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30 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

June 18, 2021

Milestone birthdays call for major celebrations! Whether you’re going all out for a 21st or honoring a loved one’s 50th, “Birthdays by the Ages” shares the best tips for celebrating some of life’s biggest moments.

You did it — you survived your 20s! Over the past decade, you’ve loved, you’ve lost, and you’ve probably burnt a dinner or two along the way. But most importantly, you learned a lot about yourself and how you want your life to be, which we think warrants a celebration. If the fact that you’re turning 30 has left you feeling a little overwhelmed, take the guesswork out of celebrating and embrace this momentous milestone with something from our list of 30 fun ways to celebrate your 30th birthday.

30th birthday ideas

  1. Go wine tasting at a local vineyard or at home. Try a virtual wine tasting, which you can find hosted by wine experts or vineyards, for a COVID-friendly alternative. 
  2. Camping. Or, since you’re now 30 and probably don’t want to sleep on the floor anymore, glamping.couple laying in tent camping
  3. Backyard BBQ. Want to keep things more low-key? Ring in your birthday in some sweats while around a fire with good friends.
  4. Watch a movie and have a picnic in your backyard. Consider a drive-in movie or a watch party through a streaming service for a COVID-friendly option. 
  5. Tour a brewery. Skip the bottling and packaging altogether and enjoy your beer straight from the source.
  6. Go on a road trip. If there’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit, do it now for your milestone birthday.
  7. Get a haircut or dye your hair. Now’s a great time to usher in the new decade with a new look. 
  8. Go skydiving. Today is the day you finally check this off of your bucket list! woman skydiving giving thumbs up
  9. Paintballing. Not thrilled about turning 30? This is the perfect place to take out some aggression.
  10. Try your luck. Even if you don’t typically play the lottery, consider buying 30 lottery cards and see if you hit the jackpot. 
  11. Try an escape room or scavenger hunt. You can always do a virtual escape room for a COVID-friendly alternative. 
  12. Join the tattoo club. Come on, you know you’ve always wanted one.
  13. Ice cream party. All we’re saying is, there are 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins ice cream (meaning there’s even one left over for good luck).
  14. Rock climbing. If you’re not ready to scale real rocks on your own, you can always go to an indoor climbing wall.
  15. Horseback riding. What’s a more picturesque way to enter your thirties than this? people riding horses on trail in the woods
  16. Trampoline park. Just because you’re turning 30, that doesn’t mean you can’t still act like a kid every once in awhile!
  17. Put together a turning 30 playlist. Make a list of the most popular song from each year that you’ve been alive and listen to the playlist straight through. 
  18. Shopping spree. “Thirties you” deserves a new wardrobe!
  19. Dine at an expensive restaurant. Or, treat yourself to the most expensive thing from your favorite restaurant.
  20. Participate in a race. If running isn’t totally your thing, there are plenty of shorter, more casual races you can sign up for, too.
  21. Go bungee jumping. Along with skydiving, this is another adrenaline-packed activity to cross off your bucket list this year.
  22. Host a theme party. Halloween isn’t the only time it’s fun to dress up.
  23. Take off work. No matter what you end up doing, it’ll be more fun than sitting at work!
  24. Try your luck. Feeling lucky? Buy 30 lottery cards and see if you hit the jackpot.
  25. Throwbacks only. Make a list of the most popular song from each year that you’ve been alive and listen to them all day.
  26. Treat yourself. Flowers, chocolates, drinks — whatever it is, you deserve it! woman buying flowers at a stand
  27. Psychic reading. Whether you truly believe in them or not, it’s a fun way to look forward to your future!
  28. Take to the sky. Why does it seem like people have gotten really into hot air balloon rides recently?
  29. Dollar Tree spree. Spend $30 at your local dollar store and find fun ways to use your presents throughout the day.
  30. Be thankful. Take a minute to appreciate all of the people who made you the person you are today by telling 30 people in your life, “thank you!”

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