dog birthday party with wine

Birthdays come around only once a year. And, just like humans, dogs deserve to have their birthdays acknowledged and celebrated. After all, who doesn’t want another happy occasion to celebrate, and who doesn’t like delicious cake?!

While some people might find celebrating a dog’s birthday strange, believe us when we say, it’s not! Your furry friend is an important part of your family, and he should be treated as such.

Whether you decide to celebrate your dog’s Gotcha Day or birthday, here are five paw-some suggestions to ensure your dog’s next birthday party is his best one yet.

1. Choose a “paw-ty” theme and run with it

Like every good birthday party, your dog’s b-day bash should have a theme. These can range from simple and classy to extravagant and over the top. Ideas include a summer luau bash, carnival party, Hollywood superstars shindig, or even a decade-themed celebration.

The best way to pick a theme is to think about your dog’s personality, as well as the guests you are considering inviting, and select one based on those factors. Regardless of what you opt for, make sure you go all the way with it!

2. Spice up the presentation

dog birthday party with tablescape

When it comes to planning a party, presentation is everything. Based on the theme you settle on for your pooch’s blowout, you can choose how to decorate your space. You can also choose a color scheme and use that for your party supplies, including tableware, balloons, streamers, party favors, and more. Some party supply and pet stores (and, ahem, certain online retailers) even have pet-themed plates, napkins, and banners. If you’re a DIYer, let your creative juices flow and make your own personal banners and signs in honor of your furry friend. And, of course, pet-themed floral arrangements add a splash of color and fun to any space.

3. Set up a doggy photo booth

Lights, camera, action! Nothing says making memories like taking pictures. Setting up a doggy photo booth is the best way to snap some unforgettable moments from your pooch’s special day.

One way to do this is to make your own backdrop, provide some props, and set a custom hashtag for when your guests want to post about your event on social media. You can coordinate this with your party’s theme, or keep things simple and low fuss with a more basic design.

4. Make the human experience just as fun

While the event will be centered on the adorable pups, you have to make sure keep their owners entertained too. That means making sure ALL attendees are well fed and amply hydrated, and have plenty to do.

dog birthday party with people having fun

Whip up some dog-themed party foods, such as like mini hot dogs and sandwiches cut in bone shapes. Of course, you can never go wrong with crackersdips, and veggie platters, or a classic meat and cheese spread. For dessert, dog treats for the canines and cookies for the humans will do the trick — and, what do you know, you can get them both in one convenient package.

Regarding activities, feature pet-themed party games for your guests to play. A limbo contest, musical chairs, and a scavenger hunt are just a few that humans and dogs alike can participate in.

5. Buy your dog a present, or five

What dog birthday is complete without goodies for your furry friends?! Sure, your dog probably has a ton of toys already, but providing him with new things to play with will keep him occupied and happy for hours — and treating your dog to a new present has benefits to you tooSqueaky toys, hats, and bandanas are just a few items that would make the perfect gift for your guest of honor — and, what do you know, you can get all three in one convenient package.

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