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DIY Sunflower Votive Candle Holder

September 18, 2018

Here’s another way to design using the sunny and versatile sunflower. I’ve found that both their large centers and hardiness make them the perfect vessel for holding a votive or tea light candle.

These are two methods that I’ve used and both work great!

1: Painted LED Votive Light

What you’ll need:

  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • White plastic LED flameless tea light candles
  • Sunflowers

How to:

  1. Cover your surface with a piece of scrap paper.
  2. Apply the first coat of paint and allow to dry.
  3. Apply a second coat and allow to dry.
  4. Apply the third and final coat.

That’s it! I found that it took three coats of paint to achieve the nice, deep brown color that would allow the tea light to blend in with the center of the sunflower.

You can use any size sunflower, from the petite size above to a very large size. Check out my video on the mobile 1-800 Flowers.com Instagram to see how to make a sunflower votive centerpiece using large size sunflowers. If you’re already on a mobile device, click here to watch the video!

2: Sunflower Votive Holder

What you’ll need:

  • Tea light
  • Sunflower (any color)
  • Sharp knife and/or spoon for scooping

How to:

  1. Cut the stem from the sunflower so that the sunflower sits flat on a surface. 
  2. Use the tin holder from the candle to create the area where you’ll insert the votive. 
  3. Gently press the tin into the center of the sunflower going as far down into the flower as you can.
  4. You can also use a knife or even a spoon to scoop out the center of the circle to make room for the votive.
  5. Place the candle with the tin holder into the opening that you’ve created. 
  6. Most tea lights only burn for 2-3 hours, so keep that in mind when using a tradition wax version.

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