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Yellow Roses

Yellow roses convey joy, gladness and friendship. What better way to send a smile than with a bouquet of sunny yellow roses delivered to their door? Send the gift of cheer with a yellow rose bouquet from 1-800-Flowers. Or for something more romantic, don't miss our classic red rose collection.

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##Yellow Rose Delivery & Same Day Delivery## Why wait to express your joy, friendship, or congratulations? When you're ready to send a gift of yellow roses expressing your feelings of friendship, happiness, and support, you want them to arrive as soon as possible. With same day delivery, your gift of yellow roses will be in the hands of recipients within hours, ensuring they gain immediate and lasting enjoyment from your thoughtful expression.

##Yellow Rose FAQs## ##When is it appropriate to give yellow roses?## Yellow roses are a perfectly appropriate gift for any friend and for any happy occasion. Feel free to give them to beloved friends and family members on birthdays and to congratulate the recipient on events ranging from graduation or a new job, to marriage and children. Any time you wish to express joy and support for a loved one, or you want to give a token of your deep and sincere feelings of friendship, show you care with a bouquet of buttery gold or lemon-bright rose blooms. You can never go wrong with yellow roses. Even sending them in a time of sorrow can help to brighten someone's day.

##Where did yellow roses come from?## Despite their popularity today, yellow roses weren't seen in the western world until sometime during the 18th century, when the variety was first discovered growing wild in the Middle East. It wasn't long before westerners began cultivating this exotic bloom and hybridizing it to create new colors and aromas. Three species native to Middle Eastern and southwest Asian countries - Rosa Ecae, Rosa Foetida, and Rosa Hemisphaerica - became the bases for the many yellow roses we enjoy today.

##Yellow Rose Meaning## Yellow roses are the perfect symbol of platonic affection. Yellow roses in just about any shade are meant to convey happiness, feelings of friendship, and new beginnings. When you want to express love, support, and congratulations without the typical association of romance tied to other shades of these beautiful blooms. Yellow roses remove any hint of romantic love from the equation. There are few better ways to celebrate a joyful occasion than with sunny, cheerful, yellow roses.

##Orange and Yellow Rose Meaning## Sometimes you want to say more than one thing with a floral display, and multicolored roses are where it's at. Orange and yellow roses show feelings of friendship and appreciation, as well as deeper, more passionate intent. When friendship grows into intense feelings of love, orange and yellow roses are the way to say you're hoping for more.

##Red and Yellow Rose Meaning## As yellow is also the shade of new beginnings, red and yellow roses signify taking the next step in a relationship. You know that red roses symbolize romantic love, while yellow roses are meant to convey friendship. When a rose features both of these shades, as with yellow roses with red tips, the intent is to denote feelings of friendship blossoming into more romantic sentiments.

##Pink and Yellow Rose Meaning## The meaning of yellow and pink roses should be treated the same as orange roses, which is to say, denoting passion, desire, and enthusiasm. Pairing pink and yellow can lead to the loveliest shades of salmon, and some of the most breathtaking and unique roses to be found. When a budding friendship blossoms into greater attraction, pink and yellow roses express your shift in focus.

##A Dozen Yellow Roses## A dozen yellow roses are the perfect gift for a close coworker's birthday or any occasion where you want to congratulate a good friend. Any gift of a dozen roses shows a high level of sincerity and commitment. So, you wouldn't necessarily give a dozen roses to someone you just met.

##Yellow Rose Symbolism## With their bright and sunny demeanor, it's no wonder yellow roses are a symbol of joy and lightness. They are used to express feeling of friendship and delight, as well as mark new beginnings. Interestingly, yellow roses historically symbolized jealousy, as well. In the modern day, yellow roses association has changed to encompass caring for another person, although not necessarily romantically.

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