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Tender caramelized ribs. A thick juicy hamburger. Tin foil packets of shrimp and corn on the cob.

There truly is nothing better than a plate of freshly charred meat and smoked veggies, hot off the grill. And while summer may be the peak of grilling season, any good grillmaster knows that those hot flames — and the delicious feasts they help broil up — are a year-round passion.

A big part of the pastime’s charm, whether you’re grilling on a sweltering afternoon in July or the coldest winter day deep in December, is that it doesn’t take much to master the art of cooking over an open flame. All you need is a good grill and a few other key essentials.

Master griller Steven Raichlen, author of the bestsellers “The Barbecue! Bible” and “How to Grill,” recommends four basic must-haves for every grillmaster’s toolkit: spring-loaded long-handled tongs, a quality grill brush, grilling gloves (for when things get a bit too fiery), and a digital meat thermometer. Spice guru Matt Pittman, founder of Meat Church, offers up a similar list, adding only a good sharp meat knife.

Once you’ve got those basics covered, the mythical grilling universe is yours. There’s a galaxy of incredible products out there to further enhance any griller’s skillset. Stock up on these goodies yourself or gift them to the grillmaster in your life. Whether it’s for a birthdayanniversary, or housewarming, these grilling gifts are sure to bring even more fire — and flavor — to your loved one’s grilling game.

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Grillmaster starter set

Whether for someone who’s new to the grill game or just in need of an upgrade, the Pro Gift Set sports everything you need to man (or woman) the grill, including a fork, spatula, tongs, mitt, chef’s hat, and apron. If you’re getting this gift for a football fan (and, chances are, you are), there’s also a version that you can customize with any NFL team. For a special add-on, consider a set of three barbecue sauces that will add the perfect amount of flavor to that sweet, succulent meat.

grilling gifts grilling collection

Amazing meats

From the most budget-friendly hamburger to out-of-this world filet mignon, every cut of meat tastes best when prepared on a grill. There’s just something extra special — and delicious — about that perfect combination of smoky, earthy, savory, salty, and umami flavors that beef, chicken, and pork unveil when cooked over an open flame. Send the protein they crave, whether that be a collection of steaks and burgers, a sausage sampler, or marinated chicken breasts. Each is delivered fresh to your door just in time for dinner.

Photo of grilling gifts with a person wearing a personalized apron and holding tongs in one hand and a beer in the other.

Personalized gear

From billowing smoke to dripping sauces to fabric-killing flames, grilling can be a messy business. Help your favorite grillmaster step up to their flames in style with a personalized grill apron. Not the apron type? Customized cutting boards and utensil sets capture the same feel-good vibes (and best grilling wishes) in a gift that will last for years.

Photo of grilling gifts with four bottles of wine surrounding a glass of red wine.

Red wine

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got burgers, steak, or ribs on the grill — nothing pairs better with those rich meaty flavors than a good red wine. And with the red wine sampler, you get four bottles to choose from: pinot noir (great with chicken, pork, and lamb), merlot (duck, salmon, tuna), cabernet sauvignon (grilled vegetables), and Ross Lane blend (ribeye, sausage, burgers). Each adds the perfect spirit to any evening spent around the grill.

Photo of grilling gifts with a plate of cooked lobster tails.

Incredible seafood

It’s easy to focus on “turf” alone when cooking on a grill, but don’t be afraid to venture out for some “surf” once in a while as well. Snapper, salmonsea bass, and tuna are all great cooked over an open flame. Or fire up a few Maine lobster tails for a truly magical flame-kissed meal.

Photo of grilling gifts with a box of bottles of barbecue sauce in a box.

Decadent sauces

Fuel a month’s worth of incredible meals with a Summer Grilling Gift Box, which comes loaded with everything you need to flavor all your favorite cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. The set includes charred pineapple bourbon grilling sauce, bacon chipotle BBQ sauce, sweet chili finishing sauce, a signature wing sauce, and a peppercorn spice rub.

Photo of grilling gifts with three barbecue rubs in jars stacked on top of each other.

High-quality spices

Whether you like your meat sweet, spicy, or peppery, this trio of spices (Peppercorn Steak, Chili Lime, and Maple Bacon) can be used as a dry rub, to add immediate flavor to meat before you toss it on the grill, or as ingredients in a wet rub, in which you let your meats marinate before grilling. Whatever your strategy, both deliver a potent flavor punch!


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