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Perfect Pairings: Famous Couples Past & Present

February 4, 2015

famous-couples-matching-game-adogableMark Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Beyonce and Jay-Z … history is filled with famous pairs both fictional and non-fictional that have filled our hearts with love. Whether your favorite celebrity pairing is from a book, movie, or a real-life couple, celebrate the timeless love celebrated by these famous pairs with our handy printable matching game!

This game is the perfect activity for a Valentine’s Day brunch, engagement party activity, bridal shower game, or for a fun ladies night filled with rom-coms!

So grab some pens, prepare some hearty snacks and put on a lovely soundtrack, and get ready to celebrate love! Download our Famous Couples Past & Present Matching Game here.

Famous Couples Matching Game Answer Key:

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Win a Bouquet of Flowers from Sidecar & 1800Flowers

February 3, 2015

If You Live in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston or D.C.

Fields of Europe Romantic Mixed Bouquet

This Valentine’s Day 1800Flowers has teamed up with the rideshare service Sidecar to help you #deliverlove on this special day! If you live in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston or D.C., we will be giving away bouquets to 50 lucky sweethearts! Sign up to enter to win your Valentine’s Day bouquet giveaway here: deliverlove.side.cr

Get $10 Off a Shared Ride from Sidecar

In honor of this sweet partnership, Sidecar wants to help you #deliverlove this Valentine’s Day with an added bonus: use promo code 800Flowers and get $10 off your first ride! Sidecar Shared Rides matches people with a nearby rider heading the same way and cuts the cost in half.
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Think Outside the Pot With These Decorative Planter Trends

February 2, 2015

Not only do they add a fresh touch to any atmosphere, plants also have countless health benefits. That’s why it’s no surprise that decorative plants and dish gardens are on the rise in popularity for homes, offices, and of course – yards.

Pair your fresh décor with an equally trendy and fresh planter to really add an extra special touch to the aesthetic! Here are 8 of our favorite planter trends for this year – try some of these out in your space! If you’re transferring your green, be sure to check out our post on how to repot a plant!

Creative Trends for Decorative Planters

Reuse & Refresh With Upcycled Found Items

decorative-planter-trends-found-items-watering-canRemember that old crate or tin (or even watering can) you just couldn’t get rid of because it had so much charm? Rather than have it collecting dust in the garage, give it new life by turning it into a planter! Leave it as is or decorate with labels and stickers to fit your needs.
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Sing Your Way to Valentine’s Day: 16 Songs with Valentine In the Title

January 25, 2015

valentines-day-songs-with-valentine-in-the-titleThat time of year is finally here! A time of candy hearts, sweet sentiments, and celebration of love all kinds – from friendly to romantic. There are countless ways to celebrate this lovely occasion; whether you surprise a special someone with a Valentine’s Day gift, gather your pals for a Valentine’s Day themed party or simply mark the occasion in your own unique way, there is no one right way to celebrate.

On the days leading up to February 14, add a festive touch to your days with help from some “lovely” tunes. And of course, what could be more festive than a feel-good song that also has the word “valentine” in the title?! You can even take it to the next level by using the sheet music from your favorite Valentine’s Day song and turning it into a candle like Celebrations.com did here!

Read on for 16 songs with “valentine” in the title. Did we forget one of your favorites? Make sure to share it with us in the comments! Continue Reading…

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#HOW2WOW Sweepstakes

January 23, 2015


1-800-FLOWERS.COM® 2015 #HOW2WOW Sweepstakes


We’re giving our Instagram and Twitter fans the opportunity to win some delicious prizes for Valentine’s Day! We want you to tell your sweetheart How2Wow you this year. Visit our special Valentine’s Day Collection here and Tweet or Instagram one of the products from the collection. Be sure to mention us (@1800Flowers) and include the hastag #HOW2WOWSWEEPS. Six winners will be randomly selected 1/30, 2/6, and 2/13 and you can enter once per day. Winners will receive Fannie May® Decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 6 count. The sweepstakes will end 2/13 at 12:00 PM EST. You can find the complete rules here.

