Roses are the original romantic flower, and if you’ve ever bought these beautiful blooms for someone, you know there’s a variety of colors from which to choose. While it may seem like it’s all about preference, rose colors can make a big difference in the message you send. Whether you’re choosing roses for a friend, family member, or someone special, picking the right color is a wonderful way to express how you feel. From graceful white and cheery yellow to majestic purple and passionate orange, here are the rose color meanings for every shade of this timeless flower.

Rose color meanings

a photo of rose color meanings with a red rose

Red roses meaning

If movies, TV shows, poems, and plays have taught us anything, it’s that red roses are the symbol of deep, passionate, romantic love. Giving someone a bouquet of red roses — the most popular flower sold on Valentine’s Day — is a clear sign that you’ve caught the love bug.

A classic expression of love, longing, or desire, red roses can also convey respect, admiration, or devotion.

a photo of rose color meanings with bright pink roses

Bright pink roses meaning

Bright pink roses tell the recipient you’re grateful to have them in your life. They symbolize happiness, thankfulness, and appreciation. This eye-catching hue can also symbolize allure and attraction without the deep intensity of a red rose.

a photo of rose color meanings with a pale pink rose

Pale pink roses meaning

A bouquet of pale pink roses says “I appreciate everything you do for me.” The gentle nature of these flowers makes them the perfect gift for mothers, sisters, and close friends. Pale pink roses also symbolize sympathy and comfort.

a photo of rose color meanings with purple roses

Purple roses meaning

If you and your loved one have a storybook, love-at-first-sight romance, then purple roses are the flowers for you. With ties to nobility and royalty, purple roses tell the one you love that they’re the most important person in your life. These flowers are for committed, long-term relationships.

a photo of rose color meanings with a lavender rose

Lavender roses meaning

Looking to express sincere love and appreciation to someone special? Then the lavender rose is an ideal choice. It’s a memorable way to make an impact, especially if you’ve been swept off your feet from new feelings of love and adoration.

a photo of rose color meanings with a burgundy rose

Burgundy roses meaning

Burgundy roses are intense in meaning and color, conveying a deep passion and romantic devotion to your one and only. Commonly mistaken for red roses, burgundy roses are said to symbolize an even stronger romance than their more popular counterpart.

a photo of rose color meanings with a yellow rose

Yellow roses meaning

Show your best friend how much you appreciate their loyalty and devotion with the help of a few yellow roses. Yellow roses’ sunny demeanor and positive attitude make them the perfect gift for anyone you care about.

These joyful blooms symbolize friendship, making them the perfect birthday gift for a close friend or relative. Yellow flowers are also a symbol of happiness, so send yellow roses to a friend who needs cheering up!

a photo of rose color meanings with orange roses

Orange roses meaning

If you’re looking to take your relationship with someone from friendship to romance, drop them a hint with a bouquet of orange roses. With yellow roses representing friendship and red roses symbolizing love, orange roses are thought of as the bridge from friends to lovers.

With a vibrancy and exuberance all their own, orange roses signify passion, energy, and intense desire, as well as a sense of fascination.

a photo of rose color meanings with a peach rose

Peach roses meaning

Peach roses represent sincerity, sweetness, and the genuineness of your feelings. They’re also a thoughtful way to show sympathy for a friend or family member. Because of their light color, they’ve become popular spring and summer wedding flowers.

a photo of rose color meanings with coral roses

Coral roses meaning

A blend of red and yellow, the coral rose has a meaning that fits between “I love you” and “You’re a great friend.” It’s a sweet gift for a first date since it expresses passion without being overwhelming.

a photo of rose color meanings with a blue rose

Blue roses meaning

Blue roses are incredibly rare because they’re engineered rather than grown naturally. For this reason, gifting someone blue roses tells them they’re unique, one of a kind, and truly special. These flowers are often used to symbolize mystery or attaining the impossible.

a photo of rose color meanings with a green rose

Green roses meaning

Green roses aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, these flowers started blooming naturally around 1743. Since green is a color of growth, green roses symbolize life, abundance, and rejuvenation. They’re also a celebration of good news and happy beginnings.

a photo of rose color meanings with an ivory rose

Ivory roses meaning

Commonly thought of as cream colored, ivory roses represent charm, gracefulness, and elegance. They’re the perfect gift for someone with an upscale style, without romantic intentions.

a photo of rose color meanings with a white rose

White roses meaning

If you think you’ve found the person for you but it’s still a bit early in the relationship, send them a bouquet of elegant and classic white roses.

A symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings, white roses are also known as the “bridal” flower due to their representation of eternity and everlasting love. They’re also used as an expression of sympathy and hope.

a photo of rose color meanings with a black rose

Black roses meaning

Black roses are one of the very few rose colors that holds several — sometimes contradictory — meanings. While some believe black roses symbolize the end of a relationship, others find them representative of passion and lust. Black roses have also been mentioned as being closely related to dark magic.

While it’s usually impossible to go wrong with sending roses, you may want to check with your partner before ordering black roses, as they could send mixed messages.

a photo of rose color meanings with multicolor roses

Multicolor roses meaning

Looking to express a range of emotions in a single gift? A bouquet of multicolor roses can deliver your message. A colorful variety of blooms also represents Pride Month and serves as a powerful reminder that love in all forms should be celebrated.

a photo of rose color meanings with kaleidoscope roses

Kaleidoscope roses meaning

Want to break from tradition while still remaining fun and passionate? Look no further than kaleidoscope roses! With a bit of every color in their petals, kaleidoscope roses tell your partner that they’re simultaneously your best friend and lover, appreciated and respected, and, most importantly, unique.

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