Basket

The Outdoorsman

Whether camping or hiking, on a long fishing trip or mountain bike ride, snacks are a must. For the rugged outdoorsman’s birthday, upgrade his snack game with some gourmet offerings. Even the rugged like a little gourmet from time to time. In addition to GORP (“good ol’ raisins and peanuts”), this snack basket has got everything he may need to tuck into his backpack for a tasty pick-me-up in between summiting peaks.

birthday gifts for men with shave box

The Groomer

Achieving smooth skin takes a lot of work, and this kit comes with all the tools he needs to get the job done. The Be Merry Shave Gift Box contains all accoutrements — handmade soap made with aloe and charcoal (trust us, it works), organic shaving cream, a shave brush — to take on that five o’clock shadow no matter what time it is.

birthday gifts for men with grilling box

The Grill Master

A man is master of his own grill — but that does not mean he doesn’t appreciate spicing up the repertoire. Add a little sizzle to his birthday with this Summer Grilling Gift Box. This succulent set of marinades includes a Charred Pineapple Bourbon grilling sauce, as well as a Bacon Chipotle BBQ sauce, plus spice rubs and a wing sauce. And who doesn’t like to sauce up their wingies?

birthday gifts for men with Embroidered Gear Bag

Mr. Fix It

He’s in your speed dial because this man can fix anything — and he loves to be the one you call in a desperate time of need. For his birthday, upgrade his gear to something more sophisticated, yet still durable and rugged. For that, Carhartt is king, and this Legacy Embroidered Gear Bag is both heavy duty and stylish — like him.

birthday gifts for men with Antipasto Assortment with Wine

The Wine Aficionado

If wine and cheese are kind of his thing, then give the man what he loves. Since it’s his birthday, however, you may want to think a little fancier than usual. This Deluxe Antipasto Assortment with Wine will satisfy his sophisticated wine palette, as well as his stomach. Three bottles of wine are paired with different cheeses, cured meats, and delectable spreads.

birthday gifts for men Embroidered Golf Club Cover

The Golf Pro

A good golfer takes extreme pride in his gear, so the linksman in your life is bound to love this Embroidered Lavish Last Name Performance Golf Club Cover. The cover fits up to 460cc drivers and can be embroidered with any name and initial. This gift is a hole in one!

birthday gifts for men with Meat and Cheese Box

The Tailgater

For this man, game day is a religious experience. If you’re not taking him to the game on his birthday, then you can certainly make the spread at home one that he’ll remember — but chips and salsa are so passé. Instead, score some points with this Supreme Meat and Cheese Gift Box, which includes an assortment of sausages, cheeses, spreads, and crackers. With the right beer — maybe even one he brewed himself — and a home team win, this will be a birthday victory for everyone.

birthday gifts foor men with Etched Cocktail Glasses

The Bartender

Classy and chic, custom bar glasses are the perfect gift for most any man. But when you’ve got a man who fancies himself a mixologist, customized glasses mean that much more. Suitable for any beverage, these Classic Celebrations Etched 15oz. Tall Cocktail Glasses have heavy bases, and a simple and sophisticated shape. You have your choice of name or initial monogrammed on the front.

birthday gifts for men Birthday Wishes Popcorn Tin

The Movie Buff

We all know a guy like this. He’s got the large-screen TV and the best surround sound system around, and the lighting is flawless. For his birthday, why don’t you take care of the snacks? These Birthday Wishes Popcorn Tins are fun and festive, and come in a variety of classic flavors, such as butter, cheese, and caramel. And what’s a birthday movie night without crispy, crunchy popcorn?

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