13 Gifts You Should Totally Buy Yourself

Why only send gifts to someone ELSE on their birthday, anniversary or other occasion? We think you’re pretty deserving of a feel good gift. Here are 13 gifts to thank yourself for all of the awesome things YOU do.

1. Fannie May Pixie Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fannie May Pixie Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Art in Bloom: A Closer Look at Jeff Koons’ Split Rocker

jeff-koons-split-rocker-rockefeller-centerHalf toy rocking horse, half dinosaur rocking horse, towering at 37 feet and adorned in over 50,000 flowering plants, Jeff Koons’ exhibit, Split Rocker, seems like something from a fairy tale.

In an interview with The Fondation Beyeler, Koons describes his work of art as “…a division where these two forms don’t go together, but it also represents a unity, because the only way this split really exists is by experiencing it. If you try in any other form…you can never really replicate it.”

We took his advice and decided to experience it for ourselves! So on the next sunny day we hopped on the train to the The Rockefeller Center while this whimsical exhibit took bloom in NYC. Continue reading

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National Sister’s Day: 15 Ways to Celebrate

portrait of two twins with peoniesIf you’re lucky enough to have a sister, you know they are more than just the girl in the bedroom next door; they become your best friends, your confidants, your partners in crime.

National Sister’s Day 2014 is August 3, so grab your sister and celebrate with these fifteen fun and memorable ideas! Continue reading

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How to Paint Flowers on Wine Glasses

flower-wine-glasses-final-product-2Whether you’re making these wine glasses with friends, for a friend, or for yourself, you are sure to have fun letting your creative side come out!

Add a personalized touch to ordinary wine glasses by painting flowers on them to make them extraordinary! Not only are these hand painted wine glasses easy to make, but they’re pretty inexpensive too, which makes them great gifts if you’re on a tight budget!

Choose the flowers and colors of your choice to make them extra special for birthdays, holidays, or just because. So roll up your sleeves because we’re about to dive into Flower Wine Glass Painting 101!

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Father-in-Law Gifts for Every Dad Personality

He helped to raise the one you love, and has adopted you as his own. Father-in-Law Day 2014 is July 30th, so make his day extra special with these unique father-in-law gifts and ideas.

father-in-law-gift-ideas-market-boxFor the Foodie

Does your Dad-in-law spend Sunday mornings trying out the newest recipes in his favorite food magazines? If he’s known for being a real food-loving guy, surprising him with a unique, flavor-picked gift from our Gourmet Market Box collection! From authentic global cuisines to manly beer & bacon boxes, there’s sure to be the perfect pick for your one-of-a-kind father-in-law. Continue reading

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INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Merchandising Interns

The merchandising team is responsible for ensuring that 1-800-Flowers.com provides our customers with a wide variety of products that are sure to deliver smiles. Summer interns Isaiah, Donna and Sade are helping the team this summer. Find out what other fun activities they participate in during their internship.

INTERNal Perspective: Isaiah Rowe

IsaiahRoweMy experience here at 1-800-Flowers.com has been very unique. I am a rising sophomore at Farmingdale State College and this is my first internship. Generally, when I hear internship, I think of getting coffee, stapling and collating papers. Though I’ve done my fair share of organizing paperwork, this experience has been much more. My team within the merchandising department has made me feel like a vital part of the team in addition to making me feel at home in the office. Outside of my department, I have had a plethora of opportunities to experience different aspects of the company including attending the annual fiscal year kickoff meeting and participating in an intern video assignment.
I’ve definitely had a lot of fun this summer at 1-800-Flowers.com. If I had to narrow it down to the highlight of this internship so far, it would have to be our Lunch and Learn workshop with Founder & CEO of 1-800-Flowers.com, Jim McCann. It was amazing to sit down and listen to his story of building the company from the ground up. He is a hard-working and diligent man with a strong will to win and a sprinkle of luck. One thing that stuck was the importance of networking and connecting with people on a personal level. His exact words were “Build relationships first and do business second.” I was inspired by this because he was so candid and authentic. This internship has been a great opportunity as well as a great learning experience and I am very thankful to be one of thirty-four interns who get to take this all in. It will prepare me for the future and help me to be successful.

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DIY Friendship Bracelet with Flower Beads

“I get by with a little help from my friends” — The Beatles

In honor of friends everywhere and Friendship Day on Sunday, August 3rd, we decided to celebrate our BFFs with the timeless tradition of friendship bracelets! Consisting of a series of tied knots, friendship bracelets represent the strong and unbroken bond between two friends, and they look pretty, too! :)

Whether making a friendship bracelet as a gift for your closest friend, or organizing a party to make bracelets with a group of friends, the sentimental value of handmade bracelets is priceless! Just like every friend, each bracelet is unique, and can be made to fit your bestie’s personality, so take out your string and let’s get crafty with these easy-to-follow instructions below! friendship-bracelet-final-image Continue reading

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Think Outside the Vase: Inspiring Quotes about Roses

Sometimes, a rose is just a rose. However, more often than not – especially in the case of literature – a rose represents something far greater; the rose can represent love, hope, and even life. Here are fourteen quotes about roses from some of the most memorable works of literature and inspirational figures to help add a rosy touch your day.

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Gardens of the Written Word: Popular Literature with Plants and Flowers in Their Title

From food to fashion, flowers have been prevalent in every aspect of culture and man-made creations, and literature is no exception.

flowers-in-literature-book-with-flowersPlants and Flowers in Literature:

“Flowers for Algernon,” Daniel Keyes

This classic American fictional short story follows the progress of Charlie, a man with a low IQ who undergoes an experimental surgery that turns him into a genius. The effects of the surgery are short-lived, yet the story he tells is one that will live on forever.
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Celebrate Friendship Day with These Inspiring Quotes About Friendship

Like flowers, friends are a colorful addition to our lives, adding beauty, inspiration, and happiness to our day to day lives. To celebrate this unique bond, we’ve put together some of the most inspiring quotes about friendship, from Hollywood to literature.

Friendship Day 2014 is August 3, so grab your favorite pals and celebrate your special relationships and memories! If your friends are close at heart but far in distance, pick your favorite quote about friendship and pair it with a heartfelt card about friendship delivered straight to their inbox!

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