Bosses Day Gifting: Tips for Organizing a Group Gift

group-gifting-tips-for-bosses-dayHe’s there to aid you, direct you, and lend a willing ear when the work day gets tough. He may be the boss, but he’s also a friend, colleague, and confidante. Bosses Day 2014 is October 16, so celebrate the head honcho with a gift of thanks from the whole team!

While a gift from the whole group is sure to make his day, it’s no secret that things can get a little hectic when multiple people at a time are involved. Make the planning a bit simpler and ensure success by following these 8 simple tips for group gifting! Continue reading

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Boss’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Personality

Image of Boss at OfficeIt’s time to celebrate the head honcho with some Boss’s Day gift ideas!

Boss’s Day, which is observed on October 16, is a day for employees to acknowledge their managers for all of the hard work they do throughout the year. The idea came to life when an insurance company employee named Patricia Bays Haroski registered the day as a holiday back in 1958 in honor of her boss—who also happened to be her father. She chose October 16 because it was her father’s birthday, and she wanted it to be remembered as the day that strengthens the bond between employers and their workers.

Nowadays, we still honor our supervisors by giving them a thoughtful token of our appreciation. But how do you pick the right present for the captain of the ship? The first step is to think about their personality and their management style. Here are some helpful Boss’s Day gift ideas that are a perfect fit for any type of boss:

Revitalizing Gifts for the Hardworking Boss

Coffee and Tea GIft Tote Bag from

The movers and shakers keep your workplace going: They tirelessly work from sunrise to sunset to ensure that both you and the company are successful. Give your overachieving boss a gift that will help them relax and re-energize after putting in all those hours. Continue reading

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How to Wear Pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

how-to-wear-pink-for-national-breast-cancer-awareness-montOnce October comes around, there’s a reason you see bursts of pink popping in clothing, accessories, and even home décor. Charities and individuals team up to raise awareness as well as help fight for a cure for breast cancer during what is known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This year, honor your friends and loved ones that may have fought the battle or been affected by the disease by sporting the color inspired by the iconic cancer awareness ribbon – pink!

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Celebrate Bosses Day: 15 “Inspirational” Quotes from Popular TV Bosses

boss-s-day-quotes-from-tv-bossesSome bosses are like The Office’s Michael Scott – concerned, friendly, and eager to please. Others focus more on the profits and bottom line, channeling their inner Mr. Krabs (head honcho over at Spongebob Squarepants’ Krusty Krab). Regardless of which fictional boss your manager draws inspiration from, they are always there to lend a helping hand and inspire you to work towards your goals and live up to your full potential.

Bosses Day 2014 is October 16, so we’re celebrating with this list of inspiring quotes from some of the most popular bosses from the TV screen – from Arrested Development’s Michael Bluth to The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns.
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Honoring Our Elders: Everything You Need to Know About National Grandparents Day!

Smiling Granddaughter With Her GrandmotherThey aren’t just the wise leaders of the family. They’re the caring, selfless individuals who brought your parents to life, and helped raise you with love and tenderness too. They’re Grandma and Grandpa, and it’s time to honor them on their very own holiday! September 7, 2014, is National Grandparents Day, and we’re celebrating by sharing the story behind this special occasion, plus some tips on showing your grandparents how much you treasure them!

The History of National Grandparents Day

Every year, National Grandparents Day is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s far from just another greeting card holiday: It was founded by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade, a housewife from Oak Hill, West   Virginia, who had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. After working with senior citizens for many years, McQuade decided in 1970 that she wanted to establish a holiday that would pay tribute to grandparents and raise awareness of the needs of those who live in nursing homes.

Her idea caught the attention of Senator Jennings Randolph of West Virginia, who petitioned for the support of Governor Arch Moore to establish Grandparents Day as a statewide holiday. Moore made it an official West Virginia holiday in 1973, while Randolph worked tirelessly to have they day recognized by Congress and raise it to a nationwide scale. Randolph’s efforts were overlooked by Congress for several years, until McQuade sought and received the support of the media. In 1978, the first Sunday after Labor Day was finally declared National Grandparents Day by Congress. President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation on September 6, 1979, three days before the holiday’s first nationwide celebration.

The original proclamation described National Grandparents day as a time to “honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.”