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15 Romantic Activities for a Valentine’s Day In

January 23, 2015

Valentine’s Day 2015 is right around the corner! This year’s day of love falls on a Saturday, so why not make this year’s celebration an entire weekend of romance by staying in surrounded by your special someone. Here are 15 activities that you can do to add some excitement to the weekend – all from the comfort of your own home.

Tromantic-activities-for-valentines-day-in-flowersackle a recipe together. Is your pinterest board filled with dishes and treats you like but never actually planned on making? Take this opportunity to actually take a shot at that difficult recipe – after all, you do have a sous chef to work with!

Make it a rom-com movie night. When the temperatures are approaching freezing and the restaurants and stores are over packed, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your significant other over a romantic comedy. Grab a warm blanket, some movie night snacks, and cozy up in front of the TV with some of your favorite movie romances. Bonus points if it’s a Valentine’s Day theme movie!

Recreate your first date. Take inspiration from your first date and recreate the highlights from the comfort of your own home!

Make it a musical day. Bring out that old guitar or keyboard and celebrate the day by collaborating on a karaoke session together. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even create an original song incorporating both of your musical skills. If neither of you happens to be talented with the tune, simply make it a karaoke night!

Do a chocolate tasting together. Add some sweetness to the day with a chocolate tasting station! Pair some milks, whites, and darks with wine to really add some romance.

romantic-activities-for-valentines-day-in-cookie-decorating-cherylsDecorate some sweets. Sure you can bake desserts together, but baking not only requires a ton of prep work but also requires a ton of cleaning afterwards. Skip this step and buy pre-made kits such as the Cheryl’s Buttercream Frosted Valentine Cookie Decorating Kit.

Make mugs for each other. Did you know that you can make your own one-of-a-kind mug with a ceramic mug and permanent marker? Get the how-to for this easy DIY permanent marker mug, and sit down with your Valentine to decorate mugs for each other.

Romantic dinner. Grab your best china and chill some bubbly while you prepare an intimate, romantic dinner for the two of your to enjoy. Be sure to check out our top tips on planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Make it a boozy paint night. Channel your inner artists over a glass of vino by recreating a work of art! You’ll need two canvases, some paint, and a simpler painting or image to draw inspiration from. You’ll be surprised at how two people can interpret the same work of art in such vastly different ways! Continue Reading…

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20 Tips on How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

January 19, 2015
Valentine's Day Dinner Place Setting

Valentine's Day Dinner Place SettingWith the noisy swarms of couples and the irrationally high menu prices, going out for Valentine’s Day is more of a hassle than a luxury. And with Valentine’s Day 2015 falling on a Saturday, you can imagine the hustle and bustle to be extra hectic. Who needs that when you can create a five-star experience right out of your own kitchen? Here are 20 tips how to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two at home!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 1: Prepare your food in advance.

The No. 1 mood-killer for your Valentine’s Day dinner? The stress of rustling up a last-minute meal. Don’t waste precious together time scuttling around the kitchen. Instead, prepare and cook all of your food well in advance. That way, you can sit down and truly enjoy the most important part of the night: your sweetie.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 2: Cook together.

There’s no rule that says cooking a Valentine’s Day dinner has to be a one-person job. Consider making your meal together as a couple. You can have fun playing and experimenting with the ingredients, or you can get sensual and feed each other as you go along. You don’t even have to sacrifice that luxurious touch you get at your favorite restaurant; simply pick up high quality ingredients (if ordering steak, be sure to get the right cut). Whatever you do, you’ll be creating some unforgettable memories … and food!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 3: Ignite your passion with food.

Love potions aren’t just a bunch of fairy tale fluff. They actually exist! Certain foods are known as romance-boosting aphrodisiacs, including oysters, saffron, ginger, asparagus, garlic (we’re not kidding!), basil, figs and strawberries. You can find a full list of sensuous eats on Celebrations.com. Be sure to incorporate some (or all!) of these into your menu to heat things up on V-Day.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 4: Keep it simple.

