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Mother’s Day 2016 Design Council

April 14, 2016

CARLE PLACE, NY – Let the creativity begin! Every season the Product Development Team brings some of our most talented Florists together from across the country to brainstorm and design exciting new floral designs! The Floral Design Council is a forum for Professional Franchise Florist’s, their designers, and guest designers to work together in creating unique product concepts for Each Designer brings their own imagination, knowledge of the industry, and familiarity with their customers in order to design innovative floral arrangements that not only fit hot trends, but also help to create new ones.

Our Spring Mother’s Day 2016 Design Council recently took place in April in our floral design studio and has been a huge success! Five florists from five different cities around the country brought their “A game” and crafted some pretty amazing designs, all unique in their own way.

Even though designs are confidential until brought to our site (sorry!), we wanted to share some pictures to show you how some of our products are crafted!

Design Council Members Mother's Day 2016

From left to right: Walter Fedyshyn from Chicago IL; Emila Borz from Sacramento, CA; Develyn Reed from Stafford, VA; Jaye Dargan from Dallas, TX; AnnMarie Pierce from Baldwin, NY

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How to Make a DIY Asparagus Vase for Tulips

April 14, 2016

I’m always looking for new unique ways to arrange flowers in a vase and if you remember my Thanksgiving Centerpieces, you know that incorporating fruits and veggies is one fun way to do it! This asparagus vase is super easy to make but looks a lot more impressive, and it gives your guests one of those, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!” moments. With just a regular beverage glass or glass cylinder vase, a rubber band, ribbon, asparagus and a bouquet of fresh tulips, you can make this DIY asparagus vase in under 5 minutes!


Wedding Flowers

Things To Consider When Buying Wedding Flowers Online

April 14, 2016

It doesn’t matter if she’s in her teens, 20s, 30s, or older, we bet if you ask any girl what she looks forward to the most or what her greatest memory is, somehow her wedding will come up. Every girl dreams about the day that she gets to walk down the aisle looking like a total princess, but saying yes to the dress isn’t the only thing she has to do to prepare for her big day.


A major part of wedding decor is the flowers, so all brides-to-be have to make some big decisions about the arrangements they’ll be surrounded by. For those of you who would think about ordering your wedding flowers online, here are a few things to consider: Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

A Guide To Exotic Flowers

April 11, 2016

You don’t have to have a green thumb to know the names of some of the most common flowers seen in gardens. Go ahead, take a few seconds and try to name a few! Okay, have some in mind? We bet species such as orchids, tulips, lilies and lilacs were probably on your list. But even though you know their names, did you know that among others, these popular flowers are considered to be exotic? Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorites that fall into this category:


The beautiful amaryllis is a flowering plant that is a native of the Caribbean and South and Central America. A part of the Amaryllidaceae family, one of the most popular aspects of these flowers is the beautiful color they exhibit. But don’t confuse them for lilies! Many ornamental plants within this family are often mistaken for lilies, but you can tell when a flower is a true member of the Amaryllidaceae family by taking a look at where the plant’s ovary is positioned.

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Flower & Plant Care

Facts About Tulips & How to Care for Them

April 8, 2016

Tulip Facts

Nothing says “spring” better than an arrangement of bright, colorful tulips! The tulip is the third most popular flower, after roses and chrysanthemums.

Tulip Origins

Tulips originally were a wild flowers growing in Asia, and were first cultivated by the Turks as early as 1000 A.D.

These flowers were introduced in Western Europe and the Netherlands in the 17th century. They soon gained trading popularity, especially in Holland. The interest in them was huge and tulip bulbs were sold for unbelievably high prices. Fortunes were made (and lost) by trading tulip bulbs as a commodity, much like gold.

Cut tulips in a vase in assorted colors
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Fun Flower Facts

All About Peonies

April 7, 2016

Peonies are some of the most popular perennial flowers out there – just take a peek at any garden you pass and you’ll see what we mean! We’re certainly not surprised at this though, considering the amount of beauty they can add to any landscape. Not to mention, they have one of the longest lifespans of any flower, making them one that any gardener can rely on.

Pink Peony Flowers

But just in case you’re new to gardening, or if you’re just looking to learn a little bit more about these timeless beauties, we’re breaking things down for you below. Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

Best Places to See Spring Flowers

April 5, 2016

In our opinion, there’s no better way to spend a beautiful Spring day than by heading outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer – that includes surrounding ourselves with some of the season’s most beautiful blooms! Now, while you’re probably most likely to bask in the beauty of flowers seen in your local parks and gardens, the world outside of your immediate surroundings has so much to offer as well. If you’re ever feeling adventurous, here are a few of the top spots you need to visit to see some of the most incredible Spring flowers:

The Netherlands

Keukenhof, also known as The Garden of Europe, is said to be one of the largest flower gardens in the world. Here, there are approximately 7 million bulbs planted each year, which you can bet makes for a pretty amazing sight. The tulip festival here lasts for about two months each year, and this year, over 800 different varieties of tulips can be found! Continue Reading…

Flower Care & Handling

Tulip Care Tips

April 4, 2016

In honor of tulip season and tulips being one of my favorite flowers, I wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you care for your cut tulips! Check out my videos below for how to straighten bent tulips or for an easy way to arrange tulips in a vase using a grid:

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How to Make a Flower Crown

April 4, 2016

Floral crowns seem to be blossoming everywhere you turn these days… and with good reason!  They’re delightfully charming, they’re romantic, and they can be worn anywhere from a wedding to a birthday celebration to a music festival. They’re also surprisingly easy to make. There are just a few basic steps to creating your own amazing flower crown!

Two Flower Crowns- Completed

I’m going to show you how to “wire and tape” using a single floral variety (in this case white waxflower) that can be worn on its own.

Flower Crown on Girl

And how easy it is to take it up a notch simply by gluing in your choice of additional flora (and even “fauna”)! You can also do a combination of wiring and gluing. Wire the larger flowers and glue the smaller ones. So let’s get started! Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

The Meaning of Spring

April 1, 2016

After a long, cold Winter, there’s nothing better than hearing birds chirping and being able to open up your windows to let in a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, the first sign of a warm Spring day is the perfect excuse to get back outside and start enjoying all of those seasonal activities you missed so much. But before you head outdoors to start planting, taking walks, riding your bike, and all of the other fun things you do during this stunning season, let’s take a look at how it got its name and what it means.

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