Fresh Forget-Me-Not Heart PendantHow to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Today, grandparents are more than just a fountain of wisdom: They’re taking on an even more active family role by raising not only their own kids, but their grandchildren as well. According to AARP, more than 2.5 million children in the U.S. had their grandparents as their primary caregivers in 2012. So the loving bonds and lifelong lessons we receive each day from our elders are important now more than ever!

There are so many ways you can show Grandma and Grandpa how much you appreciate the way they’ve shaped your life. Host a family reunion where you can play games and share stories, or find a local National Grandparents Day event that you can attend with the whole family. These festivities are often sponsored by schools, senior centers, and other nearby organizations. You can also show your grandparents how unforgettable they are by giving them the gift of the forget-me-not flower, the official bloom of National Grandparents Day, or surprising them with a beautiful Vase Expressions bouquet personalized with your most memorable photo!

No matter how you celebrate the day, you’re sure to make Grandma and Grandpa’s golden years even more precious!

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Back to School in Flower Style

Looking for a way to stand out from your classmates? Put a fashionable spin on your school supplies with these back to school flower-inspired ideas!

Pen Your Love for Flowers


Spruce up that pencil case with a burst of floral fun with these DIY Flower Pens! Let your personality shine when designing your own pens by choosing your favorite flowers or flower colors.

Style it with Tape


Grab your school supplies, some colored tape, and a pair of scissors and bedazzle your folders and notebooks with diy tape flowers! From monochromatic to vibrant and patterned, you can customize your school supplies to reflect your unique personality – all’s fair in decorating with flowers!

Flower Style from Head to Toe

DIY Flower Headband for Back to School

Make a statement on the first day of school by arriving in full floral style from head to toe with a little help from this DIY flower headband craft idea. This unique accessory is sure to make your day a little brighter and your confidence soar. You’ve already got our vote for best dressed!

Simple Sophistication with Silk Flowers

Back to School Notebook Decorated With Flowers

Add a sophisticated floral touch to your notebooks with just some ribbon and silk flowers! This creative DIY notebook decorating idea is so easy to recreate and will add a touch of festive flair to your school supplies. The best part? The removable ribbon doubles as a bookmark – sure to help you make your way to the head of the class while staying stylish!

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DIY Bosses Day Gift: How to Make a Permanent Marker Mug Bouquet

diy-boss-s-day-gifts-permanent-marker-mug-bouquet-1From managing the whole group to lending an ear when the going gets tough, your boss sure has a lot of hats to wear. Bosses Day 2014 is October 16, so make his or her day extra special by surprising them with a one-of-a-kind gift that shows just how appreciated they are.

Using just a mug, permanent markers, and the gridded vase method to arrange our flowers, we created a unique DIY Bosses Day mug and bouquet that they’re sure to love! While oil-based permanent markers do work best for this craft, you can use any type of permanent markers you have on hand. However, keep in mind that if you do not use an oil-based marker, the color may change slightly after baking.

While the actual crafting part of this project takes under five minutes, please allow an additional hour for baking and cooling time.

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Petal Talk Chats with Mount Vernon, New York Florist Joseph Edwards

local-florist-mount-vernon-ny-gracelandLocal Westchester florist Joseph Edwards has operated Graceland Florist (located on 527 Gramatan Avenue in Mount Vernon, New York) for over 23 years!

As a franchise shop, Joseph is partaking in the Local Exclusive program where his unique designs can be ordered right online through when a gift giver is looking for flowers in the Mount Vernon, NY area.

Luckily for us, Joseph took the time to discuss some of his favorite Local Exclusive flower arrangements along with interesting florist experiences, to tell us what makes them so special!


Stunning Symphony Bouquet

How did you get into the flower business and what do you love best about being a florist?
Ever since walking home after school at age eleven, I knew that I loved the flowers business. What I love most is bringing smiles to customer faces; everyone is always so happy to receive, plants, or a fruit bouquet.

Local Exclusive Product Names:
Our local exclusive product names are the Stunning Symphony Bouquet, the Delightful Daisy Bouquet and the Mystic Island Bouquet. Continue reading

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100 Random Reasons to Send a Gift, #JustBecause

Every day is filled with a million reasons to give; every moment an opportunity to share. And sometimes, the smallest things are often the ones worth celebrating.

