One of my favorite themes for a baby shower is “feathering the nest,” which is really the whole point of having a baby shower.  I actually threw my daughter-in-law Lina a “birds nest” themed shower when she was pregnant with my beautiful granddaughter Olivia Grace!  It was a no brainer because Lina already had a thing for birds!  There are so many ways that you can incorporate this theme into your gathering from the invitations, to the décor, and even the food.  Here are just a few decor ideas using flowers, nests, eggs, and bird cages that you might want to try too!

purple hydrangea in a purple mason jar

We knew that Lina was having a girl, and since purple is her favorite color I started simple with purple hydrangea in purple mason jars.

To personalize the arrangement, I used the graphics from the shower invitations to make sweet little hangtags for each jar. Wrapping a few grapevine branches around the neck of the mason jar and adding a feather completed the look!

Purple mason jar with gender themed tag

A more dramatic centerpiece can beautifully adorn the guest tables or be used as a statement piece on the buffet or gift table. This centerpiece has flowers flowing from a metal bird cage.

Bird cage centerpiece with flowers and candle

To make the birdcage centerpiece, start with a liner in which you place a soaked piece of floral foam cut to size.  If you are including a candle, place it in the cage before inserting the flowers into the foam.

Bird cage centerpiece with purple candle placed on foam piece

Have your flowers spilling out from the sides of the birdcage.  In this arrangement, I used hydrangea, rice flower, waxflower, roses, and solidago.

Bird cage centerpiece with hydrangeas, rice flowers, waxflowers, roses, and solidago.

A similar but smaller bird cage looks just as sweet filled with a single white lily stem.  Mix it up with various sizes and shapes in your décor!

Small bird cage centerpiece with single white lily stem

Here’s a similar approach using nests.  This oversized version is a real “wow”!

Oversized floral centerpiece with hydrangeas, rice flowers, waxflowers, roses, and solidago

I also love this smaller version filled with white roses and seeded eucalyptus just as much.

Small centerpiece with white roses and seeded eucalyptus

And how about this one filled with eggs and baby’s breath?! These would make sweet party favors, too!

Small centerpiece with eggs and baby’s breath

Don’t forget decorations for the walls or windows as well.  A small grapevine wreath can be decorated with fresh pepper berry and rice flower. Add a faux bird tucked in a nest made of Spanish moss to make a sweet addition anywhere.  The rice flower and pepper berry will air dry nicely and you can enjoy this wreath as home décor for weeks to come!

Grapevine wreath with fresh pepper berry, rice flower, and a faux bird

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