Believe it or not, autumn is already here, and that means it’s time to start getting into the spirit of the season! In addition to spending time partaking in traditional fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking, a popular task on the to-do list of many is to spice up the home with fall decor. However, pumpkin scented candles, garland-like leaves and spooky lights aren’t the only items that can be used to share your love for the season with your home – flowers can be too! Below, we discuss some of the best fall colors & schemes to use when choosing flowers as your fall home decor of choice.

fall colors pumpkin mums

Though autumn leaves are seen falling from the trees in various shades of yellows, reds, even the occasional browns, the best color to use when decorating for fall with flowers is orange. From light to dark and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with this color in a floral arrangement! Here are some top shades for 2017:

“Pumpkin” Orange

Chances are when you think of autumn and the color orange, one of the first items to cross your mind is probably a pumpkin. After all, they are a symbol of the season, and an orange one at that! If you’re not sure which shade of orange to choose for your fall decor, anything resembling a pumpkin’s natural color is sure to work well.

fall colors pumpkin orange

Butternut Orange

Looking for something just a tad darker? Then you may benefit from flowers that are butternut orange in color! While they may not be as vibrant as an orange autumn rose or pot of mums, flowers in this shade can still fulfill the “orange” portion of your decor without straying too far from the recommended color scheme.

Burnt Orange

Hoping to add a bit more of a rustic feel to your home this fall? If so, you may want to consider flowers that come in one of the darkest shades of orange – burnt orange. But don’t worry, using this color won’t make your home seem dreary; in fact, it can even make your brighter yellows and reds pop more than they already do!

fall colors burnt orange

If, on the other hand, you’d like to add some variation to your orange floral decor, consider choosing from the following:


Can’t decide between more red or more orange? How about choosing rust? A color that conveys a little bit of both, this is a great choice for any fall floral decor. Tip: you may find that it mixes with golds and browns best.


Bronze is the perfect color to choose if you want to make your home appear calm. And the best part is, this color isn’t too bright or too dark, so it’s an excellent happy medium that can complement the rest of your floral arrangements.

fall colors bronze vase


Bordering on the fence of a red/purple mix, burgundy is an awesome color to add to your floral decor. Although it is a bit darker than the bright red roses you may be considering, it can add a soothing touch to your home.

fall colors burgundy flowers
fall colors plum flowers


Straying away from the typical oranges, reds and yellows is plum! Although this may not be the first color you think of when you think of fall, you’d be surprised at how good it looks when paired with other autumn colors. Just take a look at this arrangement and see for yourself!

But aside from these recommended colors and color combos, are there any that should be avoided during the fall? While pink is the perfect choice for an anniversary arrangement or the welcoming of a new baby girl, your best bet is to always stick with traditional fall colors when it comes to fall home decor. However, if you do have the need for an anniversary gift or other special occasion this season where pink is usually the top pick, you may even find success in choosing the above fall colors in these circumstances too!


If you have yet to decide which flowers you’ll use to make your home cozy and warm for the fall, remember this – ideal flowers to use are mums, lilies, roses and wheat. And just like you should try not to use spring colors to make your fall decor stand out, stay away from spring flowers such as tulips, iris and peonies when putting together a floral arrangement to decorate your home.

There you have it! When it comes to decorating for fall it’s simple – just stick to fall colors and your home will be golden – just like the leaves radiating the season’s color schemes!


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