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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

The INTERNal Perspective of BloomNet Marketing Intern Jonathan Wagner

August 16, 2012

Who works in the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM BloomNet Department? What do interns there do? BloomNet Marketing Intern Jonathan Wagner explains:

As a History major at St. Lawrence University, interning at the world’s leading floral company does not exactly tie back to my major.  However, this internship has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Throughout the summer, I have been working in the BloomNet Department, where I have gained a great deal of knowledge. Now going back to school after this internship, I am thinking about changing my major to relate to my BloomNet experience, possibly to communications or marketing. Regardless, I can look back on this experience as one that has helped shape the path I want to take in my future.

-Jonathan Wagner, BloomNet Department, St. Lawrence University

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