  1. You always make me smile
  2. It’s the third Wednesday of the month
  3. I’m paying it forward
  4. It was so good to see you last week
  5. You had a bad hair day
  6. I want to make your day brighter
  7. You put up with my music
  8. Traffic was a nightmare today
  9. You deserve a surprise
  10. Making you happy makes me happy
  11. You would never expect it
  12. You’re on my mind
  13. You could use a pick-me-up
  14. I felt like it
  15. You’re out of sight, but not out of mind
  16. You saved me the last piece of cake
  17. You’re the first person I want to talk to in the morning
  18. I’m feeling happy
  19. You cleaned the house
  20. You inspire me
  21. It’s payday
  22. You wore the sweater I bought you
  23. You made it this far
  24. I’m not perfect
  25. You helped me put together my new table so I don’t have to eat on the floor anymore
  26. I made you late
  27. …do I really need a reason?
  28. You think I’m beautiful without makeup
  29. You motivate me
  30. I dreamt about you
  31. You cut the crust off my bread
  32. It’s the little things
  33. You let me pick the movie
  34. You put up with my family
  35. You watch sports with me
  36. You deserve it
  37. I DVR’d over your favorite show
  38. You did me a favor
  39. You’re volunteering your time
  40. We’ve been best friends forever
  41. I can and I will
  42. I don’t want to wait until Valentine’s Day to say “I Love you” <3
  43. I haven’t seen you in ages
  44. You laugh at my [bad] jokes
  45. You helped me move
  46. You had a rough day
  47. You got a good report card
  48. I’d still be fixing that flat tire if it wasn’t for your help
  49. You’re my favorite gym buddy
  50. You take out the trash
  51. I can be weird around you
  52. You lent me that book
  53. It’s your half birthday
  54. You always go out of your way for me
  55. Your proofreading helped me get the job!
  56. You refused to let me pay for dinner and drinks
  57. You didn’t get mad when I borrowed your clothes
  58. Every day is a new day
  59. You were a great dog and house sitter (AND didn’t burn the house down!)
  60. You helped me with ALL my college applications
  61. Laughing with you is so much fun
  62. You dealt with the annoying parking lots to pick me up from the airport
  63. You “like” all my selfies on Instagram
  64. I miss you
  65. You didn’t tell Mom on me
  66. You’re on a diet and this arrangement has zero calories
  67. You were the designated driver too many weekends in a row
  68. You missed your track meet to spend the day with Grandma
  69. The recipe you gave me actually got the kids to eat their veggies!
  70. You love roses
  71. I’m lucky to have you in my life
  72. I can always count on you
  73. You make my heart beat fast
  74. I heard our favorite song on the radio
  75. You never give up
  76. Inside jokes are the best
  77. You watched the entire chick flick with me… even though the game was on
  78. It’s a three-day weekend!
  80. Life should be celebrated, every day
  81. You let me crash at your place for the weekend
  82. You let me vent to you
  83. You made me laugh so hard it hurt
  84. We’re happy & healthy
  85. You folded AND put the laundry away!
  86. You woke me up when my alarm clock failed
  87. You’re the only other person that can quote all of Mean Girls with me
  88. You followed your heart
  89. I wanted to know you were smiling, because of me
  90. You’re brave
  91. I wanted to impress you.. and your coworkers ;)
  92. We’ve known each other for 384 days today
  93. I want you to know I’m here…
  94. Movie nights are better with you!
  95. You’re better off without him
  96. You’re my #WCW
  97. I wanted to do something nice
  98. You’re always my “plus 1”
  99. Better late than never
  100. You saved me the last cookie

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How to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special on National Grandparents Day

how-to-make-grandparents-feel-special-on-grandparents-dayThey watched over you when Mom and Dad were at work, they knew the recipes to all of your favorite desserts, and they spoiled you rotten with gifts and praise! National Grandparents Day 2014 is September 7, so celebrate by making grandma and grandpa feel extra special. Here are some simple yet heartwarming ideas they’re sure to love.

Send them a hand-written note. Can’t make it in person? Surprise grandma and grandpa with a heart-felt letter written by hand. Include a photo of you together to really pull at their heartstrings.

Tend to their yard or garden. Show an interest in their prized garden by giving it some TLC! Whether it be simply watering the plants, pulling the weeds, or actually planting some seeds, grandma and grandpa will surely appreciate the thought and effort. Continue reading

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