Setting out to find the right Valentine’s gift for that special lady in your life can be a challenging task, even for the most confident and suave significant other. Sure, we know it’s the thought that counts, but that adage can fall flat when the questions begin to pile up: What does she really want? What will my gift say about me, and what I think about her — and about us?

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Factor in society’s idea of what a truly “romantic gift” is, and the mere thought of Valentine’s shopping can freeze you in your tracks. Fortunately, has spent decades as a gift provider for couples around the world, and it’s come away with some solid, time-tested general advice regarding Valentine’s shopping — and we are more than happy to dispense it.

Communication is key

As the holiday approaches, feel free to slip in a question here and there regarding a gift. Doing so not only aids your shopping quest but displays a desire to get to know your partner even better. Stay extra receptive for Valentine’s gift ideas to be drawn from daily conversations, or even intentional hints being dropped. And for those who find this method of gifting not quite romantic enough, try including a highly personalized card or a little something extra to boost the heart of a requested gift.

valentines gifts for her shared experiences

Shared experiences

A mutually meaningful evening together is a sure win. Perhaps prepare a meal and then attend a concert or play — all while incorporating her favorites — or recreate your first date, keeping it all a surprise. This approach lessens the pressure to find that elusive “perfect gift,” as meaningful together time can create memories that long outlast physical items. It also averts any fear of cliché gifting, and works for those in all relationship stages, as the arranged experience can be as light or intense as you like.

If all else fails

For those still at a loss for Valentine’s gift ideas, fear not, for a timeless, one-size-fits-all solution exists — just reach for the roses! And even if you’ve already located that ideal item or experience, complementing your present with a surprise delivery of roses will score you some absolutely surefire bonus points.

The best Valentine’s gift ideas for her

Now that you’re armed with the general knowledge of how to pick a Valentine’s gift that will be loved and appreciated — just like your S.O. herself! — it’s time to get down to the business of selecting said gift. And, once again, we’re here to save your butt.

Here are nine types of women along with a gift she’s sure to adore.

The Beach House Sweetheart

valentines gifts for her Charcuterie Board

A vivid reminder of the warm weather that lies mere months away, this gorgeous, hand-painted seascape charcuterie board is a treasured add to the kitchen supplies of any valentine who loves to play hostess, especially at a beach house or condo. For the gal who enjoys vintage flair, there’s also a version with mermaid-shaped, patinaed metal handles.

The Breakfast Baker

valentines gifts for her Bagel Making Kit

The perfect V-Day morning kitchen quest for mom and the kids — or the bagel-loving couple who don’t mind getting their hands dirty — this end-to-end kit produces a dozen fresh bagels and a culinary dream batch of homemade cultured cream cheese (Do note that crafting the cheese requires an overnight wait, so if a Valentine’s breakfast is your target, gift and start your kit the night prior.) If the taste of “everything” is a little much, a Rainbow Bagel Kit dials down the zest while upping the visual pizazz.

The Plant Mom

valentines gifts for her Succulent Heart Garden

An appropriate gift for both a timeless love and blossoming relationship, this multi-hued selection of lush and lively succulents is as easy to care for as it is gorgeous. A few days late to water? They’ll make do, as succulents are like love itself: resilient, energetic, and, with just enough attention, colorful year-round. A textured resin heart planter and matching plaque both serve to sweeten the deal.

The Golden Gal

valentines gifts for her Golden Girls Cardboard Bouquet

Perhaps the only bouquet near as timeless as roses themselves, this arrangement of 12 red-dressed Betty Whites (pictured as her “Golden Girls” character Rose Nylund) provides an imaginative display of affection for your own special pop culture queen. Printed with fade resistant ink, on glossy, cushioned cardboard, the red-Betty bouquet can also prop up your passion for seasons to come. And relationship rookies, take note — this one isn’t over-the-top romantic.

The Mystic Hostess

valentines gifts for her Hamsa Dipping And Serving Set

This ceramic, hand-crafted tray features the hamsa shape, a symbol of universal positivity native to Middle Eastern and North African spiritual communities, and very popular among modern yoga practitioners. The heirloom-quality, fair-trade design, crafted by female artisans in Tunisia, houses six trays within one mesmerizing form: The five fingers and center palm trays are all removable, and equally perfect for serving snacks and quick bites, or storing jewelry and special keepsakes.

The Classic Belle

valentines gifts for her Long Stem Red Roses

One of those Valentine’s gift ideas that needs no introduction, long stem red roses are the essence of affection, and have been go-to gifts for ladies since the 17th century. Available here in both a dozen and an 18 count, and accented with baby’s breath and other fresh greenery, these classic crimson beauties whisper elegance, sophistication, and grace like no other bloom. For those looking to scale up, magnificent 100-count bouquets are also available.

The Lasting Love

valentines gifts for her I Love You Magnificent Roses

As the quintessential symbol of everlasting love, roses, more so than any other plant, would seem destined to live forever — but, even with proper care, two weeks at the most is more like it (hey, that’s cellular biology for you). This Valentine’s, however, your lucky lady’s roses can last up to a year with this preserved rose arrangement shaped to express an unmistakable message — a daily testament to love’s enduring nature.

The Organic Darling

valentines gifts for her Journal Aromatherapy Set

Ideal for the beloved naturalist in your life, this soothing essential oil jewelry is a unique method of extended aromatherapy, packaged with a diary designed to encourage self-expression. The silver mesh bracelet holds an oval bead of burnished lava rock, which stores and subtly releases a light scent over the course of a day. All-natural lemongrass, cedarwood, and lavender oils are included.

The Elegant Epicure

valentines gifts for her Godiva Gift Basket

From the master chocolatiers at Godiva, this selection of luxurious fineries is a pinnacle piece for fans of the time-honored tradition of Valentine’s chocolate gifting. Its delectable gems include chocolate-covered truffles, caramels, pretzels, grahams, and more (in assorted dark and milk chocolate styles), as well as dark chocolate cocoa mix and truffle coffee. These decadent delights are all packaged in a classy copper gift basket perfect for kitchen display and storage.


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