Only two words describe the perfect Valentine’s Day cuisine: light and simple. You want your meal to fill you up—not weigh both of you down. Try these delicious yet delicate Valentine’s Day dinner recipes that’ll satisfy you both … and save you the hassle of whipping up a complicated feast.

Valentine's Day Gourmet Pretzel RodsValentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 5: Make dessert easy.

To save you even more trouble, simplify dessert time by serving a combo of homemade and store-bought treats. And think small. Just a few itty-bitty desserts will do the trick. Try on these perfectly portioned sweets for size: Love Note Conversation Heart Dipped Oreo Cookies, Fannie May Love & Romance Chocolate Strawberries, Valentine’s Day Gourmet Pretzel Rods, Cheryl’s Hearts Cookie Flower Pot.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 6: Give your dining space a quick makeover.

Celebrating V-Day in the same kitchen or dining room that you eat in every night might be anything but exhilarating—unless you think outside the box.Change the everyday scene by simply rearranging a few pieces of furniture. You’ll feel like you’re in a brand-new home or, better yet, a fancy restaurant (minus the crowds)!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 7: Make a keepsake Valentine’s Day menu.

Give your feast some true restaurant appeal: Print out your menu on Valentine’s Day themed cardstock, or create your own chalkboard menu sign. You can keep the menu card as a precious token of your night together, or you can reuse the chalkboard sign as a menu for your weekly dinner specials.

wine-gift-basketValentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 8: Enhance your food with wine.

True love is like good wine; it gets even better with age! So go ahead and spoil yourselves: Complement the exquisite flavors of your Valentine’s Day dinner with a bottle of fine wine. Your sweetheart is definitely worth it.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 9: Break out the fine china.

If ever there is a more perfect occasion to put that fine china to good use, it’s Valentine’s Day. Lay out some gorgeous linens in shades of red, white and pink, and then set the table with your best dinnerware, glassware and silverware. Then comes the pièce de résistance: an eye-catching floral centerpiece. Your honey will feel like royalty when they finally settle down at the dinner table.

Romantic-heart-trim-candleValentine’s Day Dinner Tip No. 10: Set the mood with candles.

To create a softer, more enchanting ambiance, turn the lights down low (but make sure it’s still bright enough to see!) and scatter plenty of romantic candles across the tablescape. Continue Reading…

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DIY Valentine Boxes: How to Make a Blooming Garden Box

January 19, 2015

diy-valentines-day-boxes-blooming-garden-box-tallGrowing up, pre-dating the days of dating and romance, the anticipation of giving and receiving valentines from friends and classmates was enough to keep any child from sleeping the night before February 14.

Add a touch of fun and creativity to their Valentine’s Day experience by helping them create their very own one-of-a-kind DIY Valentine Box! Using simple green construction paper and Valentine’s Day flowers, we turned an empty tissue box into a blooming garden ready to store those classroom valentines.

Using fresh flowers for this craft requires a bit of patience; you have to also make sure you choose a sturdy flower (we went with daisies and mums). However, it will be worth it in the end as fresh flowers will add an extra pleasant scent to the atmosphere. Alternatives to fresh flowers include flower stickers, DIY tissue paper roses, and paper lilies (sized appropriately). Continue Reading…

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What To Get Him For Valentine’s Day?

January 18, 2015

valentines-day-boyfriendWhether you’re planning a romantic night out or an intimate night in, surprise your man with a gift that’ll make him want to shower you with roses all year long.

Rather than spending countless hours stressing over what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, get inspired from some of our favorite man-approved gift ideas – from savory snacks to manly bouquets!

Start the celebration by surprising him with a sweet card, delivered right to his email! Celebrations.com has a collection of Valentine’s Day greeting cards which you can customize and send with one simple click. Or, if your sweetie is known for his sense of humor, send him one of our hilarious e-cards.

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