Dog flowers for dog lovers from
Dog Shaped Flowers from 1800FLOWERS’ a-DOG-able® Collection.

Do you have difficulty shopping for gifts for dog lovers in your life? There is a lot of fun, pet-related merchandise on the market, so with a little creativity and some clever researching, finding the perfect gift for a dog owner can be a simple task. To guide you on your quest for the ideal dog lover gift, below are some ideas that are fun for owners and their four-legged friends.

For the Fashionista Dog Lover

The fashionable dog lover will adore matching doggie and owner outfits. T-shirts with favorite sports teams, symbols or sayings are cute with a hint of lovable humor. Check out local pet stores to find great deals on stylish doggie apparel.

For the Cute, Flower-Loving Dog Owner

A-Dog-able Collection of flower arrangements from are cleverly designed bouquets made to look like your favorite furry friend. Select from a variety of dog bouquets for all occasions, including Luv You Fur-ever, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Yankee Doodle Doggie, Sick as a Dog and Party Animal, to name a few. The A-Dog-able Collection of bouquets is floral fun for everyone!


For the Cooks

For dog lovers who love to cook, create a recipe book full of organic, homemade dog treats and buy a ceramic jar that the biscuits can be stored in. From peanut butter to bacon and cheddar cheese, the dog lover in your life will have fun preparing these tasty treats for their special pup. Recipe ideas can be found easily online, and check out Etsy for some individualized jars to hold the treats.


For the Sentimental

Another clever gift for dog lovers is a paw print kit. They can make a mold of their pet’s paw as a keepsake to remember them by. Made from plaster, clay and other natural materials, these kits are 100% safe for animals. Provide a fun activity that your dog lover can do with his or her pet.

For the Socialite with Dogs

For the sociality dog lover, a gift certificate to their favorite, local dog bar is a wonderful gift idea. Dog bars are dog-friendly areas for dog owners to hang out with other dog owners over a refreshing, ice-cold beer, while their dogs playfully interact with other fuzzy friends. This gift offers a fun day out on the town for your dog lover and their favorite companion.


For the Artistic

Give your dog lover a gift that they will cherish forever. Creative minded dog lovers will love an original, artistic portrait of their pet. Animal portraits can be commissioned easily and for a very reasonable price online. All of the great memories that are shared between a dog and its owner are recorded in the painting and can be put on household display for all to see. 

Dog lovers will be forever grateful that you included their furry best friends in the celebration. Take advantage of these unique gift ideas for all of the dog lovers in your life. These gifts offer all kinds of pet-loving fun for everyone. 


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