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Heartwarming Connections:
Thank You Carmie,
#LocalHero ER Nurse

April 8, 2020

We are incredibly grateful for medical professionals like Carmie, who risk their lives and the lives of their family in order to protect the rest of us. Thank you to ER Nurse, Carmie, for sharing her story and for her invaluable support and heroism during this time.

“I try to do my part as an ER nurse, so please do your part.”

“I received these beautiful flowers last night from my favorite pharmacist, @potluck_pierce. So I did the natural thing to do, put on makeup, wear my favorite @wearfigs scrubs, and took some photos with them. I’m all smiles but I remember how work has been lately with COVID-19.”

“My last picture is taken when there was downtime at work. We do not have enough PPEs, I reuse my one surgical mask for my entire 12-hr shift. Sometimes I even use the same one for 2 shifts in a row. I’m always so scared of bringing that virus home due to my elderly father who I live with. My sister sprays me with alcohol before I take off my scrubs in the garage to get inside the house and quickly shower. These are some of the ways I protect him. I try to do my part as an ER nurse, so please do your part.”

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