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Purple Roses

This enchanting bloom's classic beauty & symbolic, of-the-moment color makes it a standout in any arrangement and a unique, radiant gift sure to impress. Send purple flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

  1. Purple Roses

Same Day Purple Rose Delivery

Have purple roses delivered any time of year with fresh purple rose bouquets, lavender arrangements, and mixed purple rose bouquets from our selection of purple roses. When cupid's arrow pierces your heart and you know it's love at first sight, you simply can't wait to deliver the exquisite and magical bouquet of purple roses that will express the sentiment. This is where same day delivery s a godsend. When you just have to let that special someone know that you're smitten and your heart is no longer your own, make sure your purple rose delivery is slated for same day service.

Purple Rose FAQs

When are purple roses an appropriate gift?

Purple roses are great for any occasion from anniversaries to birthdays. Traditionally though, purple roses are known to represent love at first sight, so when you have that swept-off-your-feet moment, send these purple roses to express your feelings.

Are purple roses natural?

Purple roses are not completely natural. In a sense, purple roses are natural because purple roses are not always artificially colored. To achieve the beautiful purple or lavender hues in a rose bloom, florists and breeders must cross breed naturally occurring colors. In some cases, purple roses are not natural, because they are created by artificially dyeing or coloring the roses in a myriad of ways.

Where did purple roses come from?

Purple roses are nothing new - they've been around for centuries, populating gardens and serving as a stunning way to say "enchante". Today, there are more varieties than ever to choose from, thanks to modern hybrids that span the spectrum from silvery lavender shades to hypnotizing hues of eggplant and blackberry.

Do purple roses signify longevity?

As it happens, the answer is no. Purple roses are more akin to fleeting infatuation than a long and loving relationship. However, sending purple roses could be a foot in the door to more lasting feelings of love, paving the way for future gifts of pink, red, and orange roses that symbolize growing sentiments of friendship, romantic love, and passion, respectively.

Purple Rose Varieties

There is no shortage of hues to consider when selecting the perfect purple roses. If you long for the unmatched beauty of light purple varieties, or more intense feelings of fascination and enchantment, darker shades are apropos. Purple rose varieties include:

  • Purple Blue Bird roses
  • Pastel Purple of Angel Face roses
  • Pale, pearly lavender Sterling Silver roses
  • Deep plum purple Midnight Blue roses
  • Red wine Night Owl Purple Roses
  • Violet Ebb Tide Roses

Purple Rose Meaning

Purple roses mean love at first sight and are thought to represent the intense fleeting feeling of enchantment. Purple roses are like the unicorns of the floral world, they are considered to embody a magical and enchanting quality and bestow these virtues upon recipients. Purple roses tend to convey the feeling that the giver is irresistibly drawn to the recipient, as though a spell has been cast.

Dark Purple Rose Meaning

Dark purple roses hold the meaning of being lovestruck. When the electric jolt of love at first sight ignites passions both wild and inexplicable, nothing says "you caught my eye" like a bouquet of dark purple roses. Just like the intense hues of dark purple roses, love is not beholden to reason, and it can permeate a heart without warning - hence, the concept of being lovestruck. Dark purple roses are characterized by deep, saturated tones impart a sense of fascination and even infatuation.

Light Purple Roses

Light purple, or lavender roses, are among the most stunning and meaningful shades one can give as a gift. This beautiful hue is considered exquisite and rare, and to give it is to imply that the recipient is equally peerless and exceptionally desirable. Anyone who wants to convey a sense that the recipient is truly extraordinary should send lavender roses without hesitation.

  1. Purple Roses